President of Council Kathy McNear called Council to order on July 17, 2002, at 7:00 p.m.

The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance. Mr. Knox gave the invocation.

Mr. Knox took roll call. Present were Council members Galster, Pollitt, Squires, Vanover, Wilson and McNear. Mr. Danbury arrived at 7:15 p.m.

The minutes of June 19, 2002 were approved with five affirmative votes. Mr. Danbury and Ms. Pollitt were not available at the time of the vote.


Civil Service Commission Ė Mr. David Strange said Bob Coleman provided a lot of leadership and we will miss him. Iím sure he will serve the City well in his new capacity. Civil Service has been very busy. We certified thirty names to the City for your review and further hiring considerations. We sent additional names at our meeting of July 15. We are benchmarking police and fire testing through the various positions. We think itís important to stay current with other districts. We continue to look at our Civil Service rules to make sure they are up to date.

Mayor Webster said Iíd like to extend our thanks to the committee and the fine work that you do. Iím sure we too will miss Bob but Iím sure he had a lot of help on that committee, and Iím sure you guys will continue to do the fine work that you have done over the years.

Rules and Laws - no report

Public Health, Safety & Welfare - no report

Public Works Ė Mr. Wilson said the curb removal and replacement is currently underway in the Terrace subdivision. Itís approximately 70% complete. The contractor should finish all the curb replacement by the end of July. After curb completion the contractor will work on sidewalk repair and complete the asphalt work in August.

Public Utilities - no report

Capital Improvements - no report

Finance Committee Ė Mr. Wilson said we met tonight. We recommend $1.1 million for five years to be used in our community development Phase II. We also have a recommendation to advance $150,000 to our general fund from our insurance trust fund.

Planning Commission Ė Mr. Galster said we welcomed Mr. Coleman to his first Planning Commission meeting and elected Robert Sherry as the secretary of the commission. A preliminary plan and PUD map amendment of the proposed CVS pharmacy at 11601 Springfield Pike was tabled until August. A parking lot extension at Tuffy Muffler was approved 7-0. A revision of a new development plan for the Vineyard Church was approved 7-0. A conditional use permit for a drive-thru and outdoor eating at United Dairy Farmers was granted. The conceptual plan for the redevelopment got favorable review and was moved to BZA with about 13 variances. That is not only an urban renewal area but also in the Corridor Review District. Building elevation modifications to H.H. Gregg was approved 7-0.

Board of Zoning Appeals Ė Mr. Squires said Steak & Shakeís application was revoked at their request. This was the second meeting in a row that Tri-County Pontiac didnítí show up and they were removed from the agenda. A resident on Silverwood requested a variance to convert part of their two car garage to a family room. That was approved. There was a request for a variance for an above ground pool on Mallet that was three inches closer to the property line than allowed. The request was approved.

United Dairy Farmer got down to ten variances. They all had to do with building and parking area setbacks and ground signs. They have frontage on four streets. We upheld Planning Commissionís recommendations. I want to pass on our thanks to Mr. Osborn who attended that meeting and gave a wonderful presentation on this project.

Board of Health - no report

Veteranís Memorial - no report

O-K-I Ė Mr. Knox said Iíve attended two meetings of the committee and there will be a meeting somewhere in Hamilton County in September on land use. Since we have a comprehensive plan, if we were involved in it, it would be more with helping other people develop theirs.

Mayorís Report Ė Mayor Webster announced the winners of the landscaping awards. He said I request that these people get their awards at the August meeting. Our Springdale Gardenís Club has done a yeomanís job of decorating around the entry signs throughout the City. They have decorated some of the subdivision signs. The winners are:

Area #1 Ė Beacon and Oxford Hills

Kenn Road(north of I-275)

1st Place 677 Coxbury Circle White Family

2nd Place 12041 Chardon Lane Bailey Family

3rd Place 12030 Chardon Lane Ethel Robinson

HM 850 Summerfield Lane Roberts Family

HM 12025 Bridgeport Lane Ahner Family

HM 667 Cedarhill Drive Elder Family

HM 12085 Greencastle Drive Sherry Family

Area #2 Ė Springdale Lake Dr., Ray Norris Dr., Glensprings Area (including the

Five cul-de-sacs)

