Council was called to order on August 6, 1997 at 7:05 p.m. by President of Council Randy Danbury.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the governmental body and those in attendance.

Roll call was taken by Mr. Knox. Present were Council members Boice, Galster, Manis, McNear, Vanover, Wilson and Danbury.

The minutes of July 16, 1997 were approved with 7 affirmative votes.


Dear Madam or Sir: Thanks for the second place Springdale Landscape Award. It meant a lot to my family. We're very happy and appreciative. Mr. and Mrs. Tim Smith of Glenview



Mrs. Boice made a motion to adopt and Mr. Wilson seconded.

Mrs. Boice said when I heard about this and read the articles in the paper today, it was a little reminiscent of Bob's service on Board of Zoning Appeals. When he saw a problem he certainly never sat back. He was right out there in the front asking why, how and how are you going to do this. What he has done here is a bit like that, reacting very quickly. I think it was wonderful. Congratulations, Bob. I'm sure that family is very happy you decided they were not cooking on the grill and that something else was going on.

Mayor Webster said I would like to extend my personal thanks and congratulations to Mr. Seaman. I had the pleasure of grilling over a very hot grill on the hottest day of the year with Mr. Singer about a week after Bob's encounter. He was, needless to say, extremely grateful for your heroic measures. We did away with volunteer firemen in the City a number of years ago but I think we are going to reinstitute that on an honorary basis. I think that deeds such as Bob's here call for measures out of the ordinary.

Mr. Danbury said I am proud of the actions of Bob. I've known Bob for a number of years and I know he has an aw, shucks type of attitude towards this but I think, Bob, what you did was very brave. I commend people like yourself who do get involved and try to help out citizens like you did. We don't know if you saved lives or not but it was a possibility. I want to thank you.

Resolution R16-1997 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mrs. McNear made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded.

Ms. Manis said we thanked them before several meetings ago but I'd like to say it's a very nice gesture and I'm sure they would do it again. I'm sure they will do it again in different circumstances. They always do seem to step up and help out when needed.

Mayor Webster said I would also like to offer my congratulations. Speaking of these three service organizations I would hope that all of you have had the opportunity to see the new City service board sign that went up at the end of I-275 and Rt. 4. That has been in the planning stages for a year and a half, and it's by coincidence that it came to fruition just this last week as we were honoring these three organizations. There is room for nine service organizations so if there are any other groups that would like to be recognized there is plenty of room on the sign board for them. I'd just like to say I took it upon myself to contact these three organizations and there was never any hesitancy at all for these three groups to step forward and say yes, we'll do it. I think it speaks highly for the types of service organizations that this community has and it certainly speaks well to the members. When we say "making Springdale a better place to live" I think there are no better words to express our gratitude than those. Thank you very much, all three of you.

Mrs. Boice stated so often with any of these type of organizations, they do so much throughout the year that we are not even aware of. I think it is wonderful that they Mayor did contact them and this is something we are totally aware of. I think it is wonderful that when they do something we become aware of, that they do have this type of recognition. They are long standing organizations throughout the entire United States and do wonderful work. I think it's so wonderful that Springdale obviously shared in part of that work and I sincerely thank all of them.

Mayor Webster said I can't let this opportunity pass. We have a lot of people in the audience and for those who are old enough to belong to service organizations, I'm sure all three organizations would welcome new members with open arms. Just see the appropriate people at the end of the meeting.

Mr. Danbury said I would like to thank each of the organizations and remind people that they are there to support us and there are times when they need our support. If they are ever in a situation where they are in a fund raiser I would urge everybody to help them out because definitely you are helping yourself out.

Resolution R17-1997 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mr. Wilson made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded.

Mr. Vanover said this whole cross section of resolutions is a good example of what is right with the City of Springdale. We've got service groups that step out and take the lead in time of need; citizens who jump in and react to situations that sometimes we would drive by and not get involved with; and young people whose time is coming. It makes you proud to sit up here and look out. There is a lot wrong with our society today but we have a whole lot right right here in front of us.

Resolution R18-1997 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded.

Ms. Manis said this can apply to all the teams. I thank all the girls. I know we've seen this group of girls along with the girls' softball team in here before. They are all about the same age. We are expecting big things from them. They have been in here several times for first place in different sports. I'd also like to thank the coaches. Mrs. Boice always thanks the parents for their dedication to the sporting events, getting the kids to the practices and games. We all know the coach is there a lot more times than the parents are there ever and it takes a lot of dedication from them. You always see the same people coaching the teams, year after year. I'd like to thank them because without them we wouldn't have the teams.

