President of Council Kathy McNear called Council to order on July 19, 2000, at 7:00 p.m.

The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance. Mr. Knox gave the invocation.

Mr. Knox took roll call. Present were Council members Danbury, Galster, Pollitt, Vanover, Wilson and McNear. Mr. Squires was absent, still recovering from surgery.

The minutes of July 5 were approved with six affirmative votes pending the following correction. Mr. Wilson said on page 7476, midway it says Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded. (Mr. Wilson had seconded).

Presentation - Hamilton County Park District

Al Winstel said the Sharon Center opened at Sharon Woods about a year ago. There are interactive displays, live animal exhibits, classrooms, gift shop, etc. We started a new program for third grades that includes natural history and cultural history. The program is free and if the schools canít afford busses we provide the busses. The new center is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the summer. Weíd like everyone to come out and visit.

Mayor Webster said I would like to express our thanks for the condition of the parks. I have been in several of them this spring and summer and they are very well maintained. I think the tax millage we renew is some of the best money we can spend.

Mr. Danbury said if people have an opportunity to look at everything you offer, there are so many nice things. Parkyís Farm and the Sharon Woods Center is just absolutely wonderful. They have free movies on Friday night. Sharon Woods and Winton Woods are five minutes from Springdale. I commend you for not raising the prices for the stickers.

Presentation of Landscaping Awards

Mayor Webster said this job gets tougher and tougher. The landscaping awards are much tougher than the Christmas awards. Itís a house by house canvas and I couldnít do this without my wife, Lavonne. Itís a pleasurable task because there are no losers in this. Itís all done to beautify the City. All of you did a good job and made our job really tough. Fortunately we have some new faces this evening and we also have repeat winners.

Mayor Webster said we ran into a woman on the street with paper in her hand. I asked her what she was doing and it turns out that Joanie and Tom Reilage, who live at 11756 Neuss Avenue, are new residents to the City. They used to live in Northside and every Wednesday night when they put their garbage out for pick up, they take 2-4 grocery bags and tour the entire subdivision picking up trash. Tonight we are honoring people who beautify the City. What more appropriate way to do it than to pick up trash. Itís unfortunate that someone has to do that but these people have seen fit to do it so to honor them I have a proclamation that I will read.

Mayor Webster read the proclamation.


Office of the MAYOR

WHEREAS, It has come to the attention of the City of

Springdale that Mr.Tom Rielage and his wife Joan

who live at 11756 Neuss Avenue, makes a valuable

contribution to our fine city and;

WHEREAS, The Rielage family are relative newcomers to our city and;

WHEREAS, This couple appreciate living in Springdale and want to preserve its appearance and;

WHEREAS, Every Wednesday evening they tour their neighborhood with

bags to pick up trash that is littering the streets throughout

Royal Oaks Subdivision and;

WHEREAS, This is the week that we award Landscaping Awards for beautification of our neighborhoods to deserving residents,

I find the contribution made by Tom and Joan Rielage very much deserving an award as the Landscaping winners;

NOW THEREFORE, I, DOYLE H. WEBSTER, Mayor of the City of Springdale

Hereby proclaim Wednesday, July 19, 2000 as


In our fine city and do extend the Cityís heartfelt appreciation for

the unselfish contribution to the Cityís beautification.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand

and caused the Great Seal of the City of Springdale to be

affixed this nineteenth day of July in the year of Our Lord,

Two Thousand.


Area #1 Ė Beacon and Oxford Hills

Kenn Rd. (north of I-275

1st Place 12085 Greencastle Drive The Sherry Family

2nd Place 677 Coxbury Circle The White Family

3rd Place 905 Cedarhill Drive The Jones Family

HM 680 Cedarhill Drive The Turner Family

HM 798 Clearfield Lane The Gist Family

HM 12035 Norwell Court The Proctor Family

Area #2 Ė Springdale Lake Dr.

Ray Norris Dr.

