Vice-President of Council Tom Vanover called Council to order on April 4, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

    The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance.

    Mrs. McNear took roll call. Present were Council members Diehl, Hawkins, Knox, Squires, and Vanover.

    The minutes of March 21, 2012 were approved with five affirmative votes.


    Mr. Knox stated that Maxine Carroll, long-time citizen and member of the Garden Club has passed.


    John Birkenshaw, 357 Cameron Road said cars passing through on his street (Cameron Road) drive extremely fast. I went around and talked to most of the neighbors to see if we can get some speed bumps like Sharonville has in front of their Rec Center and that are found in the City of Cincinnati. I have a petition signed by most of the people on the street. A few refused to sign and I missed a few but most signed. I also talked to people on Naylor and Glensharon. I went over the speed bumps in Sharonville. At 25 mph it’s a bump. A cop told me at 45 mph they’re screaming and losing their exhaust. It’s a great deterrent. I don’t know what the cost is. There are a lot of kids on the street now. I know there has been an increase in police cars in the area. Since the increased police patrols I’ve seen people fly up the street and then brake when they got to the hill because they knew the cop might be sitting there. I don’t think stop signs would do any good because if you put one on Naylor the next one would be Glensharon. Three speed bumps would work.

    Mayor Webster said thank you for coming up. We were aware you were out circulating the petition. We looked into the stop sign solution and there is just no way legally we can put up a stop sign. You have to have an intersection. Two years ago Mr. Diehl proposed some speed bumps or speed tables. We researched that. Speed bumps may slow the traffic down but just as you indicated, one speed bump on Cameron Road is not going to do it. You’d have to have three.

    Mr. Birkenshaw said you have to have three and three of them means you’re never going to jump up to 35 mph to put your brakes back down.

    Mayor Webster said it also means the life squad on the way to save a life will have to slow down three times to get down the street and we’re very concerned about that. Maybe we address the speeders but we have the emergency vehicles that have to slow down.

    Mr. Birkenshaw said you can drive over those at 35 mph. Cincinnati has them all over the city, on major roads.

    Mayor Webster said our major concern is emergency vehicles and what it might do to our snow plows in the wintertime.

    Mr. Birkenshaw said there are three close together right in front of the Rec Center in Sharonville.

    Mayor Webster said I understand if you have a lot of pedestrian traffic. I’m not trying to minimize your problem, but we’ve got the same problem with the people on Lawnview Avenue. Fortunately, there are a lot of intersections and we can put up stop signs. We still get people cutting through there. People use Glensprings Drive. Once we start putting these up to control speed it’s not going to be just three on Cameron. We’ll have fifteen or twenty throughout the City. What does that do to our snow removal operation?

    Mr. Birkenshaw said they are all over Cincinnati.

    Mayor Webster said we have a Public Works Committee. We’ll dig out our research and present it to them. We’ll get back to you.

    Mr. Diehl asked how long has this been going on?

    Mr. Birkenshaw said it has gotten progressively worse.

    Mr. Diehl asked are the speeders from the neighborhood?

    Mr. Birkenshaw replied some, not all.

    Mr. Diehl asked has there been a change since the Police Department has been there?

    Mr. Birkenshaw responded not really. People slow down, look and then speed up.

    Mr. Diehl asked is it seasonal?

    Mr. Birkenshaw replied it’s all year long.

    Mr. Hawkins asked Mr. Parham, do you know how long we’ve had an increased police presence on Cameron dealing with the speed issue?

    Mr. Parham said we got the complaint towards the middle of last year. I think we got the complaint originally from Mr. Knox. Once we got the complaint, we began running special enforcement on the road. Even the Police Chief himself went out and ran some patrol. We have been out there. We have been making stops and writing citations. It is your neighbors. It is also individuals who are cutting through. It is a behavioral process. It’s like running through a stop sign or running a red light. We keep trying to enforce it. They continue to violate it and then they keep paying the penalty as long as the behavior continues. We will continue to run the patrols there as long as we think there is still a problem. According to you there is still a problem so we’re still running the patrols. The Mayor has pretty much touched on all the issues we have experienced. You have speed bumps, speed humps and speed tables. Some are a little wider than others. We are also looking at putting some other programs in place such as our traffic sign that calculates your speed. Ours is not working properly but we are looking at more portable ones as well. I have driven over some of the tables and the bumps. Yes, it will slow you down, but yes, it will also slow down the emergency vehicles as they are trying to get where we need them to be. That is a concern. The snow removal issue is a concern. You can survey various communities. Some will indicate that it is not a problem for them. Others will tell you that they do not like it and it is one of the worst things they could have put in place. We will continue to run patrols regardless of the outcome here. If we have to keep citing everyone who speeds we will do that.

