President of Council Randy Danbury called Council to order on April 21, 1999, at 7:00 p.m.

The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance. Mr. Knox gave the invocation.

Mr. Knox took roll call. Present were Council members Galster, Manis, McNear, Pollitt, Vanover, Wilson and Danbury.

The minutes of April 7, 1999 were approved with 7 affirmative votes.


RULES AND LAWS - no report



PUBLIC WORKS Ė Mr. Vanover said the bid opening for the street program is scheduled for May 12 with construction scheduled for late May with completion by late September.


CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS - Ms. Manis stated a pre-construction meeting for Kemper Road, Phase II was held April 7. Construction will start around June 14 and should be completed by October 29. Construction has started at the Community Center.


PLANNING COMMISSION Ė Mr. Galster reported that they had final approval of the Tri-County Golf Center at 455 East Tri-County Parkway which was originally tabled from March. They promised to do the project as a complete project and not just a driving range. It was approved 6-0.

A public hearing was continued for a conditional use permit for a car wash at 1333 East Kemper Road. That was continued in progress until the May meeting as there was no representation. It is possible that they will withdraw that request.

A building addition at Recker and Boerger and proposed garage for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 169 Northland Boulevard was tabled 6-0.

A preliminary planned building expansion for the Sheakley Group at 100 Merchant Street was approved 6-0.

Quadrille Realty Services requested approval for a proposed monument sign to be located at Century Boulevard and Kemper Road. The monument sign on Kemper Road now that services MARS, Roberds and Dave & Busterís needs to be relocated. They proposed to put up a new off-site sign plus keep the old one but they have to get rid of the old one. We have given them some leeway in design and overall height for that sign because they need to work with Target on the arrangement of the sign because it is on their property. We anticipate that they will come back next month with the exact look and location of that sign but it was approved 6-0.

Wal-Mart, 600 Kemper Common Circles, requested approval for display of bicycles and swing sets in the front of their building. That was denied 6-0.

Mr. Galster said Jim Young has turned in his letter of resignation. He is leaving the community so weíll need a resolution for his time served on Planning and BZA.

BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS Ė Mrs. McNear said they started their meeting with four members. Ronald Walters, 11827 Fairsprings Court requested a variance to allow a shed to be 4í6" from the fence line on the north and 3í8" on the west side. The property has a lot of screening and we asked for more screening. This was approved with 4 votes and one abstention. The fifth member arrived by the time of the vote.

Vineyard Community Church, 11340 Century Circle East requested a variance to allow a storage barn thirty feet from the rear property line. According to the code it need to be 35 feet. Itís actually more like a garage and was constructed without a permit. It was approved 3-2 as a temporary building. They must come in for a permit approved by the Planning Commission before they do any more building on that site.

Maple Knoll Village, 11100 Springfield Pike, requested a variance to allow the placement of a 54 square foot sign ten feet behind the right-of-way. That was approved 4-0. Mr. Wilson did not participate for personal reasons.

Tri-County Golf Center, 455 E. Tri-County Parkway, requested a variance to allow the placement of a dumpster and sand storage encloser in the front yard of the site. This was approved 5-0.

Mayor Webster asked if BZA could grant a variance with 3 votes. Mrs. McNear replied it has to be a majority vote.

BOARD OF HEALTH Ė Ms. Pollitt reported that they had a presentation on the Best Western mold abatement process.

Ms. Manis asked if we monitor the air quality in our other hotels because she heard that this is a common problem in hotels.

Ms. Pollitt replied no, we donít monitor them. She said they are seeing it more and more of it, especially in the southern states, but we are not monitoring them and probably would not unless we had a problem brought to our attention. We are going to continue to monitor Best Western because of the severity of the situation. The Building Department and Board of Health have done an excellent job on a sticky situation.

Mr. Danbury stated that the Best Western had offered rooms to victims of the tornado. That was a nice gesture.

CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION Ė Mr. Coleman reported that the Civil Service Commission is going to administer the test for the recruitment of a violations bureau clerk. The test date is Thursday, May 20, 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of Springdale Elementary School. This is a shift work position at the Police Department. Applications will be taken April 26 through May 14.

O-K-I - no report

MAYORíS REPORT Ė Mayor Webster read a letter from Larry Bergman of the Bergman Group. "I want to thank the City of Springdale for the services provided to my family last weekend. On April 3, 1999, my wife had driven to the Springdale Cinemas just off of Route 4. She had parked the car and was preparing to leave the car when it started to rain very hard. Because of the downpour, my wife decided to park closer to the cinemaplex. Our youngest daughter and her friend were in the car at the time. While driving closer to the building, the car hit the concrete base of a light pole in the parking lot. The accident happened late in the afternoon. Although it was daylight, the skies were dark from the cloud cover, visibility was even poorer because of the heavy rainfall and the parking lot lights were not on.

Officer Kohorst from your department responded immediately to my wifeís 911 call; I understand that the police officer was at the scene within a minute of the call. My daughter was injured at the time. Mark Pelfrey, a medic with your fire department and Danny James, the driver of the ambulance responded and administered care to my daughter. My daughter was brought to Childrens Hospital and checked for a head injury; fortunately she is fine.

Your fire department and police department exemplifies the quality of services found in the City of Springdale, which is first class. Again, thank you."

Mayor Webster said Mr. Bergman also wrote a letter to Chief Laage thanking him for the quick response. There is one thing in the letter that I would like to share with Council: "Unlike the Showcase Cinema at Kings Island, the concrete posts at the Springdale Cinema are not coated with reflective paint. It is quite possible the same type of accident could happen to others because the light posts in this lot are not highly visible under certain conditions." I donít know if there is anything in our ordinances and codes that requires those poles to be painted with reflective paint but itís something we might want to think about.

Mr. Dave Norton, Manufacturing Manager of International Paper wrote a letter to Chief Posega. "Each year International Paper grants contributions to local civic organizations. It is my pleasure on behalf of International Paper Folding Carton Division Ė Springdale to send you the enclosed check in the amount of $300.00. Please send acknowledgment of contribution so we may share with our employees. Best wishes for your continued success."

Mayor Webster read a proclamation naming Springdale a Tree City USA. He said I would like to invite all of Council and anyone out there to join us at the Community Center next Friday, April 30 at 4 p.m. for our annual planting of another tree.

Mayor Webster said itís been brought to our attention that when we last drew the Councilmatic district lines, we drew a district line immediately behind the existing Maple Knoll development. They have since expanded that development on the other side of the district line. Therefore, 115 registered voters are adversely affected by this and can no longer vote at Maple Knoll. They have to vote in Precinct I at the Community Center. Itís an unfortunate chain of events that caused this but weíre going to ask the Board of Elections to create a separate precinct for those people. They will still be in District 4 but they could create a precinct and have them vote at Maple Knoll. The first lady who called me said she called the Board of Elections who told her it was because Council had redrawn the district lines. That was not true. Itís because Maple Knoll expanded outside the Councilmatic district and you canít have a precinct straddle districts.

Ms. Manis asked is this going to be a major thing for the Board of Elections to do?

Mr. Schneider responded have talked with them as recently as today. We have the right within our Charter to modify lines of districts as long as itís done by May of a councilmatic election year. The alternative which would accomplish the same goal, might be within the confines of our Charter to include the 115 in the present precinct at Maple Knoll.

Mayor Webster said but the City has nothing to do with precinct lines. All we can do is define the four councilmatic districts.

Mr. Schneider responded with those in the district it falls within the 15%. If it actually kicked over into the other district weíd be about seven voters over which would mandate us redistricting.

Mayor Webster said but weíre totally at the mercy of the Board of Elections to create a separate precinct. The only thing we can do is redraw the district lines when the time comes. We should have the Charter Revision Commission look at the Charter. You canít even touch it unless itís 15% or more and you have to do it if itís more than 25%, but it ties your hands and you canít do it except the years when thereís a district councilmatic race.