Glensprings Area (including the five cul-de-sacs)

1st Place 12065 Springdale Lake Drive The Turner Family

2nd Place 737 Glensprings Drive The Sinks Family

3rd Place 11850 Fairsprings Court Judy Comptom

HM 667 Glensprings Drive Annie Green

HM 11980 Springdale Lake Drive The Hemani Family

HM 11809 Ashmore Court The Bassett Family


Area #3 Ė Cloverdale Area, Smiley, Park, and Allen

West Kemper (west of Route 4) (north side)

1st Place 687 Cloverdale Avenue The Whitaker Family

2nd Place 496 Cloverdale Avenue Harold Burkholder

3rd Place 616 Cloverdale Avenue The Laage Family

HM 672 Cloverdale Avenue The Skirvin Family

HM 516 Smiley Avenue Patricia Vonderhaar

HM 467 Cloverdale Avenue The Reckner Family

HM 665 Cloverdale Avenue The Linkous Family

HM 695 Cloverdale Avenue The Blankship Family

Area #4 Ė Observatory Area, Grandin Area

Baldwin Subdivision

West Kemper (south side)

1st Place 562 Lafayette Avenue The Clark Family

2nd Place 367 Plum Street The Lutts Family

3rd Place 341 Church Street Donald Lampl

HM 563 Lafayette Avenue Otis Poindexter

HM 519 Lafayette Avenue Kathryn Crockett

HM 595 Observatory Drive The Cain Family

HM 587 Observatory Drive Deborah Miller

Area #5 Ė Glenview Subdivision

Cameron Road Area

West Sharon Rd.

Olde Gate

1st Place and winner of the Fay Marion Howard Award Ė

403 Vista Glen The Ketring Family

2nd Place 486 Vista Glen The Swope Family

3rd Place 489 Vista Glen The Wolff Family

HM 10957 Fallstone Drive The Smith Family

HM 263 Centerbury Court The Tholt Family

HM 457 Rockcrest Drive The Hammel Family

HM 374 Cameron Road The Clutts Family

Area #6 Ė Springdale Terrace Subdivision

Royal Oaks Subdivision

West Kemper (east of Rout 4)

1st Place 203 Harter Avenue The Shteiwi Family

2nd Place 11700 Lawnview Avenue The Butrum Family

3rd Place 11823 Van CleveAvenue The Buehler Family

HM 11825 Lawnview Avenue Rachel Bourne

HM 11704 Van Camp Lane The Carr Family

HM 202 Diston Lane The Sayegh Family

HM 163 Harter Avenue The Woody Family

Area #7 Ė Heritage Hill Subdivision

McClellans Lane

East Crescentville Rd.

1st Place 1003 Pilgrim Place The Schmidt Family

2nd Place 877 Tivoli Lane The Farmer Family

3rd Place 815 Ledro Street The Dixon Family

HM 903 Ledro Street Flora McMannis

HM 865 Tivoli Lane Ralph Paul

HM 979 Pilgrim Place The Stover Family

HM 12041 Mallet Drive The Stockstill Family


First Places

Maple Knoll Village 11100 Springfield Pike

New Apostolic Church 326 West Kemper Road

Executive Plaza Three 135 Merchant Street(Managed by Duke Realty)

Honorable Mentions

Dave & Busterís 11775 Commons Drive

OíCharleyís Restaurant 11315 Princeton Pike

Princeton Hill 30 Merchant Street


Civil Service Commission - Mr. Coleman said I want to thank the Clerk of Council, Mr. Knox, for his indulgence in bearing with us as we got all the members of the Civil Service Commission sworn in. Promotional exams for the positions of sergeant and lieutenant in the Police Department have been scheduled for August 7. There was no meeting in July. Our next meeting is in August.

Rules and Laws - no report

Public Relations - no report

Public Health, Safety & Welfare - no report

Public Works - Mr. Wilson said work started the week of July 10 on the 2000 concrete repair work which includes curb replacement in Heritage Hills. It is expected to be completed in late August with asphalt work completed in September. The 2000 crack seal work is expected to take place in July on a Sunday evening.

Mr. Vanover said I have been very, very impressed with the contractor and the work they have been performing. I have brought a few points to Mr. Osborn that we can work on. I also want to thank Mr. Tim Green because he has done a good job of riding herd over there.

Public Utilities - no report

Capital Improvements Ė Mr. Danbury stated the grade separation at SR 747 construction drawings have been submitted to ODOT for review. The construction costs will come from that. The utility relocation will begin in the fall of next year with completion by the end of 2003. We have Ordinance 60 on the agenda tonight to award a contract to Tren Construction. Originally the Engineerís estimate was $1,774,946. This entire project will come in almost $85,000 under the estimate. There are three items in conjunction with this: staking services at $16,632; construction observation at $58,320; and the project coordination at $10,628.