    Mr. Knox said while running for office several people on Cameron told me the same thing. That’s why I discussed this with Mr. Parham. As a member of Public Works we will look at it but I also heard it from people on other streets and it may run into how much we can afford to do that.

    Mr. Vanover said I live in Heritage Hill. The Police Chief stepped up the patrol there. It ended up the bulk of it being my neighbors.



Mr. Squires made a motion to adopt and Mr. Hawkins seconded.

Mr. Knox said we have a similar agreement with Glendale. Are we covering our costs?

Mr. Parham replied I believe we will. Whenever we have a run we have the ability to bill the patient’s insurance, the citizen, and/or Medicare in the amount of $700 for ALS runs; $450 for BLS runs plus now we bill for mileage at $7.50 per mile only when a patient is being transported. I can’t give you exact numbers right now on how much revenue we will generate, but over the past two years the area has been averaging three EMS runs a month or 36 a year.

Ordinance 16 passed with five affirmative votes.

ORDINANCE NO. 17 -2012

First reading.


    Mrs. McNear said as you may recall, several meetings ago we had a request from Joseph Perrin for a liquor license. We had some issues with it initially because the application was erroneous and the Police Department was unable to run the background checks as required. Since we didn’t have the appropriate information we requested a hearing. It has since been explained that it has been corrected and the liquor license is being requested as “exempt” so we really don’t have any reason to deny it. If Council is in agreement we would like to send a letter to the Department of Commerce that we no longer request a hearing and this should get our Law Director out of having to appear for this hearing. There were no objections from Council.

    Mr. Parham said I just want to share with the public as we continue to move along with the electric aggregation program, that most of our citizens who are with Duke Energy should have received their letters in the mail. If you wish to remain in the City’s program, you need not do anything. If you are with one of the others, Duke Retail, Dominion, First Energy, you should not have received that letter. Unfortunately, some residents who are with one of the other suppliers have received the letter. DP&L is sending out a postcard to those residents to tell them if they wish to remain with their current supplier, ignore the letter. However, if you wish to become part of our program, don’t use the letter to opt in. Contact your current supplier and let them know you wish to leave the program and then contact DP&L and have your name added to our program.

    Mrs. McNear stated I have another liquor license request from LLSG Restaurant at 380 Glensprings to LL2008 Incorporated doing business as New China. There were no objections.

    Mr. Squires said I’d like to remind the citizens of Springdale that Saturday, April 28 is National Drug Take Back Day at the Police Department.

    Mr. Parham said in the Heritage Hill subdivision area we have the street, Castro Lane. Unfortunately, once it crosses into Sharonville, it becomes Circlefield Drive. Our records in the City show that the portion of the street in Springdale is identified as Castro Lane from Chesterdale Road all the way to the stub that ends at the park. However, we were notified earlier last year by a resident who indicated that he’s having challenging times receiving deliveries to his home because when UPS or FedEx plugs in his address, they can’t find him because they are looking for Castro Circlefield or Circlefield. Cincinnati Water Works was experiencing the same problem, so they contacted the City’s Building Department and shared their concern. We had an opportunity to check with Hamilton County and found that the County’s tax records show something different than our records. What the County’s records show is from Chesterdale Road to a point that is just west of Audie Court the street is identified as Castro Lane. Then there is that point just west of Audie Court to a point east of Benadir that you really can’t tell is Castro or Circlefield because when you move east of Benadir until approximately halfway between Tivoli and Cornavin you will see the street identified as Circlefield Drive. Moving to the west, the next section goes to just east of Mallet and again you can’t identify what that section is but when you finally get to the low point east of Mallet to the stub, it’s again identified as Castro. In an effort to clean this process up, we are proposing to bring in legislation to simply identify the entire street as Castro Lane so we can then provide the County with the appropriate records. When these GPS companies make adjustments in their programming, they don’t call the City of Springdale. They more than likely contact Hamilton County. From this point on, when they look at the County records it will be a clean record that says Castro throughout.

    Mr. Parham said the bid opening was held on March 29 for the Century Circle North reconstruction project. We had budgeted $535,000 for that project. The project would consist of the total reconstruction of that street (remove the concrete and replace it with asphalt pavement, curb work and some under drains, etc). We received six bids. Adleta was the low bidder at $389,952.30 which is a savings of $145,000 from our budget number. We were successful in receiving OPWC funding in the amount of $374,500. Our cost was based on a 70/30 split so if we apply the 70/30 split to the $389,952 bid number, our worst case should have an OPWC grant for $272,966 and the City’s share would be $116,985. Originally we talked about our share being $160,500. The City has already covered the engineering for the project, and the construction engineering should be covered by our new Public Works inspector so that should save us $40,000 for this project. We are asking for legislation at the April 18 meeting to approve the contract with Adleta for this project.