Mr. Osborn said since construction at the Community Center will be in full swing next November we requested that the Board of Elections come out and visit this facility to determine if it would be appropriate for the site of the five precincts that currently vote at the Community Center. Mr. Newbill with the Board of Elections felt that the facility could accommodate the five precincts. While I have received a letter from him verifying that the facility is appropriate, we still havenít done the paperwork where we contract to be the host of the precincts.

CLERK OF COUNCIL/FINANCE DIRECTORíS REPORT Ė Mr. Knox gave his quarterly report on the state of the Cityís finances. I took the funds on hand, took two months operating expenses out of it, reduced it by $1 million minus the encumbrances. Iíve taken the information from the Community Center expansion out of this. The bottom line is at this time the City has $1,571,000 which would be free to be used to pay off whatever debt. That is an increase of $436,000 since the last quarter, but remember, when Mr. Vanoverís group gets into the streets more money will start moving out.

The Community Center expenses end up at $7.5 million. Weíre going to have $250,000 worth of equipment and furniture to go in there so the final figure is $7.75 million of which you will be happy to know we have already paid almost $1 million. If you add in the $1.5 million we have on hand, that leaves $5.25 million. Thatís very close to the $4.5 million note that was put in the budget this year. Things are going smoothly but I wouldnít go wild at this time.

ADMINISTRATORíS REPORT - Mr. Osborn said Monday morning Anne McBride, our City Planner, advised me that she is breaking away from Pflum Klausmeier and Gerhum, where she was a partner, to form her own company, McBride Dale Clarion Planners. Greg Dale, another partner is also leaving the firm. This was an amiable split. I did contact Jack Pflum because our current contract, although it specifies that Anne McBride is the individual to be appointed, technically is with Pflum Klausmeier. Consistent with the gentleman that he is, he recognized that our reason for being under contract to his firm was to be able to have the services of Ms. McBride. Given the fact that we would like to continue to use her as City Planner we agreed that we would cancel the current contract. I will be sending Mr. Pflum a letter to that effect. At our next meeting Iíll be bringing in legislation with your consent, that would allow us to enter into an agreement with Ms. McBride and her new company. I would like to say that I appreciate Mr. Pflumís cooperation in this matter. Jack has always been what I consider to be one of the best professionals in this area. You can see that professionalism also carries over to his business practices.

A bid opening for the bucket truck body and assembly for a vehicle in the Public Works Department was held on April 16. Earlier this year we purchased a chassis under the state purchase program for $25,365. We received only one bid for $34,841 for the bucket truck, adding $1,500 for light bars and other things we need to add on to the vehicle as well. The total cost for the vehicle assembled will be $61,706. That compares to $75,797 which we budgeted. We request Councilís consideration of legislation at your next meeting awarding a contract for the truck body and assembly to Utility Truck Equipment, Inc.

Mr. Osborn continued I would like to bring Council up to date on the activities the City departments have participated in as part of the effort to assist Montgomery and Blue Ash. Accolades belong to the people in Montgomery and Blue Ash from their Administratorsí and Managersí offices through their Public Safety Departments and Public Works and Building Departments, etc. Iíve had an opportunity to see this fairly close up and told them if we were ever faced with a similar experience, if we could measure up to standards they have set, I would be very happy. We had 332 hours of time into the area. The Police Department was there on the 9th , 10th , 11th, 12th and 17th of April for about 140 hours. The Fire Department was there on the 9th and 10th. On the 9th they went on an immediate response with two paramedic units into the Cornell Road area. On the 10th they sent an engine and four personnel over to help in the salvage operations. The Public Works Department had two to four vehicles over there on the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and the 19th. They spent about 160 hours helping clear debris from the streets and property. I would like to thank our personnel for the fine response and enthusiasm that they demonstrated in coming to the aid of their fellow public officials in other communities. I have talked with a number of our people and they were all certainly touched by what they saw over there and the tragedy that has befallen that community. If anything can be said for an event like this it is heartening to see the kind of responses that did occur. I want to read to you a comment that Chief Laage added to his information he provided me. "A disaster such as this one that occurred on April 9, although tragic can be a benefit to prepare for future emergencies. I believe the cooperation that was shown and practiced by all the different communities in the Greater Cincinnati area assures our community that when assistance is needed, we will not stand alone. Help will be present if we call. The Police Department sincerely appreciates the support of our City leaders in allowing us to offer our help to those in need during the past disaster."