Mr. Danbury continued most of the windows are in at the Community Center. The area that was damaged by the fire had a huge hole with water coming in during the severe weather last week. They built a gutter right there and let it flow out. Most of the drywall is up and they are painting right now. Once the glass is caulked and sealed they have to bring the humidity to a certain level. Then they can start doing some of the finish work. There is a lot of work to be done but itís starting to come around. The Walnut and Pear Street improvements plan is being reviewed by the City staff. The project will call for construction in the summer of next year.

Finance Committee - no report

Planning Commission - Mr. Galster reported Samís Club requested approval of their proposed expansion. It is a little tight there. They did the corrections and changes we asked for in fencing and screening and it was approved 6-0. McSwain Manufacturing requested approval of a modular office trailer on their property for nine months. That was approved 6-0. Northking properties requested rough grading approval for Pictoria Tower 1. The parking garage has increased in height. That was approved 6-0. Sears requested a color change at Sears which was approved 6-0. Longhorn Steakhouse also requested a color change to comply with their new corporate image. That was approved 6-0. Approval for dedication plats for Tri-County Parkway was approved 6-0.

Board of Zoning Appeals Ė Mr. Wilson stated the Chairman had those individuals who made presentations sworn in. The Cincinnati Computer Store was requesting a variance to allow him to place three storage trailers on his property. The trailers had been there for quite a while before we knew about it. We had given him a thirty -day stay to come up with a solution to the problem. He gave us a diagram for a new type of trailer. It would be flat and after a lot of discussion we decided we would allow him one twenty-foot trailer on his property until January 21. Mr. Cook, Sales Manager, was speaking on behalf of the store and we could not commit him to this. It had to be per Mr. Naugleís approval. The existing trailers had to be removed by August 7 and the one remaining trailer could stay until January 1. That was approved 5-1. Mr. Stuart Buchanan, 834 Clearfield Lane, requested a variance to allow construction of a 24 foot above ground pool within eight feet of his property line. It is supposed to be fifteen feet but there was no other place he could put it. We approved the variance but if he decided to put a deck on it, the deck had to be over fifteen feet from the property line. That was approved 6-0. Thomas Padgett of 533 Dimmick Avenue requested a variance for construction of a 120 square foot shed on his adjacent lot. Mr. Padgett has three lots. His house is on the center lot. There is an in-ground pool on the left as you look at the pool. The lot on the right was used as a volleyball court. He chose to put his shed way in the back eight feet from the property line. This was approved 6-0. He wanted to increase his garage to our code of 700 feet which is another reason why he didnít want the shed too close to the garage.

Board of Health - no report

O-K-I - no report

Mayorís Report Ė Mayor Webster reported we had 44 debris removal pickups last month. I just want the residents to know that the City does make available pickup and dump trucks which they will park in your driveway overnight for debris removal. There is no cost for this.

Mr. Vanover said I have received several comments about the landscaping around the City building and the Police Department. We go out of our way to acknowledge the residents and businesses and I think we should pass a tip of the hat to our City workers who have done an outstanding job.

Mr. Osborn said the leaders in that effort are Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Schmidt. The type of landscaping we are putting in is going to be lower maintenance than what we had in place.

Clerk of Council/Finance Director - no report

Administratorís Report Ė Mr. Osborn said from time to time the City is approached by groups or an individual who want to do service projects for the City. For some time we have been talking about launching a City volunteer program. We see in other cities where volunteers serve in the clerical positions to relieve over the lunch hour, to help with mail distribution of mass mailings, photography. It would be great if we had a committee of historians and also people to help with meals on wheels, adopt a grandparent and other programs we might like to get into through our Health Department. I asked Martha Brillhart to go out and interview a number of jurisdictions that had existing volunteer programs. I then asked her to develop a manual for us on how we could implement a program. The document I am giving you this evening is a compilation of a couple different documents. The first section is the manual that would be distributed to our department directors to explain the program to them, sets out their responsibilities and what they can expect from the volunteer. The middle section deals with forms the department directors would use to administer the program. The final section is the manual for the volunteers. It tells the volunteers what we would expect from them and what we would provide them with. The program goal reads " The goal of the City of Springdale Volunteer Program is to provide a benefit to all who participate in this endeavor, to the citizens of Springdale by providing them with an enriched program of services without additional costs; to the City of Springdale by enhancing its ability to deliver services; to the involved City employee by providing them with aid and assistance; and to the volunteer by providing an opportunity for meaningful service to and direct participation in the operation of their City government." We have initiated a little addition to the City newsletter that will be coming out in August, which provides an opportunity for someone to cut out a form and send it in to express their interest in the volunteer program. We would follow up with them to pursue their interests and see what we can do to coordinate them with a volunteer position. This will require staff time on our part. Someone in the Administrative office will be serving as the volunteer coordinator. If this becomes success we may have to have a part-time volunteer coordinator during peak periods of the year when itís operational. We expect to see this formalized program be used to recognize volunteers we already have. This document is a working draft that is probably 99% finished. I would not want to overlook emphasizing the good work that Martha Brillhart did in pulling this together for us.

