President of Council Kathy McNear called Council to order on August 16, 2000, at 7:09 p.m.

The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance. Mr. Knox gave the invocation.

Mr. Knox took roll call. Present were Council members Galster, Pollitt, Squires, Wilson and McNear. Mr. Danbury and Mr. Vanover were absent.

The minutes of July 19, 2000 were approved with five affirmative votes.


Civil Service Commission - no report

Rules and Laws - no report

Public Relations - no report

Public Health, Safety & Welfare - no report

Public Works - Mr. Wilson reported the curb work has been completed in both Heritage Hills and on Tri-County Parkway. Spot curb repair will take place on area streets the week of August 14. Asphalt paving work will take place in approximately four weeks with the overall project being completed around mid September. The crack sealing work was completed last Sunday night, August 13.

Mayor Webster asked did you say all of Heritage Hills was done.

Mr. Wilson replied the curb work is completed but where the street merges with the actual new curb, that work has not been completed.

Public Utilities - no report

Capital Improvements – Mr. Wilson said the SR 747 CSX grade separation construction drawings have been submitted to ODOT for Phase 3 review. ODOT comments are expected in early September. Utility relocation is expected to begin in the fall 2001 with project completion by the end of 2003. East Kemper Road improvements at SR 747 project was awarded to Trend Construction. The pre-construction meeting was held on August 14. Work is tentatively scheduled to start September 11 on the retaining wall at the slope by Princeton Plaza. Work will be confined to this area of the project for the remainder of this year with the rest of the project work to take place in 2001. Exterior insulation finish system (EFIS), painting, drywall, HVAC piping, diffusers, interior remodeling including the existing locker room and lobby, site concrete asphalt paving, electric light and wiring, landscaping, tile casework, prepping the gym floor and running track for finish surface are being done at the Community Center. Final construction plans will be available the end of August on the Walnut and Pear Street improvements. This will be submitted to the utility companies and the school district for their review. Final right-of-way plans will follow pending comments from the utilities and the school district. The project schedule calls for the majority of the construction to take place during the summer of 2001.

Finance Committee – Ms. Pollitt stated they had a meeting August 10 to discuss the Phase I Pictoria Island thirty year bonds. We had to decide on selling the notes. This is a $2 million note that is due September 14. We will be bringing legislation in September 6 to have them absorb that bond and issue a new bond. This will be out for negotiated sale rather than through a broker. It was explained in the meeting that historically the negotiated sale works as well or better than going out for bids. We also discussed the notes on the Community Center. We need to roll the $7 million note into a renewal of $6.4 million with a pay down of $600,000 plus interest. We will be bringing that before Council on September 6 with a recommendation to go with Fifth Third on a negotiated sale, which was recommended by both the Finance Director and City Administrator. Other items we discussed were proposed changes to the Springdale Tax Code and we will bring that before Council for Review and passage onto the Rules and Laws Committee. There are some changes that will bring us into compliance with H.B. 477. Most of it is minor housekeeping. One major change is to Section 94.10 which states anyone age 18 and under will be exempt from filing if they do not have income. One of the major complaints we get from residents is that their children have to file even if they have no income to report. Another change would be that a copy of a federal extension would serve as notice for the City extension. Also, 94.11 would change January 31 to the last day of February for businesses to file. This will all be presented to all Council members in writing with the changes noted in bold so you will have plenty of time to look at it before we ask you to review it and send it on to the Rules and Laws Committee.

Planning Commission – Mr. Galster said Pictoria Island came before Planning Commission for approval of Office #1 and the parking garage associated with that building. I don’t know if anyone has had a chance to see the artist’s rendering of the building but it’s an awfully nice building. There are some concerns about the flow of traffic and the flow in the parking garages which seem to be addressed. We are waiting for a couple more comments on the layout of the parking garage. The tower and parking garage were approved by a 7-0 vote.

Board of Zoning Appeals – Mr. Squires said Board of Zoning Appeals was privileged to see the rendition of the office complexes and they are absolutely gorgeous. Jessica Chambers, 741 Castro Lane requested a variance to allow her to remove her garage. She plans to use it as storage space. She’s not to use it as living space and the variance was granted on the condition that she obtain a building permit to finish the job she has already started.