The last item I have deals with something related. On May 4, in the primary, there will be an issue before the electorate which will provide for an improved communications system for the police and fire services in Hamilton County. This is not a new issue to this county. The particular millage involved with this effort is a 1.06 mil, four year levy. It is for capital costs only. After the four year period it is anticipated that it will have completely funded the reconstruction of the system. It does not include any operating costs, maintenance costs, or financing costs. The overall cost for the new system is projected to be $67.7 million. Of that, $6 million will be paid directly from the Countyís general fund and $61.7 million will come from the levy. This is a situation that cannot go unaddressed any longer. We have police officers and more particularly, firefighters, who are working with 1950 era equipment. A good friend of mine, Bruce Smith, is the fire chief in Colerain and was working in one of the command control centers. He told me that even from where he was standing at the command post you could see units of different agencies going over the same ground multiple times but he couldnít communicate with them. In the field police officers cannot talk to firefighters even within the same communities. Fire Departments cannot talk to one another. Itís a horrible situation. While everybody did an excellent job there, they are to be further commended for the fact that they were working with such limited communications resources. I know the Police Chief and Fire Chief join me in asking Councilís support for the levy on May 4 and I certainly invite the public to join us in assisting the communications needs of this community because it clearly is something that will not improve unless we stand up and address it head on.

Ms. Pollitt asked, in light of the Montgomery/Blue Ash situation, do we have an outline or format for City administration if something like that were to happen in our area? I heard that the City of Montgomery had set up check points for volunteers and contractors.

Mr. Osborn replied we have a disaster plan that both Chief Posega and I are not satisfied with in its current format. We had a disaster plan up to the early 90s. The state developed certain regulations that required that there be uniform disaster plans throughout the state. Each county had to submit certification that all of the disaster plans in their county met state specifications. We developed a plan to meet those requirements but were not satisfied with it. I would hope that within the next sixty days we will be coming out with a new version. Another thing you really canít appreciate until you see it is when you have thousands of trees down where do you put them? You canít run them through a chipper. They use tub grinders. These have to be contracted for under split second timing. You canít wait until the next Council meeting to make a decision about doing that. There are provisions in our plan for emergency purchasing under our Charter. The provision is, once an emergency is declared by the Mayor, we then can approach Council for a vote to waive competitive bidding and prior authorization by Council on purchases. In the event that we cannot assemble a Council because of the nature of the disaster, informal approval can be attained by the signature of five members of Council.

Mrs. McNear said since the tornado there has been a lot in the news about the new communications system and the early warning system. Were the sirens in Springdale activated that morning?

Mr. Osborn replied we have had reports that the siren on the fire station did not work. We spent $15,000 last year upgrading our siren system to a new radio controlled system as opposed to a land line. The radio system not only turns them on, it gets a signal to verify that the siren is activated. Unfortunately, the Civil Defense Headquarters thinks that siren did work and it did work on the previous test.

Mr. Danbury said looking at the Charter, we do not have a contingency plan set up. Once we do come up with one, our Charter states that we have to have 12 hours of written notice and notify each Council member and still have a quorum of four. In the event we donít have that, Section 2 in Procedures says "Council may by ordinance adopt rules for its own proceedings where procedures are not otherwise provided by this Charter and may from time to time amend or revise such rules." Is there a way in special emergencies that we could dispense with the twelve hours written notice and we could get four Council people there, we could authorize the issuance of public funds by whatever means are necessary?