Mr. Danbury said I think we need to congratulate the boys as well. It's great that we have some winners out there, both male and female.

Resolution R13-1997 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mrs. McNear made a motion to adopt and Mrs. Boice seconded.

Mr. Galster said as Ms. Manis mentioned my daughter and her daughter seemed to have been involved in the same teams for the last couple of years and there not only is good athleticism there but there is good sportsmanship as well. Looking back on this particular season, I think our first game after the third inning we were down 10-0. Everybody was really depressed but we stuck in there and pulled it out in the end. We kept an undefeated season going until the second to last game of the year. We probably had four extra inning games. It was exciting to watch. I congratulate the players, coaches, parents and also the sponsors, Tim and Donna Raishart from Dairy Queen. I know the kids have enjoyed a few after game extra treats over there.

Resolution R14-1997 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mr. Wilson made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded.

Mr. Vanover said I take great pride in our coaches and our kids. In this case I have a tie with one of the coaches and a couple of the parents because we go back a long way. We graduated school together. It's a lot of fun to see the next generation and seeing people coming in and getting involved and making Springdale the special place it really is.

Mayor Webster said I don't know what more I can say other than what Mr. Vanover and the other Council people have said but my comments certainly apply to all three teams. We are extremely proud of our youth. We've always had some great sporting teams in the City. We've always competed very well with our surrounding communities and even though I'm not as close to it as I used to be I hear we're still very competitive with those other communities and this government is going to do everything it can to continue to make sure you have the facilities and the wherewithal to continue to compete. Our kids have always gone on to the junior school and high school and represented Springdale well. We've always been proud of them at that level also. I'm sure the last thing on a lot of your minds right now is going to junior school and high school but before you know it you'll be over there wearing the Princeton colors and competing. We'll be rooting just as hard for you and will be very proud of you just as we are tonight. Thanks to the coaches and parents for your participation also.

Resolution R15-1997 passed with 7 affirmative votes.

Mr. Galster said I just wanted to thank a couple of sponsors. Dairy Queen sponsored the one softball team. The Lions had the Red Hots soccer team. I know I probably should bring this up under New Business but since we're on the sports and sponsorships I want to take a minute to acknowledge those corporate citizens who have come forward to sponsor in the fall. They include Hooters, Perkins Family Restaurant, Brooks and Sons Automotive, Shipps Yamaha, BP Station at Glensprings and Rt. 4, Dave and Busters, Roberds Grand, Ruby Tuesday, Sweeney Chevrolet, Springdale Cleaners, Dairy Queen, Gold Star Chili, Remington's, Gary Howard with State Farm, Snappy Tomato. The Lions Club has two teams and GTE. If anyone else is interested in participating in our youth program it's a good opportunity to get your name out. We have a real good turn out at pretty much all of our sporting events. We go to Sharonville, Evendale, etc. and we fill the stands. If you are interested give me or Mrs. Burt a call. We would appreciate it.

Public Hearing


John Kingston, architect for Sam Patel and the project said I have a drawing of the area. It is a 47 room motel. It meets all the requirements of the zoning. We think it would be an asset to this area and we recommend that you support it.

Mrs. Boice said you have 47 rooms and 53 parking places. We assume anyone coming in will only have one car but if they are staying over and having guests dropping in and with employees the parking does not seem adequate. Can somebody elaborate on that? I would assume you will have as a minimum a desk clerk, cleaning people, security, at least five employees on site.

Mr. Patel said most of the employees are in the daytime after 9:00. Most of the guests have checked out by 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. In the evening we have maybe one desk clerk and one night manager at a time.

Mrs. Boice responded surely you have a maintenance man on site 24 hours. When I travel and I've got a motel room, I don't want to wait very long for it to be fixed.

Mr. Patel replied he is on call. He is there during the day and on call at night. He's about 5-10 miles away.

Mr. Galster stated Planning Commission looked at parking pretty hard. We didn't want to end up with not enough parking. We didn't want to end up with too much parking. Based on hotel use and what we anticipate with employee requirements and the change over of rooms, we thought the parking was adequate. Other things we looked at were the Corridor Study to make sure it was in compliance with that; we made sure it was in compliance with the existing covenants of the PUD which it is. As far as the height of the building that was originally a major concern. We started out as a three story building and we are down to two stories. Based on the land to room ratio, that is the one exception where they don't fit and would need a variance to what we require there. According to the amount of space they have, 42 units is the most they can put in there; and they are proposing a 47 unit building. But as far as land use for parking, the building, percentage of landscaping, all of those things are within the Corridor and PUD standards we have established for that area.