Mr. Osborn said the next item I have is a program called Pool Cool Sun Safety Educational Program. This is a national program being launched by the National Recreation and Parks Association. Itís a pilot project this year. They put out a notice that they are trying to identify 100 sites throughout the country where this sun safety education program could be incorporated into existing swimming training and education programs. I was advised by Sharon Casselman, Assistant Recreation Director, that we have been successful in being selected as one of the project locations and we will be conducting this sun safety education for our lifeguards and participants in swimming lessons. The concept here is that UV damage to the skin is cumulative and as soon as you can educate young people about the proper habits to observe in protecting themselves from skin damage from UV exposure the better it is. I think this is a very excellent program and I commend Sharon for the initiative to get us in on the ground floor.

You may have received a letter from Michael Flynn regarding a meeting on July 27 that will be at the Sharonville Convention Center. Last meeting I discussed with you the public meetings that the North/South Initiative was undertaking. Thatís the comprehensive study of the I-75 corridor in the Cincinnati and Dayton area. When we first starting exploring this concept of the North/South Initiative, OKI went to the Ohio Department of Transportation Director in Columbus and gave him an overview of what was being proposed. He was so excited about it, he decided to start a similar effort border to border in the State of Ohio. ODOT is inviting input from you, the elected officials in the communities in this corridor. If anyone is available to attend this meeting weíd sure appreciate your participation.

Mr. Osborn said the community lost a real pillar of the community this past week, Mr. Charlie Gilhart. Mr. Gilhart was truly an icon in our business community. He had as great an influence on Springdale as any single person I can think of from the business community. He developed the Princeton Plaza, Princeton Bowl areas. He spent a lot of time contributing to the City as well. He was a good mix of a hard-nosed business man with a good sense of humor. Iím sure youíve been to Planning Commission meetings or Council meetings where he broke the tension with some light-hearted comment, but five minutes later he was dead serious about trying to get something accomplished. I think what a lot of people didnít know about Charlie is that he is also a person who contributed significantly to charities within the community and his primary caveat was you are not supposed to tell anybody where the money came from. I know he did that on at least three occasions with projects involving the City. I also know that on at least one occasion he had a tenant that had a single operator shop. That individual had some medical problems and was off work. While the shop was closed he waived the rent. He was the type of guy that comes along very rarely. He was invested in this community. He was not one who makes an investment in money and moves on. He made his life here and itís a regret on my part to learn of his passing.

Mayor Webster said Iíd like to amplify everything Cecil said about Mr. Gilhart. He was a very giving individual. I know there were times when the City didnít have money to do Welcome to Springdale signs. Charlie dug in his pockets and contributed to that. He was a very giving man and our sympathies go out to his family.

Mayor Webster said Iíd like to talk about the volunteer program. I donít want to diminish the work that Cecil and his staff, especially Martha Brillhart, did in putting this together and also the department directors. This was a back burner project that we wanted to do but never seemed to get around to doing. John Hedger, who lives on Smiley Avenue, brought this to the forefront. Johnís retired from Ford Motor Company and he wanted to get out and do something. He kept calling and calling asking for something to do. He washed cruisers at the Police Department. He filled in for the janitorial staff. The fact that we didnít have a formal program it didnít work out for John. If John is watching tonight I hope he will come back and join our volunteer ranks. He is a good worker and we miss him.

