President of Council Marjorie Harlow called Council to order on December 15, 2010 , at 7:00 p.m.

    The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance. Mrs. McNear gave the invocation.

    Mrs. McNear took roll call. Present were Council members Diehl, Galster, Hawkins, Squires, Vanover and Harlow. Mrs. Emerson was absent.

    The minutes of November 17, 2010 were approved with five affirmative votes. Mr. Vanover abstained. Mrs. McNear said the minutes are correct as published but where it said the bids for the SR 4 project expired October 21, they actually expired thirty days later on November 20, 2010.

    The minutes of December 1, 2010 were approved with six affirmative votes.


    Civil Service Commission - Mr. Potts said the Commission reviewed a request from the Police Chief to remove three names from the police officer’s eligibility list and approved it. We received an update on positions in the Fire Department and promotions in the Police Department and information regarding openings in the Public Works Department.

Rules and Laws         -    no report
Finance Committee        -    no report    
Planning Commission         -    no report
Board of Zoning Appeals        -    no report

Board of Health – Mr. Squires said the FSO/RFE/Vending fees for 2011 were approved. One school was inspected with only minor issues. Three hotel/motels had been inspected and only had minor issues. The 10th District Court of Appeals handed down a decision stating that Ohio’s Smoke-Free Workplace Law is constitutional. The nurse will be holding a workshop for people with type II diabetes beginning January 11, 2011 and running for six weeks.
O-K-I        -    no report
Mayor’s Report – Mayor Webster said SOS helped 48 families this holiday season with either food, gifts or gift cards. There were 22 donors or sponsors as well as $650 in donations. Thank you to everyone on the dais who made a donation. Some of the money was used for coats and gifts. If there is any left we will carry that over to be ready for next year. Twenty-two coats were donated or purchased by SOS. We delivered twenty-one Thanksgiving meals in conjunction with Calvary Pentecostal Church. Nine children participated in the Shop with a Cop program that was sponsored by Target and the Springdale Police Department. John Morrell Foods donated turkeys and numerous cases of hot dogs. Jose Galicia of La Plaza Tapatia helped tremendously with the Hispanic families on the list. He donated numerous food baskets and gift cards. Our canned good collections were down, probably because we didn’t have the Food for Fines program. We were able to help approximately twenty families with canned goods in addition to the ones Jose has helped. Unfortunately we do not have any left over to help the local food pantries. Mr. Diehl was out delivering presents today and the experiences you bring back from those makes it very worthwhile and you feel fortunate to be able to help those in need. To everybody who has had a part in this program especially Officer Bemmes who led the way.
Clerk of Council/Finance Director – Mrs. McNear said I just want to direct your attention to ordinances 42 and 43 which are on the agenda tonight.
Administrator’s Report - Mr. Parham said if you recall towards the end of 2009, we were under consideration for a grant for the Chamberlain Park Beaver Run stabilization project. At that time, we were on the outside of those projects chosen for stimulus funding. As a part of the 2010 Budget process, Council authorized and approved the engineering work for this project. We were notified earlier today that we were successful in receiving funding for the project. The document I just shared with you demonstrates the estimated cost for the project. We don’t know the exact cost until after it has been placed out to bid. However, the estimated cost for the project is $453,710. $403,760 is the estimated construction amount; $7,700 is the amount for construction engineering and $42,250 is the cost for the design engineering work. The grant that we are scheduled to receive from the OEPA Clean Water Fund is in the amount of $362,920. Since we have already engaged CDS to complete the design work, we can use that as in-kind services toward our contribution. So $42,250 will be part of the total calculation of the $90,790 due by the City. The $90,790 is broken down into design cost and construction engineering. Our final additional costs would amount to $40,840. Our expectation is by March 2011, the USEPA is expected to send the $362,920 to the OEPA. By May or June 2011, OEPA will contact the City for us to pass legislation to enter into a contract for this work. Again, our share in this $453,710 project is the $42,250 we will spend on design engineering as well as the yet to be billed $48,540. We have not included that number into the current budget but if you recall, there is a $25,000 plug number we put in every year in case the wall were to continue to fall. At that point, we would have to make some additional stop gap repairs. Even after we complete this project, there are still opportunities along the creek that there may be deterioration of the wall. We already have areas where some of the rocks have come out of the basket.

Mrs. Harlow stated that we would be looking to find $13,540 elsewhere in our budget that we have not identified for 2011.