Mayor Webster asked what elevation would I see if I am on Rt. 4 looking at your building? Does it look like the side of a building?

Mr. Galster said you would see a side view. It will be situated on the land the way Pizza Hut presently is, going back into the property. In our covenants we say it has to be 250 feet long for a hotel. They are flipping it the other way here. Mr. Galster said the middle part that sticks out is a canopy.

Mr. Wilson asked what is your projected normal occupancy percentage?

Mr. Patel replied the year round average is around 70%. If we have a business clientele the weekdays will be busier than the weekend. In the summertime the weekends will be busier than the weekdays.

Mr. Knox asked if there is any restriction on the size of vehicles that can enter the parking lot?

Mr. Patel replied it will strictly be cars. Semis will not fit through the canopy. We will have signs stating that.

Mrs. Boice said when you are talking about the canopy and the vehicles that could not go through there. Would there be room for them to go outside it? Sometimes campers get tired of the camper and want to check into a motel for an evening. If you were to have an RV come in, would you not allow it to stay at your hotel.

Mr. Patel replied I would not say they couldn't stay but tell them to see if they could park it somewhere else. I don't have the parking facilities for that.

Mr. Danbury asked if this would be part of a chain. Is it structured and will your marketing go after business travelers or families?

Mr. Patel replied it will be a chain. I am trying for three different chains, Comfort Inn, Best Western and Days Inn. We will try to get mostly business travelers. In the summer time we will get families.

Mr. Danbury said I don't have an objection to that unit going in but it doesn't seem like there is adequate parking. Mrs. Boice brought up a good point. There might be a situation where there may be two cars. I think it will be sporadic but it may happen. Is there any place to put additional parking?

Mr. Kingston said hotels/motels are not normally 100% occupied. The parking is adequate and follows the requirements.

Mr. Danbury said I understand that and with all due respect, I don't mean to insult you, but if you don't anticipate getting full occupancy, why spend the money to build that many rooms? You could scale it down to build something smaller where you will have full occupancy and then we wouldn't be running into the situation of possible overcrowding in the parking lot. Obviously you are building this many rooms as you anticipate that there will be times when you have full occupancy.

Mr. Patel said when we have more numbers of rooms the chances of having a better occupancy are higher. Then you have more revenue to justify the cost of running the property. Occupancy normally stays the same whether you have 20 rooms or 50 rooms. With 100% occupancy we make more money to justify the cost of running the property. With less occupancy in the winter we either break even or have to put in money.

Ms. Manis asked if any signage is proposed for the site right now.

Mr. Patel replied we are proposing an entrance monument sign according to code.

Mr. Vanover asked what about life safety issues, ingress and egress of emergency equipment? That is a tight spot over there.

Mr. Galster stated there is an entrance across the back of all those properties.

Mayor Webster said how would your rates compare with the Budgetel across the street? Are they comparable?

Mr. Patel responded ours would be 10% higher because it is newer and has more amenities.

Mayor Webster said my concern is that you have 54 parking spots. As Mr. Galster indicates there is a cross easement across the back where there are all kinds of parking available at the medical centers immediately joining your property which you could very easily get to and utilize. I'm not as concerned about regular passenger vehicles using that other parking. That's an issue between you and that business owner. My concern is that your development does back into a residential development. I do not want to see the rear of that property polluted with trucks the way we see the rear of the Budgetel property. It's like a truck stop. If you ever go to Showcase Cinema and you drive past there, there is truck on top of truck on top of truck. I do not want to see our residents in the Crossings have to tolerate that parking lot becoming a truck stop on a continual basis.

Mr. Patel said semis will not be allowed because I don't have the parking for them.

Mayor Webster responded you don't have it but the adjoining offices do.

Mr. Patel replied it would be my responsibility to make sure that the truckers do not park there.

Mayor Webster said I'm sure you're an honorable man and you make that statement. But what do you do when your project is built and you are occupied and all of a sudden it's the trucker place to stop?

Mr. Kingston said I think they will find it very tight to get into that parking lot. I don't believe we will have that problem.

Mr. Wilson asked when do you plan to start construction? Will it be after you get a bid from a hotel chain?

Mr. Patel replied it will still take this month to get my site plan approved and another month to get my franchise.

Mr. Wilson said traffic overflow is a concern now. Where will your people be advising people to go? You've indicated with the traffic trailers you'll have a sign saying no semis. You're going to eliminate the truckers and you're going to cater to the business people who drive in vehicles and small vans. If there are occasions when you have 100% occupants and you have other vehicles, where are you going to tell these people these vehicles can park?