Board of Health - no report

O-K-I - no report

Mayor’s Report - no report

Clerk of Council/Finance Director – Mr. Knox said Miami Valley Risk Management Association gave out their awards for this year and I would like to point out that the City of Springdale received the Award of Excellence which is given to each city that experiences losses totally $100 or less per employee. We were number four on the list so I compliment our employees.

Administrator’s Report – Mr. Osborn said I would like to request a resolution for a DARE grant. Last year we received $13,500 for the school year. For the 2000-20001 school year we will be making an application for $17,500. That application has to be in by September 21 so we will have it on the next agenda at your pleasure. I would like to advise Council that the City’s annual auction of surplus equipment, excluding automobiles, will be on August 26 at 1 p.m. at the Hilton Auction House, 11300 Jefferson Avenue in Sharonville. The Springdale Fire Department is the recipient of a grant from the Ohio Department of Public Safety through their EMS grant program. The 2000 grant that the Fire Department has received totals $11,106. Of that $76000 will be used for the purchase and replacement of two defibrillators and the $3540 balance will be used to pay for the training of three of our firefighters who are going through the paramedic course that recently started. We were also given the word that the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police has awarded the "Saved by the Belt" award, an award that they give when appropriate to an individual who has been in a serious automobile accident and has been saved by the use of a seat belt. This year’s recipient was Mike Noble. He was very seriously injured in an accident on Thanksgiving Day 1999. He’s still recovering from his injuries but it goes without saying, from the magnitude of the accident, he would not have survived it without the use of a seat belt. At the Ohio Police Chiefs Conference on August 4 were Amy Noble, Mike’s wife; Chief Laage and Lieutenant Wells, who is our liaison officer with Mike while he is on injury leave. Mike has been going through a great deal of physical therapy and is scheduled for additional surgery. We all wish him a full recovery. He has stayed in contact with us and we have stayed in close contact with him. We are very hopeful that he will be able to return to the City. It still may be some time before that is possible.

Community Center Update – Mr. Parham said the center is moving along fairly well in most areas. Installation for the floor for the gymnasium and aerobics room is planned to begin in a week or so. The big challenge of that process is the HVAC units. They received quite a bit of damage during the hail storm about a month ago. They can still function but not at 100%. We are working through some issues with the mechanical prime contractor, RPC. The planters in the lobby area were being installed this last week. The painting has been completed. The offices are taking structure. They are close to putting the front desk in the center. In our meeting yesterday we impressed upon the contractor to move towards getting the fitness room together as quickly as possible. In our meeting this morning they indicated that they are scheduled to get the flooring in for the fitness room next week. When we put together the temporary fitness area, part of the challenge was the amount of time we would be without that particular service, which we kept down to a day or two. We’ve purchased the new Nautilus equipment and that equipment is being held by Nautilus at our request. Once they deliver that equipment they are prepared to take the old equipment with them. We are trying to shorten the span that we will be without equipment. Once we bring the new equipment in we will not have access to that equipment. We are looking at keeping the old equipment on hand and shipping it at a later date. If it was local it would probably be an easier task but Nautilus is located in Virginia. They are probably going to send one truck in to deliver and their goal is probably to have one truck take it back out. They’ve begun to lay tile in the locker rooms. You recall the problems we had with the tile in the swimming pool locker rooms where the grout was not presentable. They will come back towards the end of the project to make that replacement. We had a chance to look at the new restrooms they created in the new foyer area. They used a vertical grout as opposed to a horizontal grout. The vertical grout seems to be working. Throughout the installation they have had the floor pretty much covered with the exception of the stall area. There were some minor cracks detected in the surface of the running track as well as in the gymnasium. We had the testing agency as well as the structural engineer to come out and examine both of those areas. They say that is normal for the process. Both have signed off on it. Mardis has been sanding that down for the last week and the gymnasium floor should be complete and then they will sand down the running track. Then we should be moving towards the insulation of both of those. The glass has been installed except for one exterior window pane that was delivered broken.