1st Place 737 Glensprings Drive Sinks Family

2nd Place 11850 Fairsprings Court Judy Compton

3rd Place 12050 Springdale Lake Drive Mpagi Family

HM 12065 Springdale Lake Drive Turner Family

HM 11809 Ashmore Court Bassett Family

Area #3 ĖCloverdale Area, Smiley, Park, and Allen

West Kemper (west of Route 4) (north side)

Kenn Rd. (south of I-275), S.R. 4 (north of Kemper)

1st Place 467 Cloverdale Avenue Reckner Family

2nd Place 496 Cloverdale Avenue Burkholder Family

3rd Place 570 Cloverdale Avenue Amyx Family

HM 495 Cloverdale Avenue Piening Family

HM 672 Cloverdale Avenue Skirvin Family

HM 695 Cloverdale Avenue Blankenship Family

HM 483 Dimmick Avenue Edna Poynter

HM 11628 Greenlawn Avenue Knorr Family

Area #4 - Observatory Area, Grandin Area, Baldwin Subdivision, West

West Kemper(south side)

1st Place and winner of the Fay Marion Howard Award Clark Family

562 Lafayette Avenue

2nd Place 563 Lafayette Avenue Otis& Pam Poindexter

3rd Place 518 Lafayette Avenue Daniel Mastrullo

HM 519 Lafayette Avenue Kathryn Crockett

HM 557 Observatory Drive Hoskins Family

HM 577 Observatory Drive Foster Family

HM 11562 Rose Lane Tucker Family

HM 11574 Madison Avenue Cora Damron

Area #5 Ė Glenview Subdivision, Cameron Road Area

West Sharon Rd., Olde Gate

1st Place 10901 Fallstone Court Davis Family

2nd Place 10960 Fallstone Court Moore Family

3rd Place 457 Rockcrest Drive Hammell Family

HM 489 Vista Glen Wolff Family

HM 486 Rockcrest Drive Rhodes Family

HM 486 Vista Glen Swope Family

Area #6 Ė Springdale Terrace Subdivision, Royal Oaks Subdivision

West Kemper, (east of Route 4)

1st Place 202 Diston Lane Sayegh Family

2nd Place 203 Harter Avenue Shteiwi Family

3rd Place 11700 Lawnview Avenue Burtrum Family

HM 103 Harter Avenue Guertin Family

HM 11825 Lawnview Avenue Rachel Bourne

HM 11823 Van Cleve Avenue William F. Buehler Jr.

HM 11718 Lawnview Avenue Reda Connor

Area #7 Ė Heritage Hill Subdivision, East Crescentville R.

1st Place 979 Pilgrim Place Stover Family

2nd Place 865 Tivoli Lane Ralph Paul

3rd Place 815 Ledro Street Dixon Family

HM 922 Castro Lane Janzen Family

HM 877 Tivoli Lane Farmer Family

HM 11989 Tavel Court Klemas&McKinney Fam

HM 972 Ledro Street Castro Family



403 Vista Glen Ketring Family



First Places

Bahama Breeze Chiliís Macroni Grill

325 North Commerce Way 855 East Kemper Rd. 925 E. Kemper Rd.

Honorable Mention

Don Pabloís Mikeís Car Wash Dave & Busterís Maple Knoll

705 Kemper Commons Cir. 1170 E. Kemper 11775 Commons Dr. 11100 Springfield Pike

Clerk of Council/Finance Director Ė Mr. Knox said I join Mr. Wilson in recommending passage of Ordinance of 51-2002. It is necessary and I believe we have excellent repayment terms on this. I recommend Resolution R20 and will be happy to answer any questions when that comes up.

Administratorís Report - no report

Law Directorís Report - no report

Engineerís Report - no report

Public Relations Ė Mr. Danbury said our next newsletter will go out the first of August.

Capital Improvements Ė Mr. Danbury said we are starting work on the SR 747 grade separation. Construction will be 2003 to 2004. The bid opening for the streetscape project was held July 2. It is the recommendation to award the contract to Trend Construction. Kemper Road Phase II from Commons Drive to Chesterdale Road will have a bid opening on July 23 with construction to begin this summer. The West Sharon Road bike path construction has been pushed back until next year. Right-of-way negotiations are underway for the Sharon Road/Springfield Pike intersection. Construction on Elm Street will start in September.

Mr. Wilson asked Mr. Osborn, will we have time to put the curfew hours in before the newsletter goes to print?

Mr. Osborn said yes. Mr. Wilson suggested, following our discussion on teen clubs, that we give more visibility to what the Cityís curfew hours are. There will be an article in the upcoming newsletter.