Community Center Update - Mr. Parham said Mr. Danbury did an outstanding job in reporting the update on the Community Center. We learned that a great deal of the site work, particularly the concrete, is completed. Weíve had a great deal of challenges with the contractors on this project, but I do have to acknowledge their efforts relative to the 4th of July festival. They did an outstanding job of getting the site work prepared for the festival, particularly the general contractor, Mardis and Meehan. I think the one who has continued to shine throughout the project is the electrical contractor. Each time heís promised things, heís pretty much come through. The lighting was very appropriate. A number of the lights had been hit by our demolition guy earlier in the project but he came through and got those back on along with the other parking lights. Mardis did an outstanding job of getting the site prepared overall; getting the concrete poured in the back section. Our City crew came in that Monday and was out painting the stripes of the parking lot so that we would not have haphazard parking as had occurred earlier that morning when the contractor had arrived. I had a chance to walk the facility this afternoon. A lot of things are taking shape. A lot of the cabinetry is up in the meeting rooms. The painting is currently ongoing. Their hope is to begin preparing the running track this weekend so that by next Wednesday they can begin the installation of the surface of the running track. The gymnasium has been painted. The contractors are all jockeying for storage space because they are beginning to get close to the time where they are finishing off some areas. After the meeting on Tuesday the HVAC contractor was to turn on the units in order to prep the room for the installation of the gym floor and aerobic floor. I received the indication this afternoon that the units were not working. They believe the units are not working because they suffered some damage during the storm last Friday. Thatís a little mind boggling for me because they are supposed to be outside and take all types of weather. Weíre waiting to hear how they are going to resolve that issue. Weíve granted the contractor a seven-week extension, moving our completion deadline from the beginning of August to the 15th of September. We thought it was justified to grant the extension. They requested extensions on a couple of occasions and we declined them at that time. Mardis indicted that they would begin to increase their work force and work toward meeting the September 15 deadline. They tell us they are working nine and ten hour days and I know they are working some Saturdays. We are going to look unfavorably upon granting any future extensions.

Mr. Danbury said in talking with them it seems that they are aware that we are antsy and want to get it done. If you get a chance to go down there and take a look, it is coming in pretty good.

Law Directorís Report - no report

Engineerís Report - no report


Mr. Knox read a letter addressed to him. "Dear Mr. Knox: I am requesting that City officials have the Highway Department construct an east/west fenced walkway over Rt. 4 between Sheraton Lane and Benniganís area. When Pictoria Island adds its thousands of cars daily to our street, and while the Highway Department has said they will widen Rt. 4 and Crescentville, it will make it an impossible street to cross. Rt. 4 is seven lanes wide now and is unsafe to cross with the heavy turn in traffic. When it goes to eight or nine lanes wide, not even a sprinter can cross safely. An overpass will allow us to walk to Bob Evans, Benniganís and Showcase Theaters. It will allow the Best Western hotel folks easy access also. The Baymont Inn patrons could walk to Hooters or Remingtons. Due to the safety features, now we drive. I suggest the walkway have fencing on each side and on top to prevent stone throwing. Thank you. Jim OíDonnell, 12018 Crossings Drive"

Mayor Webster said I got a copy of that communiqué from Jim. I think there is a lot of merit to what he is saying there. We got into this several years ago trying to develop a tunnel or crossing at Cloverdale trying to get the kids from the subdivision to the Community Center. Finally, out of frustration we threw up our hands and said it canít be done. Well, it can be done. Iíve seen sprinters almost get hit in the intersection. As we go forward and design an expansion of that intersection to accommodate the traffic, I think we should plug that into our thinking and there should be some sort of pedestrian crossing from the west side to the east side.

Mr. Danbury said if we are going to do that Iíd like to see if we can tie in the area by Ross Park and put another there. If we are going to try to tie in the people behind the Remingtonís area, it would be nice if they could walk to the Rec Center.

Mr. Wilson said I wanted to thank the Public Works Department for their efforts on Friday after the storm. I went through Beacon and Oxford Hills and came across some of the guys driving the trucks helping our residents with the trees that fell on their houses or driveways and also the street. They indicated to me that if our residents would put their limbs on the curb, that by Monday most of it would be picked up. On my street there were five trees that were down. I notified all the residents I came across and all of them who had their tree limbs on the curb by Monday, almost all of it was picked up. I want to publicly acknowledge that Public Works did an outstanding job.