Law Director’s Report – Mr. Schneider said there were some questions raised and some changes in the ward line issues we discussed in the proposed Charter amendment. I have asked the director of the Board of Elections to attend the next Council meeting, if it would be okay with Council, to explain the situation on the Charter, what is required, who is required to do it, what are the requirements of census tracks, what should we do about breaking the census tracks. The basic piece of information that is new to me is that you can break census tracks if ward lines are what breaks the census track. That would reduce significantly the amount of changes we thought we might be faced with. We don’t necessarily want to drop the Charter amendment, but I just felt we might be more comfortable if they could explain to City Council what the situation is. They will also be prepared to explain to Council where they think the precinct voting places ought to be. They would be willing to accept input if for some reason they haven’t looked at it correctly or there are additional considerations.

Mr. Osborn said I think the Law Director was very kind in his presentation. I think the real reason for having them here is to get a better explanation as to why we were given one set of information on which we based a lot of work here in the City with the Charter Committee, the Administration and City Council, and after we get it all done and submit for inclusion on the ballot, we are then advised by the Board of Elections that they had been in error and the information we had previously been given was incorrect and we did not have the critical situation we had been lead to believe. I feel we are owed an explanation and Mr. Schneider has received the cooperation of the Board of Elections to be here at the next meeting. Frankly, it was the Mayor’s point that Council ought to have another opportunity to make the decision on whether they want to go forward with the amendments or not only because we have been working off incorrect information. There may be very valid reasons for doing it but in all fairness to Council, you should know that the circumstance under which we understood we had to modify our Charter is not necessarily the facts that we’ve learned since the work is already complete.

Mrs. McNear said we have already reached the deadline for filing.

Mr. Schneider said they have been filed but the deadline is September 8 so we will have time after the next meeting to revoke that amendment if you wish.

Mayor Webster stated Mr. Osborn cleaned it up more than I would have. We worked on one thing in good faith, presented it to Charter Revision and sent it to Council. You took the initiative and put it on the ballot. My concern long term-wise is that this is a matter of interpretation. Somebody interprets it one way which necessitates us having 20-40 precincts. Now all of a sudden somebody else has said no, you don’t have to do that, a ward line can cross a census track. So what happens next year when someone else looks at it. So the disturbing part of this is that there is no consistency as to how census tracks co-exist with Councilmatic ward lines or district lines.

Mr. Knox said Mr. Schneider, if Council decides to withdraw something that they have done by ordinance, they will need another ordinance to do that. Will you have one ready? Mr. Schneider replied yes, I’ll probably read it as we go.

Engineer’s Report - no report


Letter to Dave Butsch: "Please let me give you some background and then the reason for this letter.

In January of 1999 my husband I moved into the Springdale area. We had been living in an apartment in West Chester and after helping take care of a family member we were faced with the decision to move back north or stay in the area. We decided to stay.

Springdale was not our first choice but after praying and going through the process we felt it was the right choice and so we settled into the community.

I want to thank you and commend your courteous staff for the fine job they do in taking care of our city. It only confirms our decision to move here. The landscaping particularly, is so well planned and cared for it makes us feel good when we come home. And I believe it is contagious. The PWD sets the standard and it seems the community follows. What a great example!

A big "Thank You" to all for your service to our community.

Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kosar"

Letter to Dave Butsch: "As residents of Springdale for over 31 years, we feel we must let you know how proud we are to live in this city.

We suffered severe damage to our backyard trees from Friday’s storm. With the help of our wonderful neighbor we managed to get everything out to the curb and we assumed we would have to wait for the next pickup time for removal.

Imagine our delight and amazement when we head the chipper come by and take away all that debris on Saturday. That sort of response and on a Saturday too was incredible!

We cannot begin to thank you enough. Please extend our appreciation to the gentlemen doing the work. It was obvious that they had to give up part of their weekend to do the cleanup and we are extremely grateful. Sincerely, Helen and Martin Levy"

E-mal to Administration and Dave Butsch: "At this time I would like to commend all efforts throughout the city on the recent storm clean up. I personally noticed the outstanding efforts by all, including the chipper going through the various neighborhoods. This was something that not only impressed myself, but my neighbors as well. I feel that the City continues to provide excellent care to the residents and at times we take these things for granted. Many do not see the efforts put forth by city personnel, but, I for one am very pleased. I know you will continue to keep up the good work!! Dave Whitaker, 687 Cloverdale Avenue"

Letter to Sharon Casselman: "We would like to take this opportunity to commend you on a job well done. Realizing that in your position, negative reactions and comments are what you most likely receive, we wanted to be the exception and let you hear about the positive. Not only was the Spirit of Springdale Fourth of July Festival enjoyable for us and our families on a personal note, but in our professional capacity as Co-Presidents of the Springdale Sailfish Swim Team, we heard many comments from other families echoing our positive experiences. Our children enjoyed the fun and especially the fireworks, as did our parents and friends.