Mr. Parham stated this Friday, December 17 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Springdale Towne Center, the Carol Cincinnati 2010 Christmas caroling event will take place. It is a program being sponsored by Busken Bakery, Radio Station 93.3, and the Christian Blue Pages. The owner of the Springdale Towne Center has been kind enough to give them access to that separate building on their property. As I understand it, this is the kick off of six different locations and once they conclude the caroling at that location they will go out into the neighborhood to continue caroling. They expect to have cookies and hot chocolate at the event.

Mr. Parham said I want to remind everyone that the Municipal offices will be closed Friday, December 24th for the Christmas holiday. However, the office will be open the entire week between December 27th and December 31st. We decided for the January 1st holiday which falls on Saturday, employees will take it as a floating holiday in 2011.

Mr. Thamann reported that we entered into an agreement with Rumpke for our trash and recycling collection. Part of our agreement, stated that Rumpke would send a flier to the residents regarding some of the services (Mr. Thamann passed around the proposed flier). A lot of it is just information on the current services Rumpke provides along with the terms and conditions. The front cover of the flier is really referenced to the new waste haul wheelers that they will be leasing or selling to residents, the 96 gallon container or the 65 gallon container. Residents should not see any change in services and also residents won’t be paying for this as it will come out of the City’s General Fund.

Mayor Webster said I just skimmed through this very quickly. I don’t see anything jumping out for the residents saying there will be no charge for standard pickup. You see the $1.50. Perhaps it should say if you continue with the same level of service there will be no charge. However, if you want to upgrade it will cost you $1.50.

Mr. Thamann stated this is a draft and we can add that.
Law Director’s Report         -     no report
Engineer’s Report – Mr. Shvegzda said the all bids were rejected for the SR 4 southbound lane addition at I-275. We have been successful in getting funding for the Beaver Run Creek riparian restoration project. We’re still expecting a response from FEMA on the flood insurance zone in late January. The Stage 3 plan submittal for the SR 747 and I-275 ramp modifications was completed yesterday. That is a project we hope to be successful with LTIP funding from OPWC.

Mr. Vanover asked do we know what the linear yardage is on the gabion cages in the creek?

    Mr. Shvegzda replied I do not have those numbers but we are actually removing those cages and re-grading and re-establishing what we have further upstream.

    Mr. Vanover responded maybe you can get those numbers for the future. Eventually it will have to be repaired and replaced.


    Mrs. McNear said she has a letter from Duke Energy for notification of an additional charge of $1.13 a month for residential customers for the accelerated main replacement program for gas distribution services.

    Mrs. McNear stated the second item is a letter from Time Warner Cable addressed to Mayor Webster regarding a rate increase. The equipment rate will change from $7.34 to 7.96 per month.



    Bradford Meacham, Keating Muething & Klekamp Law Firm said I am representing First Financial Bank and would like to speak a little more when that ordinance comes up.


    Mayor Webster swore in Elliot Cumbow.

    Chief Mike Laage said I’d like to say that Captain Hafer was unable to be here tonight to receive his resolution. However, the open house is still on for Friday afternoon. The Fire Department responded to his call the day after Thanksgiving and they did a good job of keeping the Captain going. They did an excellent job. I have a lot of respect for the firefighters and they do a very good job.

    Chief Laage stated Elliot Cumbow started April 1, 1991. He attended Morehead State College and received a bachelor’s degree. He completed his Police Academy training of thirteen weeks. He served as an investigator for six years. In the last few years Elliot has been very active in the field training program. I think incoming Chief Mathis and Captain Wells both value the leadership organization experience that Sergeant Cumbow will bring to the new administration. He is a proven leader. Congratulations from all of us at the PD.   



Mr. Squires made a motion to adopt and Mr. Hawkins seconded.

Mr. Hawkins stated there are gender changes, title changes from President Pro Tempore to Vice President, Clerk of Council/Finance Director, time of Council meeting, and a typo.

Ordinance 39-2010 passed with six affirmative votes.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded.

Ordinance 40-2010 passed with six affirmative votes.


Mr. Diehl made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded.

Ordinance 42-2010 passed with six affirmative votes.

Mr. Diehl made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded.

Ordinance 43-2010 passed with six affirmative votes.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Squires seconded.