Mr. David McCarthy, owner of Manor House Kitchens on Springfield Pike, said unfortunately, our business is scheduled to be eliminated by an urban renewal project by the City of Springdale. I lease my business from Jerry Ash. I did discover some additional pictures of the property prior to improvements that were made on it. I gave those to Marjorie Pollitt before the meeting and I would like you to consider that. But foremost, I would like to extend a degree of urgency. I know in executive session and all the negotiations with Mr. Ash, that nothing can be solidified until the closing occurs with Mr. Ash. However, that leaves my business in a tremendous limbo. We are very specialized and itís an expensive proposition. When we moved our business from Northland Boulevard to Springfield Pike we had every intention of being there throughout the entirety of my career, which would be at least fifteen years. In order for my business to relocate I need a substantial amount of time in order to do advance planning. All of my displays, my entire livelihood is dependent upon having a showroom that is well equipped, well furnished and that takes a tremendous amount of time. Iíve been working with Beth but unfortunately, until we reach a point as to what I can receive, my hands are absolutely tied. My wife was going to come here this evening but she is literally crying hysterically at home. This is tearing us up because our entire livelihood is in a gray area. We put our heart and soul into this business and itís like having our legs cut out beneath us. I understand the closing with Mr. Ash is for the first part of August but the object of the executive session is to try to outline some kind of compensation package. I know you canít do anything official but if you could give an indication to Beth of what the possibilities are that she could transfer to me I would greatly appreciate it.

Curtis Fuller introduced himself and Laura Gentry. He said we came up with an idea a few months ago. Each year in Cincinnati there is a festival that we affectionately refer to as the Jazz Festival. It started forty years ago. The festival pulled out in part because of some of the civil situations and climate in Cincinnati and also for financial issues. Our love for jazz said we canít let a forty year old tradition die. Laura and I have visited other parts of the country and we thought if we spread this out, this is how a festival should be. So we have created an eight-day festival in several areas. The amphitheater out here is a perfect venue to include young people. Kevin Engle, who is a resident of this area, and is the band director at St. X directed us here. We just wanted to share with you and thank you for the support given. The City of Cincinnati has been a great contributor and today the Hamilton County Commissioners came on board as a financial supporter. Weíve gotten tremendous support from media sponsors so itís going to happen July 28 through August 4 throughout the area. We hope you can participate in all the events, but if nothing else, be sure to come to the one on August 3 at the amphitheater.

Ms. Gentry, president of Black Productions and Coordinator of this event, said I worked with Sharon Casselman and Jim Burton, and they have been a great deal of support to me. We thought the Springdale amphitheater was a great place to exhibit a youth jazz band which will be directed by Springdale resident, Kevin Engle. It will include the Xavier High school big jazz band and the School for Creative Arts ensemble. We hope you can all come out and support that event, or some of the others. We are going to do an event on August 4 where we will honor some jazz legends from Cincinnati, Rosemary Clooney and Woodie Evans, who was a Forest Park resident.

Mayor Webster said this was presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission at the May meeting. We very enthusiastically endorsed it. Iím not sure how many people on Council knew that as I failed to report that back to Council. We appreciate you coming out and we appreciate your comments.

Mr. Osborn said this has worked out very well for us. Mr. Parham has been working with the Chamber of Commerce for the last couple of years trying to get some kind of music event and we havenít been able to get it off the ground. Weíre very happy to see you all come to our community and weíre very happy to be part of your project.

Mr. Fuller said we have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of support we have gotten. Thank you very much. We have gotten positive feedback and good press.

A lot of times in our area we focus so much on race and the conflict, but nothing brings people together better than music and the arts.

Mr. Wilson asked are you thinking about coming back to the same places next year? Are you planning to expand?

Mr. Fuller replied ideally these are the types of events we should have. Going downtown is fine but anytime you put 40,000 people together in a stadium, I donít know if that is the best venue for listening to jazz. You can have smaller venues, incorporate a lot of people. It should not just be a downtown event. When we have people come to "Cincinnati" we need to have them come here, to Hyde Park, Mt. Adams, etc. There are beautiful places throughout our community other than the riverfront.