The Springdale Sailfish Swim Team would also like to thank you for providing us the opportunity to raise well-needed funds for our team by way of the Festival. Our team worked hard to provide the services, but the team was very-well rewarded in terms of revenue. We welcome the opportunity to participate in the same fashion at next year’s festival.

Sharon, again thank you for the incredible work you and other City employees put in running such a successful festival. On behalf of all Springdale residents, we thank you for your dedication to your job! Sincerely, Rebecca McDonough and Bridget Kremer, Co-Presidents, Springdale Sailfish Swim Team"

Mayor Webster said I would like to echo those first three letters. I personally heard from a number of residents complimenting me and the City on the great job that those guys did. They were out there on the streets 10-12 hours a day along with Saturdays trying to get everything cleaned up. I’d like to publicly take this time to thank Dave, his crew leaders and his entire staff for an outstanding job. We’re extremely proud of their efforts.


Mr. Coleman asked is there a list of items that will be auctioned off in Sharonville? How do you get information?

Mr. Osborn replied yes, if you contact Mr. Parham or me we’ll get that for you.

Mr. Coleman said to Mr. Shuler, I continue to be confused by the lights at Glensprings and Springfield Pike. I noticed the other day that drivers on Rt. 4 headed north attempting to make a left hand turn onto Glensprings were waiting for the arrow and the arrow didn’t come. I observed the same thing earlier today.

Mr. Shuler responded we can certainly check to make sure that all of the loop detectors are functioning because they do break from time to time, or sometimes we lose parts of our control system during electrical storms. I know there has been conversation about that intersection. We’ll look at that intersection and see how we can best can phase and time that intersection for optimum efficiency. I know there were changes anticipated but I don’t know if they have been implemented. We’ll check on both of those.

Mr. Osborn said the intersection review has been complete. The Police Chief and I met with Mr. Saleh, our Traffic Engineer. We have issued a purchase order to do some modifications to that signal that will improve east/west traffic movements; that is, the turning movements from westbound Glensprings to southbound Rt. 4 and eastbound Glensprings to northbound Rt. 4. Those have been unprotected left turns up until now and there has been conflict with people going through the intersection westbound and people preparing to turn left going east to north. As you know, that east light was a new addition to the intersection a few years ago. People were very accustomed to making a left turn when the light turned green. There was a lot of concern expressed by the public so we’ve made a $15,000 modification to that intersection to increase it to an eight face controller which will allow us to put in protected left turns for the two movements eastbound and westbound. As Wayne indicated, there must be a detector loop out because typically if you are sitting at that light northbound for a left hand turn, you either pull out into the intersection and wait until the light turns yellow, or you sit back at the bar and the presence of the vehicle on the loop will turn a left turn signal to you. Apparently that loop must have gone out so we’ll check it.

Presentation - MetroMoves - Carl Palmer

Mr. Parham stated Mr. Palmer is the Director of Development for Metro. I was contacted by David Etienne, Communications Supervisor with Metro. He indicated that Metro is looking for alternatives for improving transit throughout the greater Cincinnati area and at the same time wanting to solicit participation on the part of the City and perhaps the elected officials.