Mr. Schneider said there is another section that provides for emergencies that allows us to get action just with a signature without any meeting or notice of any kind but it may not be enough. The Administration is suggesting that we have to have some trust in the Administration that they are going to meet the emergency and we have the authority to do it. My position is that we need to modify the Charter to do that. We canít just ignore the Charter.

Mr. Danbury asked, if we find the procedures Mr. Osborn and the various department heads are going to come with, could we pre-approve the expenditure of certain amounts at the discretion of the Mayor?

Mr. Schneider replied thatís a possibility we should look at. We might want to consider that while we are making Charter changes.

Mayor Webster said I just recently received something from the Municipal League indicating that the amount that we have to go out to bids for has been raised to $15,000. We can handle by purchase order anything up to $15,000 and I can assure you that we wouldnít let that limitation stand in the way of doing what is necessary in an emergency.

Mr. Parham said we have a health insurance program that is self funded in which we contract with a third party administrator to administer our claims for the health insurance program for the employees. The second part of that is the reinsurance market. Typically the contract year for our health insurance program is May 1 until the following April 30. I will be requesting legislation at the next Council meeting and will be providing you with a report before that meeting outlining our costs. I know there will be increases on both the third partyís administratorís rates as well as increases to the reinsurance rates. I will also outline what our costs have been for the past twelve months.

Ms. Manis asked is the increase just a cost of living increase or is it because of our usage?

Mr. Parham replied we have been with UMR as the third party administrator since 1994. They have only come to us one time for an increase. When you start with a new company and they have no history of your claims experience, they will then estimate what the market is providing. They came in low and came back a year later for an increase of $2 to their rates. That is based on the number of claims per employee per year. When we first started they estimated around twelve claims per employee per year. Then they found that we were at twenty-one. Now weíre at 22, 23, or 24 so theyíve asked for an increase based on that. For the reinsurance one year we had a horrible experience. We had a number of employees exceeding our limit of $25,000 and at the same time we exceeded the aggregate attachment point. There have been other years that we have not come close. This year we have not come close to the attachment point; however, over the years the reinsurance market has been taking a hit. We currently have two individuals covered under the plan who have ongoing illnesses that are major claims.

Mr. Parham reported that construction has begun at the Community Center. Along with the five prime contractors and subs, the architects, engineers, staff, and I have progress meetings to find out where we are, any concerns, etc. We held the first meeting this past Tuesday and I have tried to give you some brief information. This past Monday the general contractor which is Mardis and Meehan Construction, Inc. began their site clearing on the original parking lot and the area south heading towards the amphitheater. You will no longer have access to the front entrance. There will be a new temporary entrance to the center and the intent is to have that functional by April 26. They are to begin constructing a fence around the construction area. Parking will be in the new constructed parking areas. We are in the process of putting up directional signs.

Ms. Pollitt asked if the concerts in the park would still be held this summer and Mr. Parham replied that they would. There was discussion about the sidewalk by the amphitheater being torn up.

Mr. Osborn said they had to take that sidewalk up because it is integral to the underground electric for the site. The idea was to get that underground work done and get a concrete pad down in there.

Mr. Vanover asked if we have notified the other communities involved with our sports programs? Mr. Parham said I would like to say that we have but I will make sure.

Mr. Danbury suggested a handicap zone on Lawnview Avenue.

Mr. Osborn said it is our intention to offer the senior citizens the opportunity to meet in the Municipal Building during construction.

Ms. Pollitt said I was at the Community Center last night and the police and and life squad came in on a run. There was a lot of confusion as I think there naturally would be given the physical condition of the area. Is there is a plan to allow emergency access to the concession stand or fields a little quicker than they did last night?

Mr. Osborn replied their typical point of access is to go around the perimeter unless they are going to the concession stand. The access to the majority of playing fields will not be affected by this project.

LAW DIRECTORíS REPORT Ė Mr. Schneider stated I will respond to the inquiry regarding supermajority. We do require supermajority on Planning Commission on all final action. For the Board of Zoning Appeals it is merely a majority of quorum present voting.