Mr. Parham stated bids were opened December 2, 2010. There were six bidders in total. One bidder was eliminated because they did not provide the bid bond. Premier Mechanical currently provides the HVAC services for the Municipal Building, Community Center and Fire Department. Seimen’s is the controls provider for the Municipal Building, and Johnson Controls provides that service for the Fire Department and the Community Center. Both systems are proprietary systems. However, Feldkamp has solicited the services of Seimen’s to serve as their subcontractor. Right now if we have a problem, we will contact the HVAC contractor who may say the problem is with controls, and then the Controls contractor may say the problem is HVAC. Under this new program, Feldkamp will serve as the General and Seimen’s as their sub. Seimen’s apparently has someone on their staff with the ability to address the Johnson Control systems for the other two buildings. Mr. McErlane, Building Official, oversees this contract and will only have to deal with one contractor, Feldkamp. The contract is for two-years, with a third option year.

Ordinance 44-2010 passed with six affirmative votes.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Squires seconded.

Mr. Parham stated this is the legislation we discussed at the last meeting concerning the incentive agreement between the City and First Financial Bank. Council passed legislation in January of 2010 approving the incentive agreement. First Financial has made a request that the City consider shifting the years covered under the agreement from 2010 - 2019 to 2011 - 2020 in recognition that they have not yet fully relocated their workforce into the City. Mr. Parham also pointed out to Council there the final page of the exhibit has the correct numbers but the years are not correct. I guess, Mr. Schneider, we can treat this as a typographical error and adjust those years.

Mr. Schneider said yes.

Mr. Galster said the second Whereas should be forgivable rather than favorable.

Mr. Meacham said I‘d like to thank Springdale for working with First Financial Bank. The bank is looking forward to being an active employer.

Mr. Vanover asked do you have a timetable for the full roll out.

Mr. Meacham replied it’s going to start in the coming year. The company is also looking forward to actively recruiting. They may be able to exceed the numbers that were previously quoted. That will be a double positive for this community.

Ordinance 45-2010 passed with six affirmative votes.


Mr. Galster made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded.

Mayor Webster said when you make these appointments you hope everyone will do well. You never strike out because the person is going to show up and contribute so you know you’ll get a single. In this case, I hit a homerun with my choice. I think it’s a testament to his intellect, his leadership capabilities, perception. After only three years the Commission saw fit to elevate him to the chairmanship. He has done a remarkable job. I’m very happy for him and his family for the move but it’s Maineville’s gain and Springdale’s loss.

Mr. Vanover, Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Galster expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Butrum.

Resolution R17-2010 passed with six affirmative votes.


Mr. Galster made a motion to table and Mr. Vanover seconded. The motion passed with six affirmative votes.

Mayor Webster said I am nominating Marge Boice to fill Mr. Butrum’s term on Planning Commission. Mrs. Boice served twenty years on Council and was on just about every committee. She started her public service as an appointment to Planning Commission in 1971. She was elected to Council in 1973 and served eight more years as Council’s representative to Planning Commission.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Squires seconded.

Resolution R19-2010 passed with six affirmative votes.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Squires seconded.

Mr. Diehl asked has Administration come up with the guidelines yet.

Mr. Parham replied in 2009 Council approved a very similar program for ten days. In 2010 we had the cost containment days. The 2011 program is identical to the 2009 guidelines with a slight tweaking. The only major change is expanding the amount of time from ten days to fifteen days.

Mr. Galster stated over the last two weeks I’ve had numerous conversations with different non-union employees within the City. In a lot of cases the employees are wanting to take mandatory cost containment days. They understand the financial situation the City is in and believe that if we continue to use those, we would either postpone for a longer period of time, the reduction in workforce or possibly make that reduction a little bit less through the contributions of the cost containment days. I know this is dealing with the voluntary furlough days and I have no problem with that, but I also believe it’s in our best interest and if we asked the employees of the City if they would consider once again the cost containment days that were in effect last year, that you’d find an overwhelming amount of support for those. While I’ll be supporting this resolution I believe we need to look at other ways to control the cost of employee wages.