Mr. Palmer said Jennifer Jones, Communications Specialist, came with me tonight. We thank you for allowing us to come this evening. Mr. Palmer showed a video. Mr. Palmer said in a staff meeting at Metro they asked what role does Metro have in dealing with issues of congestion, air quality, convenience, etc. It occurred to us that we could not do it ourselves. The point of MetroMoves is to get as much input as possible from the greater Cincinnati community on issues and concerns as relates to transportation; not just busses, whatever it takes to move people from one point to the next. It can’t be done with just automobiles, just busses, carpooling. It’s all of those collectively. It has come to our attention in major ways, virtual forum, public forums. On November 14 we hope to get from the stakeholders who have participated in the forums an enforcement of their ideas framed in solutions that they also have endorsed. At the second forum on September 14 we will put together possible solutions that will respond to the issues and concerns that were raised on June 6 at the first forum. At the third forum in November we will come back with a plan and ask if we are connecting with the issues that were raised June 6 with the solutions and ideas we put before you in September. Our hope and expectation is that the answer will be yes in terms of a consensus. The stakeholders represent the community at large. We had a database of 463 stakeholders. We also have the support of 45 individuals who have agreed to help us out in the form of an advisory council, which helps guides us. At the end of 2000 is when the work will begin for us because it is about implementing. I have a number of packets with me this evening that describes in better detail the MetroMoves project. If you have questions please contact me directly at 632-7542. If there are other groups or organizations in Springdale that you think would benefit from a presentation from us and perhaps even taking it to a second level of getting input in very specific terms, we are open to that.

Mr. Osborn said we have a very good close working relationship with Metro and Carl is one of the reasons. He has always been responsive to us when we’ve had issues. We have worked out a lot of solutions to routing, bus stops, etc. We appreciate everything Metro has done. Secondly, more and more as a region we are going to have to look at alternate forms of transportation; that means getting people out of their automobiles. Right now we get a very good deal. We get Metro service without paying for it, if you think about it. The support for Metro comes from the federal government and the City of Cincinnati. Because of their desire to serve the community they have expanded that out into Hamilton County. I think at some point in the future we may have to look at a broader base for financing mass transportation in our region.


Mr. Squires made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded. Ordinance 66-2000 passed with five affirmative votes.


First reading. Public hearing September 6.

Mayor Webster said I see that they are proposing to use 123,000 square feet of that unused space. How much is left after this?

Mr. Galster replied this finishes it out. Roberds is vacant but renovation from warehouse space to what it is today is complete.


Ms. Pollitt made a motion to adopt and Mr. Wilson seconded.

Mr. Osborn said I apologize for bringing this before you with very little notice but I needed to do this if we are to take advantage of a potential cost savings. For some time now we’ve been looking at ways to take advantage of our fiber optic network that was recently installed throughout the City to support our computer system. We have six fiber optic lines that are contained in that system, two of which are used by the computers, one is used by our closed circuit television for security purposes. We felt we could consolidate our phone system by use of that fiber optic system. David Butsch has been working on this fiber optic project along with Debbie Dunfee from the standpoint of the telephone system and they have put in a great deal of time and effort in this and we owe them much appreciation. The reason it has become time sensitive is that we have learned that we can save a net of $10,000 if we non-perform certain work already authorized to Cincinnati Bell for the telephone system being installed at the Community Center. That would be the voice mail element. If you turn to the second to last page in your packet, the hardware installation cost, we would be in a position to save about $10,000. The cost for the system totals $53,416.05. Another cost we have to include would be an upgrade to the Municipal Building’s Audix voice mail system at $6,000 for a total cost of $59, 416.05. However, if we do this package as proposed, we’d be able to non-perform the voice mail system for the Community Center with a savings of $16,000. That leaves us with a net installation and equipment cost of $43,416. We expect this system to generate approximately $762 in savings every month based on reduced line charges. With that savings we anticipate that the capital costs for this project can be recovered in less than five years.