Anne McBride, City Planner, gave a presentation on the Urban Renewal Plan. It was developed to improve portions of Springfield Pike that havenít kept current with some of the redevelopment that has happened in other portions of Springfield Pike. The objective of the plan was based on four studies; the Springfield Pike Corridor Study, Critical Planning Analysis, Corridor Review District and Comprehensive Plan. The specifics of the plan were to offer opportunities to remedy these existing blight conditions. The specific recommendations were to make acquisition of the twelve parcels that were contained in that study area; to remove the existing structures, remove the outdoor storage, to remove the tractor trailers that are being used for storage, to consolidate ten of the twelve parcels, to rezone the properties to Public Facilities medium or low density districts; to look for redevelopment of the property for some type of senior housing. It specifically calls for a 100 unit, three-story independent living facility for senior citizens. That would be serviced by a 100 space parking lot and to the rear of that facility in the future would be 19 patio homes. We recommend this ordinance for approval this evening.

Mr. Squires made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded.

Mayor Webster said I think itís terribly important that everybody understands the linkage between Ordinance 49 and Ordinance 51. Several times in the body of the ordinance we refer to Urban Renewal Area II. When you get around to Ordinance 51 we talk about issuing bonds for financing of this project. We are not only adopting the plan but later on you will be asked to adopt the legislation that will fund the plan.

Ordinance 49-2002 passed with seven affirmative votes.


Mr. Knox said I havenít seen it yet and Iíd like to get a copy so I could do what it says in the ordinance.



Mr. Galster made a motion to read Ordinance 51-2002 by title only. Mr. Squires seconded. The motion passed with seven affirmative votes.

Mr. Knox said we are proposing that $1.1 million in bonds be issued to pay for the cost of the structures and land that we originally hadnít proposed to do this year, but because of circumstances, it became imperative that we do this. The Administration and Finance Committee have agreed that we would issue this amount of bonds. We propose to have a five year bond. We would not have to roll the bonds on an annual basis, thereby incurring other savings and we will get a very good interest rate on this. We are talking in the neighborhood of 3.5%. We believe the bank has given us fair consideration and quite a bit of help and this is about as good as we can get. The Administration would prefer not to borrow the money but there are times when you have to do things like this.

Mr. Galster made a motion to adopt and Mr. Squires seconded.

Ordinance 51-2002 passed with seven affirmative votes.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Squires seconded.

Mr. Osborn said I think this project is going to make a dramatic impact on the corridor. I want to review the finances on this project. The project cost estimate last spring when we had the concept plan put together by CDS was $1, 032,675 for the entire project. We then pulled some of the work and some of the expense into 2001, specifically the purchase of poles and fixtures. We had allocated $190,000 of that $1,032,000 as an expense in 2001; and $842,675 in 2002 based on the best estimate from the engineer. When the poles came in at $140,000 we effectively lost $50,000 to this project because we left it unencumbered because we didnít need to spend it in 2001. As a result, when the bids came in this year and as a result of adding the Peach Street traffic signal to this project, this yearís project comes in at a total of $890,723. With the funding available of $842,675, we come out in the red on this project $48,048. When you think back to last year itís almost the $50,000 we let go. We have been checking with OKI and have determined that we are eligible to apply for additional funding on this project this year. We are very hopeful that we can get back to even on this project.

Mr. Galster asked can you tell me where Phase I ends?

Mr. Osborn said Phase I ends at the southern part of the existing UDF driveway on Springfield Pike. I have requested a proposal from the engineer to give us a cost for extending that terminus to Pear Street. There will be some additional cost but some trade off as well. Where we had previously shown some street lighting and some additional decorative painting we will be eliminating that for the directional driveway that UDF is proposing there. If it comes to a reasonable number, I think it is worthwhile to extend the first phase to Pear Street, if only with the brick and paver work because it will complement what UDF is doing on that block.

Mayor Webster said that would only be done on the east side of the street.

Ordinance 52-2002 passed with seven affirmative votes.

Ms. Pollitt nominated Marcia Sherry for appointment to the Civil Service Commission. I asked her to send me a resume. Running throughout the resume is volunteering, leadership, training and commitment. Ms. Sherry has a bachelor in architecture. She owns her own company. She has been a resident of Springdale since 1985 and has volunteered in many areas, such as president of the PTA at the elementary school, Superintendentís Advisory Board, Facilities Action Team, Girl Scout Troop Leader, vice-president of the Springdale Garden Club.

Mr. Danbury said this term ends December 31, 2002.


Ms. Pollitt made a motion to adopt and Mr. Wilson seconded.