Mayor Webster said I appreciate your comments. I don’t know how many employees you’ve talked to. I would not accept the fact that the majority of people want to take a mandatory furlough. I think we balanced the budget last year on the backs of the non-union employees and I don’t think it’s fair that we continue to do that and that’s exactly why we did not recommend to Council that we continue with the mandatory furloughs. I appreciate the sacrifice that the people made and we are going to continue to give them that opportunity to sacrifice if they want to do it. So for all the ones you talked to, if they are all serious and they all want to continue to do it, then the vehicle is here for them to sign up to do that, but I don’t think it is right that we continue to mandate that the entire non-union portion of our workforce do that. Talks is cheap but when push comes to shove, let’s see how many people volunteer. Of all the people you talked to, let’s see how many of them sign up to do a voluntary work program. I’ll tell you how many. It will be the same amount of money that sat at this dais when we talked about salary increases for elected officials; we had all kinds of people who were going to donate their money back to the City. The last time I checked with the payroll clerk we got zero money donated back to the City and I guarantee you, let’s see how many of the people you talked to sign up for furloughs.

Mr. Galster responded part of the problem with the voluntary program is that you won’t get 100 percent participation and therefore, the impact is not that great. If, in fact, you only look at five percent that volunteer for voluntary furlough, it’s not going to have an impact. I think the bottom line is that the employees realize that the next step down the line is to actually lay people off in order to help the City in their attempt to continue to balance the budget. When you start putting ten to twenty employees in a room and ask are you willing to take a five percent wage cut or are you ready to have one of these employees leave this room to save the money, the majority are going to say they would take the pay cut in order to try to continue the employment of their fellow workers. That’s the sentiment I am finding. The employees are willing to take the deduct if it will put off or hopefully avoid the layoffs.

Mayor Webster said that could be true but if you talk to all these people, is it more than five percent that are going to do this. How many did you talk to?

Mr. Galster replied eight.

Mayor Webster said so you talked to eight people and all eight want to continue with the mandatory furlough. Why don’t you go talk to the unions? Why don’t you put a motion of Council that we start negotiating with the unions about cost reductions? That’s the highest paid people. Why do you want to balance the budget on the backs of the non-union people and not want to take on the uniformed labor unions?

Mr. Galster replied I understand and believe that at some point that’s going to need to be on the table. I’m not the one sitting in those negotiating sessions where I can raise that. Ultimately that is where we need to go or there will be deeper cuts.

Mayor Webster said my take on it is we do them all at the same time. We came up with this program a year ago and we thought it was a fair program. We could institute it with the non-union workforce. We thought the union folks would see the situation and go along with it. They chose not to do that. The fire union was up and they worked without an increase just like the rest of the force is going to do this year. Last year we had three levels. We had the police union that got a raise. The Fire Department got no raise and the non-union employees got a 3.8 percent reduction. What’s fair about that? So this year we said we are going to restore the 3.8 percent. The Police union is now without a contract so they will continue at the 2010 rate. The non-union are still at the 2009 rate and the Fire Department will be at the 2010 rate and you’re saying let’s take them back another 3.8 percent. I think it’s totally unfair.

Mr. Galster said there is an advantage to having a contract negotiated over a three year term. Three years ago the financial situation was not anywhere near what it is now. I would surely hope that in this contract negotiation phase that we are going through, the next three year contract would be more reflective to the economic times that exist today or started existing two years ago. While it’s not fair that someone is at the end of a contract and is still at the rate negotiated three years ago, that’s just the reality. It will continue to be tighter. There needs to be either reductions or layoffs. That is where we are headed and I don’t think there is any employee in the City that does not see that as what is coming next. I think the employees are saying that, give us the option to try to lessen the number of people that need to be laid off.

Mayor Webster said that is what Resolution R20 does. It gives the employee the option.

Mr. Galster said I’m in support of R20.