Mr. Osborn continued as mentioned before, we have fiber optics connecting all the buildings to the central facility here at the Municipal Building. But out at those various buildings we currently have something like 35 analog telephone lines and we are paying line charges on each of those lines. We have put together a plan to retain only three analog lines in each of the five buildings and replace the other nineteen analog lines with one T-1 line which has 23 channels. That would be connecting to the Cincinnati Bell system from this building. All the other satellite buildings would be linked to us by fiber optics. The T-1 line we are talking about has 23 channels and each of those channels can accommodate between five and ten connections. That means the T-1 line would be able to support between 115 and 230 connections, thereby dramatically increasing our line capacity from 35 to a potential maximum of 230. At the same time because we are able to reduce the number of analog lines, our cost per month for the line services go down by $762 a month. In order to get there though we have to replace some equipment. We have a Merlin system in the Municipal Building and in the Police Department building. However, we have the old Spirit systems in the Fire Department, Public Works Department and Recreation Department. We are currently replacing the phone system in the Recreation Department with a Merlin system. In order to make all the buildings compatible we would need to replace the Spirit systems in the Fire Department and Public Works Department and we would need to make some modifications and upgrades to the Merlin systems in the Municipal Building and in the Police Department. Those represent our cost of $53,416.05 which is reflected in the ordinance before you this evening. Much of the work that would actually create this system is already done. The only other cost if we are to complete this entire package and eliminate the voice mail that we are proposing to put in the Community Center would be to issue a purchase order in the amount of $6,000 to upgrade the Audix voice mail system here in the building. Although it’s a fairly complicated issue, it appears that there is a direct and immediate recovery of the capital cost within five years and at the same time, it expands our ability to serve the community. When a call comes into the Municipal Building, if the issue is more appropriate for the Police Department, Public Works, etc., we have to tell the customer, sorry but you will have to hang up and call the other department. With this system in place the call taker here would be able to transfer that call. I think it will be an immediate improvement in customer service. We see a pay back in the short term on our capital costs. It takes advantage of a fiber optics system we have already invested funds in and shows a very visible improvement in service to the customer.

Mayor Webster said you indicated we could expand this from 130-240 with no increase in line cost. So if we add a person we would only have to buy the equipment, not the line. I wholeheartedly endorse the proposal. It’s not often we bring something to you where we see a direct payback, but we see a payback within five years with this system. I think over the years you will see more positions added and more phones needed. I think we’ll get that money back well before sixty months and I don’t think you can put a price on the increased customer service that we can provide the community.

Mr. Osborn stated the Spirit systems we have in the Public Works Department and Fire Department are no longer manufactured. More and more we are encountering problems obtaining parts for repair and maintenance. I think in the short run we would probably be faced with replacing these systems within that five year period. I don’t think this is a throw away in getting rid of these systems that are no longer manufactured.

Mrs. McNear said it’s probably very necessary. There are a lot of sophisticated communications systems out there now. People have multiple lines in their homes and everyone is connected. When you get a call from a customer and say you can’t transfer the call, I think that’s very archaic.

Ms. Pollitt asked how old are the Spirit systems? What do we think the life expectancy of this new system is?

Mr. Osborn replied I think a basic conclusion we can reach is if it lasts five years, it has paid for itself because we will recover the cost in that period. I know when we were buying computer systems, we would say if we could get five years out of that cycle we’d be doing fairly good. Derrick has been here seven years and the systems were all in place prior to Derrick getting here.

Ms. Pollitt asked can we not automate the phones?

Mr. Osborn replied no, that is a policy we have had in place for many years. When someone calls the City, if it’s done during work hours, they talk to a person.

Mr. Galster asked we’re not doing the sixty-month lease, are we?

Mr. Osborn answered no, that was a lease option they gave us.

Will the computers we have at the Community Center have T-1 lines?

I’m not sure if we will do that or use Roadrunner. We have Roadrunner right now tied into the City server and this will be tied into the server. We were a pilot site for Roadrunner and they have been giving us free access. I recently received notice that the free service is going to end in two years.

Ordinance 68-2000 passed with five affirmative votes.



Hawkstone Associates doing business as 747 Amoco Truck Stop at 12089 Princeton Pike asked for a liquor license transfer to Dawson Oil at the same address. There were no objections.



Parks and Recreation - September 5

Board of Health - September 14



Ordinance 67-2000 second reading - September 6

Ordinance Authorizing Interchange Modification Study

By CDS for the I275/SR 4 Interchange - September 6

Ordinance for Bonds for Phase 1-Pictoria Island - September 6

Ordinance Authorizing the Rollover and Sale of a

One-Year Note for the Community Center Project - September 6


Resolution for the DARE grant - September 6

Possible ordinance to withdraw Charter items - September 6

Council adjourned at 8:26 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Edward F. Knox

Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Kathy McNear, President of Council



__________________________, 2000