Mr. Patel replied I may have to turn people away unless I make arrangements with my neighbors. I don't think there will be a lot of semis parking there.

Mr. Galster said just looking at the other hotels we have in Springdale: Sheraton, Extended Stay, Cross Country, Howard Johnson, the only one I remember seeing semis parked in is the one backed up to Showcase Cinemas because Showcase Cinemas has the big parking lot for a semi truck. I don't know that the Budgetel trucks are actually parked in their lot or at Showcase. I don't believe in the PUD we would allow parking in any of that development. I don't think it's an attractive situation for a semi-truck to try to get back there. I think Budgetel is unique because of the Showcase Cinema parking lot. We surely can pass an ordinance to prohibit semi-truck parking and enforce it, especially in that area because of the residential area proximity. I see truck parking at Budgetel but I do not see it at the other hotels in Springdale. I'm not saying it couldn't happen but that would then become a police enforcement issue

Mrs. McNear said I think we have a situation here where we're trying to put ten pounds of sugar into a five pound bag. I think the project is too big for the piece of property. The parking is going to be a problem and we are looking at the only entrance being our most dangerous intersection in the City. We're going to have people coming from out of town trying to navigate the most dangerous intersection we have. I think it's a prescription for disaster and I wouldn't feel comfortable voting for this situation.

Mrs. Boice said getting back to the semis and the problems that could result, that was one of the reason that I asked earlier how many people would be on site. So you have somebody coming in and there is a sign saying no semis, but we all know how many people don't observe signs. Now you have a night clerk and my experience is that these are usually very old people or very young people. If you don't have an actual security person on site, who is going to tell this person he/she can't park there? I'm not going to say the problem can't be cured but we will have to be enforcing that. I agree with what Mrs. McNear has said from the minute the ordinance was in front of me and I was looking at all the materials on it. I just cannot see 47 units with only 53 parking places. It just doesn't work.

Mr. Galster stated I'm not trying to be the advocate of this 100%. I have some reservations myself. But as far as the traffic it is going to generate, if you look at the Pizza Hut that was there or anything similar, I think that generates a lot more traffic in and out of that intersection. If we have 47 people spending the night there, we have 47 cars. It's one time and they may go out to eat but then they're coming back and spending the night there. With Pizza Hut we have them coming and coming and coming. If they seat 50 people that turnover is probably in an hour. Given the amount of traffic that could be generated from that site I don't think this is going to be a big generator. I think it will be less than what was there and what could be there. As far as the use of the land, at first I agreed with the three stories. The two story is sunken down and has a residential look to the building. It's all brick. It has the residential style of roofing. I think it ended up being a pretty good fit. It's per our Corridor Study as far as making sure we have a certain percentage of green space and the parking has been evaluated by our engineer. This only has preliminary approval but those things are within being able to be worked out with the City Engineer and the developer.

Mrs. McNear said I don't think this project would generate a lot of traffic. However, the traffic we had at Pizza Hut was more local. People knew what to expect when they went up in that situation. A lot of people are going to get lost going up the hill too. They will miss the turn on Sheraton. The last thing we need is more people making more U-turns in the middle of Ray Norrish Drive. It's a very dangerous street. A lot of people go up there and realize they are in the wrong place. Instead of pulling into someone's driveway or into one of the condominiums where the doctors' offices are, they make a U-turn in the middle of the street and it's a dangerous situation. I just think you would be pulling more people up into that area who may be lost and I see it as a problem. Pizza Hut did generate a lot more cars but it was local traffic, people who knew where they were going.

Ms. Manis said I think the building looks very nice. I think a lot worse could go in there. I don't know if any of you have ever stayed in one of these. I know it's a different concept. You think hotel and you think this massive place in a little space. My husband travels all the time through the south and they are very popular. He says they are very nice. They are a little more expensive than the Budgets, etc., but most of them are new, clean and very nice. They are small. It's a new concept. I don't think it's a bad fit at all for the area. We can buy it and leave it green I guess, if we are worried about people who don't know where they are going. We could put up more signage if that would help. I don't think the semis would be a problem. I think an enforcement issue is an enforcement issue. I think with Budgetel it's more of a case of the Showcase lot being there. They are an eyesore and I'm sure we could probably do something about them sitting there if Showcase would go along with it. I don't know if they mind right now but when the new building is built, I can see that maybe those would be gone also. I really don't have a problem with it. Planning Commission has looked at it and done a good job with it. I think it's a very nice plan.