    Mr. Parham stated there was an article in the spring newsletter titled “Want a local grocery store? Your input is needed.” We’ve received to date sixteen responses. Of the sixteen, only one indicated they are not in favor of a grocery store. We know we have far more residents in Springdale than those sixteen; so we beg you to forward to us a written response indicating whether you would like a grocery store in Springdale. We’d like to be able to collect the responses and approach these grocers with the desire of the City of Springdale to try to solicit them to locate their business here in Springdale.

    Mr. Hawkins said as Duke has been going around changing out meters there have been a number of residents who had concerns and questions with regards to notices that they are being charged for repairs to their boxes as a result of the ground settling and the wiring in the box being pulled away. Duke has notified the residents to change the boxes at a fee of $500. Some of the questions the residents had, I asked the Administration to look into and Mr. Parham had graciously done that.

    Mr. Parham said I’ve had conversations with representatives from Duke. They have educated me as to understanding what the problem is. They refer to it as a sunken underground condition. I then requested that they have a couple of their personnel meet me at a location to show me an example of this sunken underground condition. The problem exist for roughly fourteen to maybe twenty residents. They are mostly in the Oxford Hills area. If you look into the meter box you will see a cable coming from the ground. The ground has settled and it has begun to pull the cable into the ground. There are four prongs on each meter. They sit at 2:00, 4:00, 8:00 and 10:00 and as the cable comes out of the top of the meter, it pulls the pressure down on one of those prongs moving it from the desired location. After a while, with the pressure that is applied, the resident will eventually lose power to their home. One of the two homes we visited, when they took the cover off the meter you could see black spots on the back of the cover where it had sparked. At some point, the resident probably had flickering of their power. One of the homes they identified, the Duke representative indicated that they would probably soon be without power. I also understood that there is a $500 charge for Duke to repair this condition. It is actually a contractor that Duke has made arrangements with to perform the work. The contractor will make the improvement and you will have to pay $500 to that contractor. I’m not sure if you pay through Duke or pay the contractor directly. However, you always have the ability to have the work performed yourself. It may not cost you $500. The only catch is if Duke’s contractor performs the work Duke seems to turn the power back on pretty quickly, maybe in an hour or two. However, if you get your own electrician or fix it yourself, there seems to be a delay on when Duke will get the power back on. My hope is to make a call to Duke and impress upon them that that is not the process. Duke has indicating that this sunken underground condition creates a safety hazard for them. As a result, they have not made changes to install a new meter.

    Mr. Vanover said he brought that up in the presentation he made. He brought up the sunken underground. I still don’t have the new meter and I have an overhead. Everybody around me does. You always have that option of going out. I’m surprised if it would not require a permit from IBI. Is Duke waiving that fee with their contractor?

    Mr. Parham replied no, it does require an inspection by IBI. You will be required to get the permit as well. To my understanding, if Duke’s contractor handles the work, they also handle the permit process for you as well. If you handle it yourself you will have to get the permit yourself and have IBI inspect the work.


Mrs. McNear said don’t forget your Springdale tax returns are due April 17. The regular hours are Monday through Friday, 8 to 5. They will also be open Saturday, April 14 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and there will be extended hours until 6 p.m. on April 12, 13 and 16. The Springdale Tax Department will prepare your taxes for you but if you wait until April 16 you will have a very long wait. If you come in during the day there is a steady stream of people but not a long line. Mrs. McNear said to be sure to enclose your 1040 first page with your tax forms.

Mr. Vanover said Council, remember your ethics report.

Mr. Squires said Mr. Parham, I will stop by your office tomorrow and talk with you about a date to set up the Public Works meeting regarding Cameron Road.

Mr. Parham said we have talked about the street repair program and the residents who will need to make repairs to their driveway aprons. Sometime early next week those letters will go out. Everyone who is affected by the project will receive a general letter but individuals who will be required to repair or replace their driveway apron and/or driveways, those letters will go out next week. After the letters go out, the Public Works Department will come out and mark the drives so the resident will have an indication of where the repair has to take place.


Easter Egg Hunt                     -     April 7
Planning Commission                     -     April 10   
Board of Health                     -     April 12
Board of Zoning Appeals                 -     April 17



Ordinance 17                         -     April 18
Contract with Adleta    -Century Circle N         -    April 18


Castro name change                     -     April 18

Council adjourned at 7:56 p.m.

                        Respectfully submitted,

                        Kathy McNear
                        Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Marjorie Harlow, President of Council

__________________________, 2012