Mr. Osborn said Iíd like to add to that as well. We had a situation where we had at least three or four roads blocked, Rt. 4 being one of them. The crews had to get out and clear the trees off the public streets. There were also trees on houses and cars and we went to those places next. We are working overtime to get all the debris. The department worked Saturday and we are working two crews overtime this week and this weekend again. Itís our anticipation that we will have all the debris removed from the City no later than the end of next week. We were at a point that we were fully deployed that afternoon. Every fire unit and every police unit was out. In addition to all the trees being down and electrical wires across roads, we also had a working structure fire at the Nazarene Church. We had a car fire at the other end of Rt. 4 and we had traffic signals out all over the City. We had a smell of natural gas odors in the area. It was quite a busy afternoon and I believe our folks did an excellent job in responding to the situation.

Mayor Webster said I took the opportunity last evening to tour Beacon and Oxford Hills just to see what the condition was. I think I found one yard in Oxford Hills that had any remaining debris in the front. On the other side I counted 28 yards that had some debris. There were three that I think had substantial amounts of limbs to be picked up. Hopefully by next Friday we hope to have everything back to normal.


Bob Coleman, 689 Yorkhaven, stated in regards to the Community Center update, I heard that you had given an extension to the contractors for the completion date. What are the consequences of not meeting that completion date? Are there financial incentives for the City?

Mr. Parham replied there are liquidated damages in cases when the contractor doesnít meet the necessary deadline. I think we have to look at the overall project. One of the major difficulties is that we have five separate primes on the project. Each one begins to point fingers at others as the reason for the delays. As we get closer to the 15th and we find the project is not complete, we have to take a look at whoís at fault. There are liquidated damages associated with each of the contracts. You have to be careful that you apply those damages to the appropriate parties.

Mr. Coleman responded I would hope and trust that the Administration is going to hold their feet to the fire so that they can keep on track for the targeted completion dates. Itís one thing for them to point fingers and make excuses. Itís another for them to get the job done. We want to make sure that the interests of the citizens as users of the facility are kept in mind. To that extent I certainly want to commend Administration and the Recreation staff for the efforts they have put in to continue operations at the Rec Center in as regular a manner as possible throughout these challenges. Those of us who are regular users of the facility do indeed appreciate those efforts and certainly indebted to the staff for allowing the continuation of the services.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded. Ordinance 60-2000 passed with six affirmative votes.


Ms. Pollitt made a motion to adopt and Mr. Wilson seconded.

Mr. Osborn said this is a maintenance item. In the spring of 1999 when we launched this project, we took proposals for geo-technical services and based upon what we expected the scope of work to be at that time, we felt we could handle the expense on a purchase order. As the project has moved on over the past year plus, we have encountered a number of field conditions, such as bad soil, mortar issues, etc. so we had to extend the work that H. C. Nutting was doing for us. Given our current expenses and what we see in the next few months, there is an estimated cost of $27,334 and we ask Council to adopt an ordinance authorizing that amount.

Ordinance 61-2000 passed with six affirmative votes.

Mrs. McNear said the next four ordinances have to be submitted to the Board of Elections and I am concerned about the time frame. Should we add the emergency clause?

Mr. Schneider replied you can pass them this evening or add an emergency clause. They have to be filed by August 24.

Mr. Galster made a motion to waive the second reading for Ordinance No. 62-2000. Mr. Vanover seconded.

Mayor Webster asked Mr. Schneider, are you sure they can waive the second reading?

Mr. Schneider stated I just wanted to point out to Council that you have the option to either add the emergency, or you do have the option to make a motion after a reading, if there is no emergency clause, to dispense with the requirement of a second reading and adopt at that time. Either an emergency clause vote or dispensing of the second reading requires five votes.

Mayor Webster said if you opt to dispense with the second reading I assume it would take thirty days to go into effect. I think we need to get them to the Board of Elections.

Mr. Galster made a motion to add the emergency clause to Ordinance No. 62-2000. Mr. Vanover seconded. The motion passed with six affirmative votes.


Mr. Danbury made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded. Ordinance No. 62-2000 passed with six affirmative votes.

Mr. Galster made a motion to add the emergency clause to Ordinance 63-2000 and Mr. Vanover seconded. The motion passed with six affirmative votes.

Mr. Galster made a motion to read Ordinance 63-2000 by title only. Mr. Danbury seconded. The motion passed with six affirmative votes.


Mayor Webster said maybe somebody should give a synopsis of these ordinances. I understand the whole purpose of this Charter amendment is to provide for someone to step in and fill the position of Clerk of Council/Finance Director in case the elected Financial Director is unable to perform his duties. It spells out that Council shall be the one to appoint someone to that position and spells out the time period that that person shall serve. I think itís a long time coming.