Mr. Wilson said I really don't think parking is going to be a problem. We're catering to business people. That's not carpooling. That's one person. We're talking 70-75% occupancy. I calculate that to be about 35 rooms. That's 35 cars. I think it's too tight for a tractor trailer to go in there and I think given a choice, the tractor trailers are going to go to the Budgetel or other places where they can be accommodated in terms of parking. Mr. Knox and I briefly talked about a bus but I don't think he's going to have a bus of 48 people come there because if they canceled, that's half his occupancy at two to a room. If he regulates his rates and advertising towards business I can't see more than 35 rooms being full at any given time other than a jazz festival weekend or a Bengal game. I think it's a pretty good fit. I don't think parking will be as big a problem as we initially thought.

Mr. Danbury said in regards to the traffic, I think the property lends itself to some type of traffic. We can't control it because we don't own the land itself. It's not a green space. It's not a doctor's office. I think whether it's a hotel, a smaller version, same version, or restaurant, you are going to get people coming in from out of town. I don't know if we have a lot of people going to the Sheraton going up and turning around. It is our only entrance and exit from that subdivision and there are a lot of residents who live there. One of the things I am looking at is on the south side, can fire trucks get there? Is there a green space there?

Mr. Shuler responded fire vehicles can get to three sides assuming they are on the street, and on the south side they would be in the parking lot of the next property.

Mr. Danbury said I don't anticipate the truck problem. I think with proper signage we can take that out of the equation. Just say no semi tractor trailers. I think it's against the law for anybody to prohibit a tractor trailer but we have to control where they park it. The only problem I have is the number of parking spaces.

Mr. Patel said a lot of small hotels only have 10% extra parking for the number of rooms because they don't have a restaurant or lounge that people would come in for. It's strictly rooms. You don't get that many people coming to visit at night. Most of the clientele comes in the evening plus we have about 70% occupancy. We have extra parking unless we run 100% occupancy

Ms. Manis made a motion to adopt and Mr. Wilson seconded.

Ordinance 58-1997 failed with a lack of aye votes. Mrs. Boice, Mrs. McNear, Mr. Vanover and Mr. Danbury voted no.


First reading - public hearing next meeting.


First reading - public hearing next meeting


First reading.

Mr. Galster made a motion to read Ordinance 62-1997 by title only and for a brief explanation of what all the numbers mean. Mrs. McNear seconded. The motion passed with 7 affirmative votes.


First reading - will consider at the next meeting.

Mr. Schneider said each year there are state code changes which occur relative to various sections generally relating to criminal, safety and things of that nature. We review these along with the Police Department to see that it makes sense that these should be incorporated in our code. We have the recommendation of the Chief of Police that they should be. Each section commentary refers to the general area that is involved. I could go through the sections. I have a four page summary explaining more detail. If you look at these as making minor language changes relative to operating a vehicle, expanding the definition of vehicular homicide to include unlawful termination of another's pregnancy; it's incorporating those changes the state legislature has put in our criminal, safety and traffic code. Then we have adoption of this code. I know we have ordinances numbered 61 and 62, but I'm going to request that you pass 62 first and then 61. I miscommunicated with the Clerk's office to explain that. The reason is we want to include all the changes and then adopt the supplemental codification which includes all of those changes. So we want to adopt 62 first and then 61 or reverse the numbers.

Mr. Galster asked for a copy of the four page description. Mr. Schneider said he would make that available to Council.


Mrs. McNear made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded.

Mr. Parham said the attachment is Exhibit A. The equipment we are talking about is pretty much the identical equipment you approved at the last Council meeting. As the ordinance explains PCS, which stands for Personal Computer Services, is not a government agency. Compaq is the owner of the equipment. Those prices only apply for public agencies under the state bid process. Whereas a number of owners will sell this to the vendor and allow the vendor to sell it to the public entity, for some reason Compaq does not want to go along with that. We've tried to make contact with the representatives from Compaq to allow us to purchase this equipment through PCS at the prices that were part of the state bid. They have chosen not to go along with that process so we've had to come back before you this evening with Ordinance 63-1997 rescinding Ordinance 57-1997. You will also notice there is a difference in the price from what you approved last time. The previous price was $37,000. This is $25,000. We will purchase the balance of what you agreed upon at the last Council meeting from two other vendors. We're still purchasing the same equipment we approved at your last Council meeting pretty much for the same price that you approved at the last meeting.