Mr. Parham said we are currently in ongoing labor negotiations with patrol officers as well as firefighters. In the last two weeks we have had fact finding hearings with both unions. I actually spent two whole days testifying at those hearings, painting the picture and sharing with the fact finders as well as employees where we are financially. You never know where you are going to come out. The fact finder looks at how the public safety departments compare with one another. What are the pay rates of a firefighter versus the rates of a police officer. In addition, they will compare them to other comparables, other communities that have very similar characteristics to what we have. They will compare those communities’ wages to our employee’s wages and if we find that we are lower than those departments, I guarantee you that even if we are facing the situation we are in, the fact finder will recommend a pay increase. We have received the results from one and that fact finder did not recommend a pay increase for the next year. At the same time, he then pointed out that because of the financial situation of the City it would not be logical to recommend a pay increase two more years out when no one knows what’s going to happen with the economy. We’re still waiting for the results of the second fact finding hearing. I have had probably two employees talk to me about the willingness to take additional mandatory days. I have stood in front of the employees two times and will do again shortly and explain our financial situation. Not everyone wants to experience the furloughs. They didn’t want to experience them last year. At the same time, the two I had discussions with said if you can guarantee you can save the jobs in our department we are willing to take them. I can’t make that guarantee. As I told you last year when we were talking about the police officers and firefighters as well, police officers wanted that guarantee. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the economy. We don’t know what’s going to happen with those GE jobs in particular. The vehicle we have before us gives every employee the opportunity to take advantage of the voluntary furlough program. I am going to take advantage of this and I have to believe a number of other employees will as well. In 2009 we had seventeen employees who took advantage of it for 660 hours at $20,000 savings. In 2010 we’ve only had three employees take advantage of it and we have one more day scheduled but in 2010 we had the other cost containment measures. In 2011, the unfortunate thing is I can’t force it on public safety. Outside of the directors and Administration sitting before you, they are the highest paid employees but we can’t force it on them unless we can win it in a bargaining process. When you sit across the table and try to force the furloughs, then you run the risk of losing something else such as a higher wage increase. What we have had to realize is that most fact finders are not going to do a pay deduct of the employees so we’ve had to come up with some other creative ways to help them participate in this process so that we don’t continue to hit the non-union employees.

Mr. Diehl said I also had some contact with City employees and they wanted to express the fact that they would be happy to do voluntary time off. I agree with the Mayor that whoever would like to, that’s fine. The financial picture of the City is not rosy but I strongly believe the cup is half full, not half empty.

Mrs. Harlow said I choose to believe it is that way also. And I do know that we are looking at ways of cutting hours in different departments if need be so I know there are steps we can take if necessary, even if they are small steps.

Mr. Vanover said we have found savings with the gas rate, Rumpke, etc. We are doing our best all across to lessen everything. I like to believe it is half full but you have to know there’s not a pitcher sitting there to refill it.

Mr. Galster stated I am optimistic too but the bottom line is that we are still spending more money than we are bringing in. That trend hasn’t stopped and we don’t know when the decline in revenues is going to happen. At this point it would be great to have it flat line and know we’re not continuing on a downward trend. I think the City has done a wonderful job of making sure that we cut everything out of the budget that we can cut as far as programs or negotiating contracts. None of these issues are fun issues to deal with when it comes to wages and cost containment measures but that’s the situation we’re in. Do we know what effect the cost containment days had on the budget?

Mr. Parham responded we estimated $167,000 of savings, $66,000 for director level and $100,000 for other employees. In the Police Department the supervisors work the same schedule as the road patrol so if you have a supervisor off on a furlough day, not all the time but you may have had to bring a supervisor in so we were trying to make sure that that didn’t happen because it defeats the purpose. However, there were a few times that it occurred.

Mayor Webster said Mr. Galster, we are spending more than we are taking in and you and I have had this conversation outside of Council. I can assure you that Mr. Parham and his directors are working very furiously looking at ways we can cut costs in every single area of this City. We all know that we can’t continue to spend more than we take in. We are very fortunate that we have had a good reserve to fall back on and we have pretty well used that reserve up or will have in the coming year. In 2012 if we have another mass exodus of jobs we are going to have to exercise some of the options department directors are working on as we speak. We know if things don’t turn around we will have to talk about drastic reductions in salaries. We can talk about furlough days, we can talk about whether they are voluntary or mandatory, they are $167,000. If worse comes to worse we could have a $2 million shortfall in 2012 and a mandatory five or ten days off for every employee is not going to balance the budget. It has to be a lot more drastic than that.

Mrs. Harlow said I think the department directors and Administration should be really proud of the budget they have brought forward. I’m glad we don’t have a street car or dog park or something silly we are trying to push through. I think our people did an excellent job on the budget and I think we will get through it as a City.

Mayor Webster said Mr. Parham and I have had this conversation and we are not going to conduct this entire process out of sight of Council. I think some of the discussions need to be kept between us at this time but I really want to come to Council some time early next year and ask for some input. I would like this in writing and I would like to see some thoughts on what you’d like to see us do. I don’t want to go through this process with every department and then have Council say, why don’t we do this. Get it to us in writing and we will look at it as we go through the process.