ENGINEERíS REPORT Ė Mr. Shvegzda said earlier in the year there was a resident from Chesterdale Road who appeared before Council expressing concerns about traffic. Mr. Shuler had sent out a letter last week going over some of these issues. There were three points. Speed bumps and rumble strips are not a viable option in that area due to the amount of traffic. The rumble strips would cause too much noise and the speed bumps are not utilized because that is a main access way for emergency vehicles. It was suggested to make the stop signs at Castro/Chesterdale intersection more visible. Sharonville is going to do some prohibition of parking. The third suggestion was to make the school zone warning beacon more visible and several options are being discussed.

Mr. Vanover said Mr. Weaver is the resident from Chesterdale and he is very happy with the response he has gotten from Springdale.

Mrs. McNear asked when Kemper Road would be reopened and Mr. Shvegzda replied they have had some delays and we are anticipating the end of the month.

Ms. Pollitt said I have had about five phone calls about the increased traffic through the Terrace and people running stop signs and not obeying the speed limit. Could you give the police a heads up on that?


Letter from Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce "Thank you for renewing your membership in the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. Your continued support of our efforts to enhance the economic vitality and quality of life in the region is greatly appreciated. Your investment enables us to provide high quality events, programs and services to our members. Again, thank you for your investment. John Barrett, 1999 Chamber Chairman and John Williams, President of the Chamber"



Mrs. McNear made a motion to adopt and Ms. Pollitt seconded.

Mr. Osborn said a substitute Exhibit A was passed out. The original Exhibit A listed only the position that was being added. The amended Exhibit A includes that position with the others existing on Exhibit A from Ordinance 70-1998.

Ordinance 20-1999 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Ms. Pollitt seconded.

Mr. Parham said the exhibit attached outlines the changes that are to be incorporated into Section 32. Mr. Parham said as part of the bargaining process the patrol officers have the option to be a part of the bargaining unit or not. A few have decided not be part of the bargaining unit. In an effort to not discourage that decision making we would like those individuals to enjoy whatever is agreed upon as part of the bargaining process. The police officers donít always get to take Christmas day off. In an effort to give them an opportunity to enjoy off time with their families we have agreed to allow that date to be a floating date for them.

Mr. Galster said Section 32.05(A)(2) needs clarification. Mr. Osborn responded that there was an attempt to extract the language directly out of the contract and it doesnít work here. We need to add a few words in front of "full time sworn police officer". We will amend that to read better.

Ms. Pollitt said if an employee has damage to eye glasses the City is going to reimburse up to $100. Next contract I would urge that you increase that. Eye glasses cannot be replaced for $100.


Mr. Galster made a motion to adopt and Mrs. McNear seconded.

Ordinance 22-1999 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mr. Knox said it was my pleasure last week to attend the Ohio Municipal Clerks Association Convention held in Sharonville. One thing Iíll never forget from that convention was the fact that the people who formed the City of Springdale and the people who have carried it forward to where itís at and the present Mayor, Council and Administration are far and away above an awful lot of cities in this state. I heard many horror stories about what goes on in other cities. Iím very pleased to be serving along with you.


Mrs. McNear asked Mr. Knox to explain about having a copy of your federal taxes included with your Springdale taxes when you submit them.

Mr. Knox replied we are not trying to spy on anyone when we do that. The federal tax return contains information that is not contained, in some cases, on W-2s. It makes it easier for us to run the office.



ICRC April 22

Mayorís Night In April 28, 6 Ė 8 p.m.

Board of Health May 13




Contract with Anne McBride

Truck body and assembly

Self insurance

Third party administration of insurance

Mr. Galster made a motion for Council to go into executive session as a committee of the whole to discuss possible litigation and real estate acquisition. Mr. Wilson seconded. The motion passed with 7 affirmative votes.

Council went into executive session at 8:53 p.m.

Council reconvened at 9:09 p.m.

Council adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Edward F. Knox

Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Randy Danbury, President of Council



__________________________, 1999