President of Council Marjorie Harlow called Council to order on February 1, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.

The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance.

Mrs. McNear took roll call. Present were Council members Diehl, Emerson, Hawkins, Knox, Squires, Vanover and Harlow.

The minutes of January 18, 2012 were approved with seven affirmative votes.

COMMUNICATIONS                         -     none




Mr. Knox made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded.

Mr. Parham said on the first and second page of the legislation there is an error on the part of the Department of Transportation. Under the second “Whereas” on page one you will see the number Three Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Eight, then in parentheses it has $5,478. Mrs. McNear read it correctly. On the second page immediately following “Therefore” you have the very same thing. I spoke to the representative from ODOT earlier today, he indicated that as their clerical person was attempting to do a cut and paste, the paste didn’t necessarily work. So we ended up with the old estimate of the $300,000 number but Mrs. McNear did read the proper numbers into the document.

Mrs. Mcnear asked Mr. Schneider, since I read the correct amount and we do have a typo, do we have to make any type of motion for this?

Mr. Schneider said I think it’s most prudent to make an amendment.

Mr. Vanover made a motion that we correct Ordinance 8-2012 to correct the wording to balance the corrected amount so it should read “leaving a balance due in the amount of Five Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Eight Dollars on page one and page two. Mr. Hawkins seconded. The motion passed with seven affirmative votes.

Mrs. McNear said as soon as we receive the corrected copy we can sign it.

Ordinance 8-2012 passed with seven affirmative votes.

Mrs. Harlow asked are you seeking the emergency clause for Ordinance 9-2012?

Mr. Parham said we can have the second reading on February 15, 2012 and have the emergency clause included at that time.


First reading.


    Mr. Parham said just to give you an update on the electric aggregation, we should expect to have by the end of this week the final results and final document to review for the master agreement. The bids have come in. They are currently being examined and discussed with the low bidder. We should have it by this week for legal counsel and the Administration to review. We would like to have legislation at the February 15 meeting to authorize the City to enter into an agreement with that low bidder. Seven of eight communities have indicated that we are in favor of the consultants (Eagle Energy) engaging in discussion with that low bidder to iron out the details of the agreement. The eighth community isn’t sure which direction they are going to go. Based on the preliminary numbers we were able to see, I think everyone will be pretty pleased with the results.

    Mr. Diehl asked how many bidders did we have on this?

    Mr. Parham replied Eagle Energy sent out eight packets to organizations that they knew. I doubt if anyone else came in to pick up a packet. I believe all eight responded.

    Mr. Squires asked is this for electrical only?

    Mr. Parham responded that yes this is for electric only. He also stated that they have not gone out for gas bids at this point. If you recall the discussion at the second public hearing, Mr. Marshall pointed out by the time we receive our certification, which we are scheduled to receive by February 9, then we get the bids back, we’ll probably be out of the winter time frame so to get gas at this point probably wouldn’t do us much good. So we’ll hold off until later in the year.

    Mrs. Harlow said we received in our packets an updated January 30, 2012 copy of our boards and commissions. When I sat down with Mr. Vanover and went over our standing committees, our intention was for those to be two year durations. The Review Board with Mrs. Emerson and Mr. Vanover is listed as term of office and that is correct because their term of office is an additional two years. For the Tax Review Board my intention was to appoint Mr. Knox for two years which would afford the next President of Council to have more flexibility with committees. Housing and Volunteer is fine. All of those on page four should be two years in length. For some it would be the end of their term and for some it would be midway through. We’re leaving Zoning, Planning, Charter and Board of Health as outlined by Rules of Council. If you would like to table those and have an opportunity to look at them we can certainly do that.

    Mr. Parham said I want to make sure that when Staff puts this document out we have it right. On page four each of those should be for two years, Finance, Housing, Rules of Laws and Public Works.

    Mrs. Harlow said and OKI. The people who are selected on Housing have always been the at-large so that one is okay. Rules of Council would also give whoever is sitting in the presidency an opportunity to change any of those that they wanted to, but we typically as president had at-large people.

    Mr. Parham asked is OKI two years or term of office?

Mrs. Harlow replied two years.

