President of Council Marjorie Harlow called Council to order on July 20, 2011 , at 7:00 p.m.

    The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance. Mrs. McNear gave the invocation.

    Mrs. McNear took roll call. Present were Council members Diehl, Emerson, Galster, Hawkins, Squires, and Vanover.

    The minutes of June 15, 2011 were approved with five affirmative votes. Mr. Diehl abstained.


    Mr. Squires made a motion to adopt and Mr. Hawkins seconded.

    Ordinance 27-2011 passed with six affirmative votes.

    Mayor Webster read a proclamation proclaiming July 20, 2011 Jake Sweeney Day in Springdale.

    Mr. Sweeney said my dad had the foresight forty years ago to buy the Tri County Chevrolet dealership. On March 1, 1971 we opened Jake Sweeney Chevrolet here in Springdale. Thank you for the honor. I’m sure if my dad were alive today he would be very appreciative.

    Mr. Squires, Mr. Galster, Mrs. McNear, Mr. Vanover and Mr. Hawkins expressed their appreciation.


    Civil Service Commission                      -     no report
Rules and Laws         -    no report
Finance Committee        -    no report

Planning Commission - Mr. Galster stated at the July 12 meeting Jake Sweeney Chevrolet requested exterior modifications at 33 West Kemper Road. That was approved 6-0. Kerry Buick,GMC, 150 Northland Boulevard requested an exterior modification. It was approved 5-1. Play It Again Sports requested a minor improvement to the front elevation and it was approved 6-0.

Board of Zoning Appeals – Mr. Hawkins reported the resident at 221 Diston requested a utility building 4 feet from the rear lot lie. The variance was granted 6-0. The owner at 534 West Kemper Road requested a 157 s.f. utility building and that was tabled 6-0. The owner of 12134 Kenn Road applied for two variances, one to erect a 432 s.f. utility building and to have three chickens on the property. Both variances were tabled. The owner of 12050 Princeton Pike requested a variance to increase the area of on-building signage. That was denied 4-2.

Mr. Hawkins said at the July 19 meeting the owner at 534 West Kemper Road had withdrawn his earlier request. The request for the utility building at 12134 Kenn Road was denied with a 3-3 vote and the request for chickens was denied 6-0. Several residents were in attendance. An administrative appeal from Mr. Benhase’s automotive use at 11741 Chesterdale Road where he is involved in assembly and disassembly of foreign vehicles was denied 6-0.

Board of Health        -    no report    
O-K-I        -    no report

Mayor’s Report – Mayor Webster said I would like Council to consider at their next meeting an ordinance authorizing us to enter into an agreement with a yet unnamed company related to a job creation incentive agreement.
Clerk of Council/Finance Director – Mrs. McNear gave a report for the second quarter earnings based on a budget of $15,222,000. Our earnings through the second quarter are $8.5 million, fifty-six percent of the budget Our ending General Fund balance is $4.5 million. On the expenditure side our budget is $16.751 million. Expenditures through the end of June are $7.274 million, forty-six percent of the budget. Also, Council you did receive your financial information by e-mail for the first time.
Administrator’s Report – Mr. Thamann said several months ago we passed an ordinance to create various part-time jobs throughout the organization. One we failed to include was part-time mechanic. Our mechanic will be retiring this year and we felt it to be in the best interest of the City to create a position of part-time fleet mechanic. We would like an ordinance at the next Council meeting. The City has participated with the Center for Local Government on the joint purchasing collaborative for electric energy. That agreement expires at the end of this year; therefore, we are requesting an ordinance for the August 3 meeting to allow the City to again participate in the Center for Local Government’s joint purchasing collaborative for 2011. Pictoria Island has a TIF and it is time to again pass an ordinance to reduce or increase the special assessment we have to make on the TIF. Last year we had an increase in the amount. The purpose of this ordinance is to set up the special assessment payments at an amount that will meet the debt service payments that are required. We ask that this ordinance be introduced at the next meeting. There has been concern about developers failing to pay plan review fees so we are requesting an ordinance be presented to Council to allow the City to place a Municipal Lien on the property of which the developer fails to pay any of the planning review fees. The amendment allows the City to file with County Auditor for those amounts that are outstanding. This is a change to the Code, so it will also require a public hearing. We ask that an ordinance be presented for the first reading at the August 17 Council meeting and a public hearing at the September 7 meeting.
Law Director’s Report         -     no report   
Engineer’s Report        -      no report



    Charlotte and Joseph Jenkins, 676 Cedarhill Drive, came to the podium. Mr. Jenkins said we have been residents of Springdale since 1998. We have had a number of issues with our next door neighbor. We brought it to the Police Department’s attention. Should we bring this up here?

    Mr. Thamann said I don’t know what issues you have but I think if you would like you could bring those complaints into the Administrative office and we’ll make sure that anything you have is steered into the right department. It might be police related, property maintenance related.

    Mrs. Jenkins said the police said we should come to Council. They said their hands were pretty much tied and suggested we talk to the Board of Health which we did. We’re not really getting anything done and the quality of life we are living is really pretty poor because of our next door neighbor. Even if we wanted to sell the property, the property is so poorly maintained it may interfere with someone wanting to live next door.

    Mr. Thamann stated I’ll make certain that the right departments are involved and if there is something we can do, we’ll make sure that gets done as well. I’ll be in the office tomorrow. You can reach me at 346-5700 and if I have to stay here in the evening I’ll make sure I’m here for you.


    Mr. Galster said I would like to make a motion to amend the attachment to Ordinance 26-2011 paragraph 5k, 4th line down, Springdale retail community to change “retail” to “business.” Mr. Squires seconded. The motion passed with six affirmative votes.


First Reading.

OLD BUSINESS                         -     none

    NEW BUSINESS                         -     none


    Planning Commission                         -     Aug 9
    Board of Zoning Appeals                     -     Aug 16


Ordinance 26                             -     Aug 3


Job Creation Incentive Program                 -     Aug 3
Part-time Fleet Mechanic                     -     Aug 3
Collaborative for electrical                     -     Aug 3
Pictoria Phase II TIF                         -     Aug 17
Municipal Lien Code Change                     -     Aug 17

Council adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

                        Respectfully submitted,

                        Kathy McNear
                        Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:
Marjorie Harlow, President of Council

__________________________, 2011