Mayor Webster said just for the record I'd like to clear up a couple of items left over from last meeting regarding the amount of memory and the CD ROM issue. We were told at the last meeting that the upgrade would be about $10 for each one of those items per unit. I just want to make sure everyone realizes the memory is $80 and the CD ROM is $59 for a total of $139 per unit. We're going to do that at a total cost of $2,085. That is relatively small, only 1 1/2% of the total project. By making that upgrade if that will keep us from having to replace units or not being able to take advantage of some feature in the future I think it is money well spent. However, I think the one point we did not make last time is that we are talking about a client/server type of environment where you don't need as much horsepower on the individual workstations. We've already cut the purchase order for the upgrade, etc. so it's a done deal and once again, I appreciate your input and comments but it's not a $10 upgrade.

Mr. Wilson said you mentioned there were other items that you were going to purchase from two other vendors. Will those costs be what we originally agreed upon or are we looking at more dollars?

Mr. Parham replied if you add the additional $2,000 on, it's going to be about $37,500 or $38,000.

Mr. Wilson said you feel we're still within our budget then? Instead of going all with one company, it's going to be this $25,000 we're voting on tonight and the other equipment you will get from two other vendors. Will the costs of those items be more than what we initially talked about?

Mr. Parham replied they will only be more because of the changes we've made relative to the RAM and to the CD.

Mayor Webster said the initial proposal was $147,000 for the total package. We have found nothing at all that says we're going to exceed this. As a matter of fact, we are going to come in considerably under this, probably $10,000 to $12,000 less than the original $147,000 even with the upgrade.

Mr. Galster said the one we are rescinding is strictly for the server, not the individual workstations. When you say the only thing that is changing is with the memory, then that has nothing to do with this ordinance here. The upgrades of the workstations we're handling through a change to the purchase order. Not to clarify but my actual statement was the difference between an 8 and 12 times was no more than $10 per unit and the memory would be $100 extra per unit.

Ordinance 63-1997 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mr. Parham said in response to a question at the last meeting from Ms. Manis, relative to whether we received a grant for the recycle days, we did receive a grant in the amount of $7,167 for 1997. Our cost was $3,583.50. In the past we have always talked about a matching grant, but I'm not going to criticize the folks because we are on television and they are the ones who give us the money, but it's not necessarily a 50/50 match. We have made application at the present time for the 1998 program.

Ms. Manis asked if we got money for last year.

Mr. Parham replied I don't think we got anything for 1996. I do want to remind everyone that the yard sale and recycle days will be this Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Mayor Webster said in follow up on Ms. Manis' question regarding the grant, we did skip a year there. Today was the deadline for submission for the 1998 Recycle Ohio grant. You have to apply a year ahead of time so today we applied for 1998. Last year around this same time we applied for 1997. I am almost sure there was an application made in 1995 for 1996 but we got turned down. I think the reason we got turned down I think they had some screwy thing about you having to do something over and above what you had done in prior years. In 1995 we couldn't document what we were going to do in 1996 so we didn't know that. So we missed a year but now we're back hopefully getting it on a regular basis.

I would like to follow up on the history of Springdale. Mr. Parham and I met with the author of our newsletter along with his publisher. We have a proposal for you. We explained to them where we were in the process. We are proposing to put out a book similar to the annual report of Fairfield, 8 1/2" x 11" sheets with 70 lb. weight cover along with dividers between each chapter. Our book, the way it stands now, would probably be 75 pages front and back. We asked them to give us a quotation on printing 400 copies but only binding 200 of them. We would have 200 on the shelf. They would store them at no cost or we would store them here. If we ran out of the initial 200 we'd have the other 200 bound at a nominal cost. If we can give the publisher a copy on disk and we're at 150 pages, we can get 400 copies printed, 200 available for $5,800. At this point we're ready to move forward. Mr. Parham met the next day with our author. We've had some progress but she still has to incorporate the changes and get them back to us. She does have some other projects she is working on but we think we can put that on the fast track if Council directs us tonight to bring this thing to fruition.

Mrs. Boice said I am very happy to hear this. I have no idea how my peers feel about it. I am assuming this would not include any pictures, just strictly the printing.

Mr. Parham responded it does include pictures also, 8-10 pages.

Mrs. Boice continued as I said at the last meeting I did not intend to address this subject again. All of you know how I feel about it. I certainly would be in favor of it and I leave it in your hands.

Mr. Wilson said being a history buff myself I'd like to review a copy of that. I had asked way back. Is it possible for me to get a copy of the draft?