Mr. Knox said I must point out that Charter Revision came up with a lot of things. The one thing I insisted on was that the people have a strong voice in this. Charter decided the best way to do that was through the Council. I subscribe to what we have here and would recommend its passage.

Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded.

Mr. Danbury asked how are we going to define absence of the Clerk of Council? When we discussed this initially nine months ago, the question was raised if someone were incapacitated due to illness or out of the country, etc., and there were things to be signed, was that thought of?

Mr. Knox replied when I left the country last year we came up with a method of me appointing the Finance Officer to sign certain things after she had sent them to me and I had sent my signed approval back to her. What we are worried about now is the Clerk of Council becoming ill or someone just losing interest in the job and just wandering off. The general rule of thumb is if you miss three meetings in a row for no reason, that might be considered an absence. The final determination will come down to Council.

Mr. Danbury asked would that hold up in court, if Council would deem that the actions or inactions of the presiding Clerk of Council are not in the best interest of doing the job?

Mr. Schneider replied I think your position there would be to file a recall.

Ms. Pollitt asked how would compensation be addressed if someone is not a City employee?

Mayor Webster replied that would be for Council to determine, but Council is going to appoint one of its members to fill this.

Ordinance No. 63-2000 passed with six affirmative votes.

Mr. Galster made a motion to add the emergency clause to Ordinance 64-2000. Mr. Vanover seconded. The motion passed with six affirmative votes.

Mr. Galster made a motion to read Ordinance 64-2000 by title only. Mr. Vanover seconded.


Mr. Vanover asked for a synopsis.

Mr. Knox said there are only two changes to the Charter imbedded in these four pages of verbiage. One of the changes is the statement in the second paragraph on the second page. The paragraph starts "upon certification of the Clerk of Council." In the third line we have added the phrase "which is presently $5,000." The next paragraph is entirely added. I must say that much of this paragraph is directly in line with the Auditor of State Bulletin which originally raised this question to us. It goes into the specific organizations and professional engineers, physicians, construction project managers, fuel oil, gas, line item things that we can use for the length of the year rather than for the restricted $5,000 or only three months. We can extend the time through the end of the calendar year by putting this wording in here. But it refers back to things the Council has already approved.

Mrs. McNear asked so it will be for bulk purchases?

Mr. Knox replied we can make one purchase order rather than four. Thatís what this is aiming at but it tells us we must specify what we are doing this for and it can only be used for certain things. It restricts anybody from going off on a tangent. As people in the Finance Department have mentioned this would be quite helpful.

Mr. Osborn said what Mr. Knox is referring to is what we call an open purchase order. Many times we will issue a purchase order for a one time purchase, a specific item for a specific amount, or for buying auto parts from a vendor who will issue an open purchase order for up to $5,000. Previously under the Charter we could only issue that open purchase order for three months. Even though it was a routine vendor we did business every day with, we had to redo that paperwork three more times that year. This will allow us to do the paperwork once a year instead of three times a year.

Mr. Galster asked will that also take the $5,000 four times a year?

Mr. Osborn replied no, thatís still the same for the open purchase order.

Mr. Knox stated the word I was searching for was a super blanket purchase order.

Mayor Webster said another major change is in the last sentence in that paragraph, "more than one such certificate may be outstanding at any time." The present code says that only one blanket purchase order can be outstanding which is absolutely asinine. Weíve taken the practical approach to that situation over the years and now that makes it completely legal. This City being a Charter city does have the right to have more than one of these certificates outstanding at one time.

Mr. Galster made a motion to add the emergency clause to the reading by title only and Mr. Vanover seconded.

Mr. Galster made a motion to adopt and Mr. Wilson seconded. Ordinance No. 64-2000 passed with six affirmative votes.

Mr. Galster made a motion to add the emergency clause to Ordinance No. 65-2000. Mr. Vanover seconded.

Mr. Wilson asked how do we do the redistricting?