Mr. Hawkins said the primary message I am hearing from Mr. Galster I agree with in that we have to be proactive in dealing with these financial issues. Mr. Mayor, you just stated that in that you are addressing some things. It is disconcerting and alarming looking at the potential financial outlook. We do need to look at everything as proactively as we can, because retroactively it is not going to work. Council has done a great job dealing with the budget last year and this year, but that’s the message I hear from Mr. Galster. We want to make sure we are putting ourselves in the best position possible as we get down the road. I appreciate what you are saying that you and Mr. Parham are dealing with that we may not know but that makes me feel somewhat better about the outlook of things.

Mayor Webster responded I’m glad that’s what you are hearing coming from Mr. Galster because what I’m hearing coming from Mr. Galster is a criticism that we, the Administration, did not recommend to Council that we have a mandatory ten furlough days for the employees and I think that’s what you said, Mr. Galster. That’s what I heard and that’s what I object to. I am not going to be a part of trying to balance this budget on the backs of about one-third of our employees. That’s exactly what we did last year. Those people bore the brunt of it last year and the other people didn’t. I don’t think that’s right. And I hear Mr. Galster say we should continue to do that this year and I totally disagree with it.

Resolution R20-2010 passed with six affirmative votes.

Mrs. Harlow said we have a vacancy on Civil Service Commission. Mr. Schneider has a hand written resolution if Council would interested in accepting some nominations this evening.

Mr. Galster re-nominated Thomas Goins for that position.

    Mrs. Harlow asked for information on Mr. Goins.

Mr. Galster replied I had background information when I originally nominated him. I did not retain that information and I know he’s done a good job on Civil Service. I think continuity, given the times, is important.

Mr. Vanover nominated Kathy Neinaber, a thirty-two year resident. She has a bachelor’s degree in human resources from Xavier and five years recruiting experience with American Express. She donated time for the Job Club at the Rec Center.

A vote was taken and the results were 3-3.

A second vote was taken and the results were 3-3.

This will be addressed at the next Council meeting in January.


Mayor Webster asked for ordinances for his Board of Health appointments for Dr. Ketring and Rita Hart.


    Mrs. McNear stated there is a request for a new liquor license for ShowCase Cinemas. There were no objections.


    Board of Zoning Appeals                 -     Dec 21
    Planning Commission                     -     Jan 11
    Board of Health                         Jan 13                    


Resolution R18-2010                     -     Jan 5
Resolution R21-2010                     -     Jan 5
Board of Health appointments             -    Jan 5

Mayor Webster said Mr. Hormann and Mr. Apke will be reappointed by letter to the Housing, Building & Fire Appeals Board.

Mrs. Harlow reported that Ernest Jackson really enjoyed being on the Charter Revision Committee but he will not be seeking another appointment to that board so we need to fill that position.

Mrs. Harlow said Mr. Galster and Mr. Hawkins will be reappointed to the Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Dependents Board. Mr. Parham stated the Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief are appointed by virtue of their positions. Mr. Hawkins will contact Mr. Brennan.

Mrs. Harlow said Ed Knox had served on the Northern Cincinnati Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Northern Cincinnati Group. I’m not sure the Northern Cincinnati Convention Group still functions. We would need to bring someone forward to serve on the Northern Cincinnati Convention & Visitors Bureau. Mayor, did you say this is supposed to be an elected official?

Mayor Webster replied I think there is some confusion about that. I don’t think you have to go off when you’re no longer an elected official. This seat was given to the Hamilton County Municipal League and they make the appointment. They came to the City and said we need someone who’s not a registered Republican to serve because there are Republicans from other jurisdictions. Mr. Knox became an Independent so he can serve on here. If we want to tell Hamilton County Municipal League he is no longer an elected official and we want to replace him, we either give up that seat as a City or give them someone who is not a registered Republican to fill that seat or we can continue with Mr. Knox. He is interested in continuing. I’m not sure how this date got in here but he came and gave us a rundown a year or so ago and we arrived at that date. I think he has another year on that term. I talked to the president of the Hamilton County Municipal League and they are not anxious to get rid of Mr. Knox. As far as they are concerned everything is in line and he’s on there for another year.

Mrs. Harlow stated we’ll ask Mr. Knox to continue on.

Charter Revision                      -     Jan 5
Fire Fighters Dependents – Brennan             -    Jan 5

Council adjourned at 8:56 p.m.

                        Respectfully submitted,

                        Kathy McNear
                        Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:
Marjorie Harlow, President of Council

__________________________, 2010