Mr. Parham said on that page the only one that should be “Term of Office” is Housing. Everything else is two years. On page two, Tax Review is two years and the Review Board is two years

Mrs. Harlow replied yes. Some of them will be because the person’s term in office is ending but I’d like the length of term on those committees to always be two years.

Mr. Hawkins said you are saying we don’t need legislation on that because they’re not outlined in the Rules of Council. We can just have that done.

    Mrs. Harlow replied yes but I wanted everyone’s input. If anyone would like to table it and think about it we can address it at the next meeting.

    Mr. Diehl said I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    Mr. Knox said I agree with Mr. Diehl. I agree with all the changes.

    Mrs. Harlow said I will have Administration draft a new Boards and Commissions Report for us.

    Mayor Webster said I forwarded all of you an e-mail last week that I got from the school. I was supposed to have something in my hand that I could show you this evening but I got word today that they wouldn’t have that until next week. I’ve had a couple of phone calls with a staff person from Dr. Pack’s staff and also the person who is co-chair of the levy committee. They are going to send out a post card to all the residents in the district. They will only have the mayors on the card but at this point they don’t know exactly what they are going to do, newspaper ads or mailers, etc. that list all the elected officials that support the levy. So they don’t care what it is, just so they have something on file when it goes public that they can show if someone says an official doesn’t support the levy. I put together this one paragraph letter with a place for all your signatures. It reads: “To Whom It May Concern: We, the duly elected officials of the City of Springdale, do hereby recognize the importance of a strong public school system; we realize the negative impact on home values in the district should this levy not pass and we take great pride in being part of the Princeton family and do enthusiastically support the March 6th passage of Princeton’s 6.5 mil operating levy.” Signed by all the public officials.

    Mr. Hawkins said I’m in support of the levy and the letter you drafted. I’ll sign it.

    Mr. Knox said I know I’m a nitpicker but the word hereby is misspelled. I’d be more than happy to sign this.

    Mayor Webster said we do not have this saved so we can submit this with a typo or we can adjourn for ten to fifteen minutes and have this letter put together.

    Mr. Knox said I’d be happy to sign it as is.

    Mrs. Harlow said let’s do it right.

    Mr. Parham said in the 2012 budget we budgeted for the purchase of three new police cruisers in the amount of $70,000. As we indicated during the budget process, we were going to attempt to purchase 2011 brand new Ford Crown Victorias because we have had a better experience with them. The equipment we have on the current models we can transfer to the new models. Ford is no longer making the Crown Victoria. The body shapes and sizes on the new cruiser model are different. We’d have to buy a brand new cage that separates the prisoner from the officer and a number of other features. We were able to put together some specifications for the desired vehicle. The Department opened the bid and we had a dealer out of Illinois that had these in stock and he had three. The bid came in at $23,485 each for a grand total of $70,455. That does include the options on these vehicles. It does not include having the radios installed or the graphics added. We request legislation at the February 15 meeting with the emergency clause. Normally, we would have waited to make this purchase until later in the year. However, we believe that a number of other departments are probably trying to do the same thing (buy 2011 new vehicles) to keep their costs down, that’s why the Chief and Assistant Chief actively went out and tried to locate these vehicles. They were unsuccessful in finding any in the State of Ohio.

    Mr. Parham said at the February 15 meeting Mr. Tulloch will provide you with an update on where we are in the process for the outdoor advertising device.

    Mrs. Harlow stated the Ohio Municipal League training for newly elected officials is March, 3, 17, and 24. If anyone is interested they can contact Mrs. McNear and she will help them get their reservations made.


    Mrs. McNear said Friday at 5:30 p.m. there will be a fund raiser at Princeton High School, a very nice dinner and auction as well as basketball following the event. This is the third or fourth time we have done this and it has been a great fund raiser. About fifteen students benefit from the proceeds of the events and we hope people will come out and join us.

    Board of Heath                         -     Feb 9
Planning Commission                         -     Feb 14
Board of Zoning Appeals                     -     Feb 21


Ordinance 9-2012                         -     Feb 15
Street Sweeper (2)                         -     Feb 15
Police Cruisers                         -     Feb 15


Electric aggregate                         -     Feb 15

Council adjourned at 7: 29 p.m.

                        Respectfully submitted,

                        Kathy McNear
                        Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Marjorie Harlow, President of Council

__________________________, 2012