Resolution R19-2002 passed with seven affirmative votes.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded.

Mr. Galster asked what percentage of the existing 3% tax presently goes towards advertising and promoting the Northern Hamilton County Visitorís Bureau?

Mr. Knox replied zero.

Mr. Wilson said I have mixed feelings about this. The one-third of the three percent going to be used for the Northern Hamilton County Convention and Visitorís Bureau, is that facility in Sharonville?

Mr. Knox replied Sharonville has a convention center but weíre talking about a Convention and Visitorís Bureau that will be advertising the entire area from Blue Ash through Harrison.

Mr. Wilson said my concern is that I donít think we, as a city, benefit from conventions being held at the Convention Center. I read a letter talking about the occupancy in the City of Cincinnati where it was 38%. If they expand this convention center and get 100% occupancy in the hotels and if there is an overflow, it will not come to Springdale. We are raising taxes and jeopardizing our 1,000 plus rooms when people can go two blocks north and get a cheaper rate in Butler County. By raising the tax I think we will lose more revenue than we will gain. I donít know if Iím going to support this or not.

Mayor Webster said Mr. Wilson, you just reiterated the fight that we have been fighting mostly through the efforts of Mr. Knox for the last several months. We totally 100% agree with everything youíve said, but that fell on deaf hears at the State House, the County Commissioner level, and Mr. Portune and Mr. Luken got their way. They got this passed through the State. All this is doing is trying to get some of that increased tax money directed to this Northern Hamilton County Tourist Bureau. The tax is a done deal.

Mr. Wilson responded I understand that. But to me this is saying, okay, we lost this but now weíre going to support this. By approving this resolution I am saying I agree with you now.

Mayor Webster said no, what you are saying is that you are facing reality. The tax is going to be levied whether this passes or not. Weíre trying to get some of that back out here.

Mr. Wilson asked will this resolution do that?

Mayor Webster replied we are requesting that the Commissioners do that.

Mr. Danbury stated we did send a resolution to the State opposing the raising of this. Itís also Sharonville, Forest Park and the other communities in the outer belt. It will benefit some of the other areas like Sharonville. They have more hotel spaces; we have more retail. The people going there will be shopping and going to movies and other places around here and help funnel some of that money into our economy.

Mr. Knox said this is a very complicated situation. We did oppose this. It went through the House and Senate, and then the governor signed it on June 7 enabling it to start September 5. At the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners Meeting after that we, Blue Ash, Forest Park and another city will be presenting almost identical resolutions. We are trying to say if you get money from this it has to go to expanding and/or renovating. If for some reason the whole thing falls through we want the tax to die right there. Thatís for the new money because the new tax raises 3.5%. There is an existing 3% that goes to Hamilton County. We are asking that one-third of that come back to Northern Hamilton County since Hamilton County facilities provide over 50% of the tax. We think thatís equitable. Right now as I answered Mr. Galster, we are getting nothing. We have actually had conventions here in the City of Springdale. The Hampshire House had one this year. This bureau would operate to support things of that sort. It would also support the Sharonville Convention Center because thatís a bigger facility. Their advertising would be equitably distributed to the communities that contribute. We think itís fair to ask for one-third of the money which would be approximately $1.2 million. Mr. Dowlin has asked for $1 million and Mr. Portune has possibly offered $500,000. Mr. Neyer doesnít want to send any money up here.

Mr. Wilson said Mr. Knox answered at least part of my question as to other cities being involved.

Mr. Squires said weíre going to recommend this but thereís no guarantee that they are going to listen to us.

Mr. Galster said thereís no guarantee that theyíll listen to us but as we saw with the involvement of the hotels and municipalities around here, they were able to reduce the tax that Hamilton County originally wanted to put on there. This says youíre going to get the money. Weíd like to have our input heard. Please listen to us. Itís just trying to have financial responsibility attached to the money.

Resolution R20-2002 passed with seven affirmative votes.




Planning Commission - August 13

Board of Zoning Appeals - August 20


Mr. Danbury made a motion that Council go into executive session as a meeting of the whole to discuss possible real estate matters. Mr. Vanover seconded. The motion passed with seven affirmative votes.

Council went into executive session at 8:42 p.m. and resumed at 9:41 p.m.


Ordinance 50-2002 - August 21


Possible real estate acquisition.

Council adjourned at 9:44 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Edward F. Knox

Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Kathy McNear, President of Council



__________________________, 2002