Acting President of Council Tom Vanover called Council to order on March 4, 2009, at 7:00 p.m.

    The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance.

    Mrs. McNear took roll call. Present were Council members Danbury, Diehl, Galster, Squires, Vanover, and Wilson. Mrs. Harlow arrived at 7:15.

    The minutes of February 18, 2009 were approved with four affirmative votes. Mrs. Harlow was absent. Mr. Galster and Mr. Danbury abstained.

    COMMUNICATIONS                         -     none


    PRESENTATION – Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting – Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting – Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Year Ending December 31, 2007

    Mrs. McNear introduced Harlita Robinson, Finance Director for the City of Forest Park and board member of the National Government Finance Officers Association.

    Mrs. Robinson presented the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting to the City of Springdale to Jeff Williams.

    Mrs. McNear stated this is the eighth year in a row for this award.



    Mayor Webster said we are trying to help some of our businesses through these hard times and one, in particular, thought this would be God sent if he could do this. In essence, I think the only change to the code is right now you can apply for four banners in a twelve month period, not to last more than fourteen days each time and there has to be more than thirty days between applications. This will allow an applicant to have a banner for thirty days and it can be renewed eleven times if it complies with certain criteria. It has to be towards developing new business. The signs have to be in good repair. Each time they come in for renewal the Building Official will have the authority to approve or deny them. There will be no more than two on a strip center. If an applicant comes in for renewal and someone else is on the waiting list, the new applicant will get their banner and the one for renewal will go to the back of the line. There is a sunset provision. All provisions will cease twelve months from the enactment of this.

    Mr. Schneider said we have to put in some specific dates and this might be the best time to do that.

    Mayor Webster responded we could do that; however, there are some other things that have to fall in place. This amendment will be before Planning Commission next Tuesday. They have to pass it and recommend it to Council. We have already advertised it so it can be passed on March 18. We’d like to wait until then to pass it.


    Mr. Osborn stated I have an update on the American Recovery Investment Act. We have made application for several projects. We just received the information back from OKI on potential projects that meet the criteria based on their review. By February 23 they had received 400 applications from the OKI region totalling $1.8 billion. There will be just over $40 million available, $31 million in Ohio. The list I distributed to you shows the projects in the region that have been reviewed and found to meet the criteria of the funding apparatus. There are sixteen in Hamilton County, one of which is Northland Boulevard, listed at the funding request we made of $950,000. So we do have one project that has cleared quite a number of hurdles in order to get on this preliminary list.

    Mr. Osborn said we need to set a public hearing tonight for legislation related to the Joint Economic Development District that we’re doing with West Chester and Fairfield. We anticipate that Springdale will have its second reading and public hearing on April 15. This is the JEDD agreement under which the City of Springdale would have some revenue sharing with West Chester for the GE jobs that are moving from Springdale to West Chester. We would receive seven percent of the income tax collected in the JEDD area for a period of ten years. It’s a great gesture on the part of West Chester to be so inclusive and consider our situation. As the township administrator pointed out, we’re a vital part of the economic region and it’s in their best economic interest to keep this community healthy as well as theirs.

    Mr. Osborn continued we received notice from the Port Authority of Greater Cincinnati that the letter of credit that supports the bonds they issued for Pictoria Island is in need of renewal. However, given today’s economic climate the bank issuing the letter of credit has requested a fee greater than the range permitted under the agreement that all of us participated in when those bonds were issued. They are requesting that we adopt an amendment to the agreement broadening the range of the fees available to pay for a letter of credit. That money does not come from Springdale. It comes from the proceeds of the bonds. There is no indication that there will be any change to Springdale’s obligation through this amendment. We will guard against that. Brenda Weimer will be here March 18 to give you an update that evening on the final language. There is no loss to us in cooperating and it keeps this project in the black.

    Mr. Osborn said the Veteran’s Memorial committee had identified nine men who had perished in battle. In the last few weeks we have identified another young man, PFC James Markwell who was a medic with the 75th Ranger Regiment during the Republic of Panama Just Cause. James lost his life in battle during that engagement and we are adding his name to the list of honor that will appear on the memorial. I would like to get this information out to the press to be published in the event there is someone out there that we are not aware of. The individual had to be a resident of Springdale at some point and they were killed in action.

    Mr. Osborn read the list of honor: Civil War - Sergeant George McCormack, Private Jim Jackson, Private James McCormack; WWI – Private Frederick Niehaus, Private Stanley Dansbury; WWII – Staff Sergeant Arthur Bockleman, Sergeant Leroy Warwick; Vietname – Private First Class Tommy Doak and Specialist Algenon Thomas’ Republic of Panama Just Cause, James Markwell..


    Mrs. McNear said she has a request for a recommendation from Council to cover her in case she is out of the City for business or vacation for an extended period. We did this for Mr. Knox several years ago with the Vice-President of Council serving as the Clerk of Council during meetings and the President of Council doing the work of the back office.

    Mr. Schneider said the appointment has to be a member of Council and name specific.

    Mayor Webster suggested the motion be made at the first meeting of each year to cover that year.

    Mr. Vanover made a motion that Tom Vanover, Vice-President of Council serve as Clerk of Council during meetings and Marge Harlow, President of Council serve in the Finance Office during the Clerk of Council/Finance Director’s absence from the City through November 30, 2009. Mr. Squires seconded. The motion passed with seven affirmative votes.

    Mayor Webster said through February we had $3,000,045 in earnings tax. In March of last year we took in $216,000. That would bring us to $3.2 million. Multiply that by four and it would be just over $13 million for the year. When we put the budget together we estimated the earnings tax collections to be $14,469,000. That brings us in $1,423,000 short. We are fortunate enough to carry over $680,000 more than what was anticipated at budget time. That still leaves us with a shortfall of $743,000 and does not include things like the closures of Value City, Borders, Applebee’s, etc. That’s just one revenue source but I think to ignore that would be a mistake. It’s our recommendation that we cancel the 4th of July and Taste of Springdale festivals for 2009. The cost of the two events combined in hard dollars is about $89,000 plus additional labor.

    Council agreed that the City needs to tighten its belt.

    Mr. Danbury made a motion to not hold the 4th of July festival and Taste of Springdale in 2009. Mr. Vanover seconded. The motion passed with seven affirmative votes.

    Mr. Squires said there was a discussion about clothing bins brought up at the last meeting. Has anything happened with that?

    Mr. Osborn replied we believe they are in violation of the Zoning Code. We believe they are an unapproved auxiliary use of the property and when they are placed on the parking lot they displace required parking. Orders are being issued to those locations that have those bins to have them removed. It may take a while for the process to get them removed. In the near future you will probably see legislation come before you to more specifically regulate those types of bins.

    Planning Commission                         -     March 10
    Board of Health                         -     March 12
    Board of Zoning Appeals                     -     March 17
    Lions Club Pancake Breakfast                 -     March 21
    Springdale Sports Opening Day                 -     April 18
    Springdale Reds Day                         -     April 25


Mr. Danbury made a motion that Council go into executive session as a meeting of the whole to discuss possible personnel issues. Mr. Vanover seconded. The motion passed with seven affirmative votes.

Council went into executive session at 7:41 p.m. and reconvened at 8:22 p.m.


Ordinance 5                             -     March 18
JEDD                             -     March 18 or April 1
Pictoria Island bond                         -     March 18


Council adjourned at 8:24 p.m.

                        Respectfully submitted,

                        Kathy McNear
                        Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Marjorie Harlow, President of Council

__________________________, 2009