Mr. Danbury said I did take the time to read the original way back when we first came out with it and I also read the latest edition. I found some of the latest edition was somewhat political. I found it somewhat negative. There were some things we could have omitted and things we could have added. Some things are part of our history but they dwell on one issue a little too long. They neglect some issues that I found were part of our history. I'm not trying to make anyone a martyr or to glorify anyone but I'd like everybody to take a look at it. I think what I'm talking about is going to stand out. I would like us to have some editorial input. Don't look at whether you really agree or not with what happened but is this what we want the future to see as the history of Springdale.

Mayor Webster said we can do that. I just find it disturbing that we get this project to this point and now all of a sudden everybody wants to see it. Council has been involved since day one. Now we don't want to go to print until we get the consensus of seven Council members. We won't go to press in this billenium. The way the document stands now it s 240 pages. If we want to give everyone the chance to revise the history then we don't want to get it condensed down to the 75 pages front and back. We're going to make seven copies of this 240 page document and then wait for everybody to read it and have somebody try to pull all those changes together, sit down with the author and incorporate that. It can be done but you are looking at a two year project.

Mr. Danbury said I don't think it's a two year project. I'm not saying each of us should alter it. I think each of us should look at it and show the strengths of Springdale, and also the weaknesses, but I think one area spent two to three pages on one issue of the City. I can go back and look at issues I found very negative. I may be absolutely wrong. I'm one person but I think it appeared they were really zeroing in on one area. If six other Council people say I don't know what I'm talking about that's fine. I don't think it will take two years. I'm not going to tell people what it is. If they think something stands out that we're dwelling on too much they'll know what I'm talking about. If they don't then let's go forward with it as soon as possible. It's well written but I think there are a few instances that are too harshly dealt with in too long a time in that period. There are other issues that were totally missed. I feel as though I could set down on my own recollection things I know and hear about. We can dwell on different things. I don't think that should be dealt with in the same manner it has been. That's my recommendation. Take a look at it. Everybody has a chance to really review it, make a decision in two weeks.

Mayor Webster asked did you give that input back to the author? Is she aware of your feelings.

Mr. Danbury replied I was never asked.

Mayor Webster said I thought you reviewed it along with Mrs. Boice.

Mr. Danbury responded I reviewed it but I didn't think we were ever going to do anything. It kept going on and on. From my understanding I wasn't one of the main editors. I believe the last time a few meetings ago Mr. Parham said everyone was going to have a chance to review it.

Mayor Webster asked do you agree if we can produce a copy for all seven Council members by the next Council meeting then two weeks from then we get the books back with the comments so we can set one person down and go through and incorporate the changes.

Mr. Danbury said I think that would be appropriate. I may totally out in left field. I'm not going to say anything to anyone privately. I just want everybody to review it and if they don't see anything glaring or inappropriate, they have to make their own judgment. I'm just going to let it stand the way I see it.

Ms. Manis said I think that is a fine cost. I'm all for it. I guess now I want to read it and I will have my comments in two weeks.

Mr. Vanover said I am wholeheartedly behind this. We spent a lot of money and time, and blood, sweat and tears getting it to this point. I haven't seen anything but I feel comfortable that we have an independent third party on the outside looking in who does this stuff on a day in, day out basis. They would be a pretty fair judge of what is historically significant and what isn't. There are things in all of our careers that we lock onto that may be more important to us than they are to the big picture; but I have no problem with this and I would have no problem supporting it.

Mr. Wilson said we must remember that this book represents the City of Springdale and it should be in a most favorable light. If there are some comments or issues that shed a negative light on the City, then maybe we need to address those issues and put it in a more positive light. Yes, it is history but if it is biased one way or another, we need to look at it. I think we can review it and get our comments back in a timely manner now that we are aware of things, and move on. We can't change history but certainly, there are things we can dwell on in a more positive light.

Mr. Danbury said since I brought it up I'd like to respond to that. I think this is a history. History is positive and negative and we all learn and grow from whatever happened. I don't want this to be a PR piece. I think we should reflect history as it actually happened because we have great things about this City but we also have some negative things. I'm not necessarily saying censorship should be exercised to negate any of the negative images that we have had. I feel as though, in my estimation, one part was really delved into. There was another negative thing that I saw that was never mentioned. Not once was it mentioned. If you are going to deal with one thing you should deal with everything. If it's a negative thing about the City lay it on the table because that is part of our heritage whether we like it or not. I just feel some things could be summarized and not delved into as much. I'm just one person. I think history should be shown as it is and laid out there for the reader to view. I don't want to sugarcoat anything and I don't want a PR piece. We have our video and our brochures that we send out to businesses. There's no community that's perfect. I think this community is as close to perfect as you can find.