Mr. Osborn responded this Charter amendment has nothing specific to do with a particular redistricting. We have a process in place that provides for redistricting which is a function of Council. We are faced with a situation, however, where because of changes in federal/state voter registration procedures and accounting for voters by precincts based on census blocks, we will have an incongruity between our precincts and the census blocks. Under our Charter, without any changes, there are certain threshold issues that allow us to go in and modify the alignment of Council districts. In this case language has been added that allows the City to go in and do an amendment to the district lines when a change in law requires us to do so. Thatís the primary thing that is occurring here. Previously, once you did a redistricting, you had to get all the precincts within 10% of one another. Now itís a best effort. We are concerned with some of the consequences of the aligning precincts with census blocks, it may not be absolutely possible to get a 10% spread between the smallest and largest. Itís intended to be a goal and certainly itís going to be up to Council and the public to be critical of any decision if it falls seems to have fallen short of that goal.

Mayor Webster said in the past it has been done by a committee of Council which is usually comprised of the three who have a non-vested interest in their districts, which is the three at-large people; but as Mr. Osborn indicated, it could only be done under a very strict criteria. With the Charter revision weíve had to add another criteria, that being, as a result of a census track coming into play or a change in state or federal law. Due to the addition of the census track, we will probably have for this presidential election 40 precincts. I have no idea where weíre going to house forty precincts. I donít know where we are going to get workers for forty precincts. Right now they have trouble getting four for fourteen precincts. Thatís the debacle we have gotten ourselves into by not getting this changed earlier. It should have been done in the primary this year and it wasnít done.

Mr. Knox said the Charter said previously, "upon any redistricting Council shall reduce the difference between the district with the greatest and the district with the least. It has been changed in the last sentence of paragraph c to say "Council shall attempt to adduce," which makes it much easier on Council.

Mr. Galster said this ordinance is to allow us to add another reason to make the change and how we make the change, but it is not actually as Mr. Wilson said before, ordering any redistricting at this time based on this ordinance.

The motion to add the emergency to Ordinance 65-2000 passed with six affirmative votes.

Mr. Galster made a motion to read Ordinance 65-2000 by title only with the emergency clause. Mr. Danbury seconded. The motion passed with six affirmative votes.


Mr. Galster made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded. Ordinance 65-2000 passed with six affirmative votes.

Mrs. McNear opened the floor to nominations to appoint a replacement member to Charter Revision.

Mr. Danbury said I would like to nominate Bob Emerson as a replacement member for Charter Revision. I spoke with him numerous times about possibly going onto different committees in the City. He has been a member of the community for about ten years and is married and has two small boys. Heís active in sports, very intelligent and has an open mind. Heís opinionated to a good extent. He listens to facts and I think he would be an excellent addition to the Charter Revision Committee.


Mr. Galster made a motion to adopt and Mr. Danbury seconded. Resolution 14-2000 passed with six affirmative votes.


Ms. Pollitt said when I did my district meeting the Fire Department discussed the lock boxes for the elderly and handicapped. I was wondering if maybe we could use the volunteer program to secure the names and addresses of individuals who might need that.

Mr. Osborn responded we will probably do that through a more formal effort on the part of the Fire Department and possibly the Health Department. I canít tell you the status but we could conceivably use a volunteer, but lacking that, use a formal effort on our part to promote the program and seek the people who have a need for that type of assistance.

Ms. Pollitt continued we talked previously about a substation in the Heritage Hill area. There was some discussion with Sharonville.

Mr. Osborn said Sharonville responded to us that they didnít share our interest in undertaking that type of effort.

Ms. Pollitt stated I am really concerned about our safety issue over there, especially when the SR 747 grade crossing gets into full swing and we might have an even stronger delay in getting over there.

Mr. Osborn replied we typically donít send a vehicle in that direction. Itís still an issue we need to look at. Iím sure youíre aware that we have an eastern substation in our five year budget. We have not done a site selection. We have been waiting on some word back from Sharonville, but with their response it looks like if we are going to have one, it will be on our own.

Ms. Pollitt said we have a new truck due in. Has there been any discussion by Administration as to what we are going to do with the old truck?

Mr. Osborn answered we are contemplating holding onto the vehicle because we get additional credit for our ISO rating. We had hoped that with some sort of collaboration with Sharonville we could have spotted that second aerial in that substation.

Ms. Pollitt said itís my understanding that Union Township, which is now West Chester, is just on the other side of Crescentville. Have we approached them at all?

Mr. Osborn replied itís a little more difficult in that weíre on a separate communication system entirely. Even as bad as the Countyís communication system is for public safety, itís even more difficult to communicate between counties. We have not approached West Chester Township in that option.






Council adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Edward F. Knox

Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Kathy McNear, President of Council



__________________________, 2000