Mrs. McNear stated I like the price. It's about 10% of what I anticipated the cost might be. I have not read the document, either the original or the update. I'd love to read it. I will read it in time for the next meeting but I will not make any comments because it is history and I think it would be more politically motivated if I tried to change some things that are in there. The history is the history even if it puts us in a bad light. It was written by an impartial party and we need to leave it that way. I don't know for sure what it is but I have a pretty good idea. I think one of the reasons we study history is so we can learn from our mistakes. I think it should be published as is.

Mrs. Boice asked Mr. Danbury, did you read the original document or are you just referring to the last segment? Mr. Danbury replied he is referring to the last segment.

Mrs. Boice said there are some issues in the original document that are gone into at great length also. I think we are living in an age where we have seen our federal government want to toy a bit with the history of this great country where they are going to have us apologizing to Japan and apologizing to this, and I think we're walking on very treacherous territory if we are going to tinker with what someone else has written. For all these years I had hoped this history would be published going way back, and I certainly want to give credit to Mr. Tony Bradburn who is the one who originally started this ball rolling many, many moons ago. If you recall, the first section was completed through the year 1987. We are now at 1997 and we still have nothing in print. If we as individuals are going to have the opportunity to tinker with the project, other than changing, and what I submitted was simply spelling, one instance a previous Council member's first name was wrong. There were a number of things that I thought, oh boy, but that is part of the history and if it can't go that way I would rather it not go at all. If we are going to sugarcoat, eliminate or soften down because there are some rough episodes. In the first section it goes into great detail about the long battle with the school not wanting to consolidate, arguments among previous other Councils. It's a wonderful document but it certainly isn't the Wizard of Oz of The Good Ship Lollipop. It really isn't. There was a lot of turmoil establishing this City from the point of the Charter to the arguments over the schools. I do think we have an independent person who looked at the minutes and I want to make it clear because you are all aware and I have the letter in file if any of you would like to see it, when she had asked me to take her a tour of the City. I made it very clear to her before we got into the car that I would be more than happy to show her the sections of the City but that I would answer no questions about anything that was at all political. She asked at the end of our tour if I would be interviewed and I said no, I did not feel it would be fair for me to be interviewed because I had been too close to the situation. I personally have not been interviewed in it. I have proofread it four times for typos. I said that would be my final statement on it and I mean that sincerely. If we are going to do a lot of tinkering as individuals up here then I would rather it not be printed because I don't think we have paid thousands of dollars to have two writers come in and do our history for us to now to edit. That's simply my opinion.

Mr. Vanover said amen to that, Mrs. Boice. History is important and there are lessons to be learned. We've all heard the cliché that if you don't pay attention to history you're doomed to repeat it. That's what history is for, to learn the lessons of our failures or shortcomings. However, it is not our place to change history. Our place is to change the future. I have not seen any of the documents but I would be very, very apprehensive about re-writing it because I'm not trying to be a historian. We all view things from our own viewpoint. I think we have to keep in focus is that our job, if we change anything, it's going to be the future and not the past, because we can't.

Mr. Danbury said again, I think you missed the point. I never said let's change the past. Let's try to sugarcoat it. If you were to poll 100 people here, what's the positives and negatives in Springdale in the last 15 to 20 years, you are going to get totally different viewpoints. There are some good points of Springdale that were never touched on, some of the great events that happened. Some of the things they think were a shame, a sham, a disgrace to each and every person. I'm not saying we should sit back and say we can't talk about that. I'm not saying that. I feel as though if we are going to point out certain areas, there were certain areas that were never mentioned, that we got national attention on, not even mentioned. I'm sorry. I was wondering why certain things were neglected and certain things were really expounded upon. Again, take a look at and if you think I'm barking up the wrong tree, that's fine. I'm just one opinion and I don't want to censor anything. I don't want to necessarily sugarcoat anything. I want to present it as it is but I personally feel that certain areas were a little too strong.

Mr. Galster said I have not had the opportunity to read any of the drafts. I don't go so far as to say that whatever a third party puts together I would go ahead and support and print. There are a lot of things I've read through the course of my life where they are supposedly reporting fact that I just can't see the same facts that they see. We can go back into the holocaust. We can go back into all kinds of things that are not accurately reported. That's the question here. Is it accurately reported? I would like to see a copy of it. If I think it is proportionately balanced I don't have any problem saying fine. I think we should have that opportunity. I'm not going to go in there with a red pen and start crossing out lines here and here and here. But I want to have a feel for the thing as a whole, understanding that there is good and bad. There is good and bad in everything. There is good and bad in every history. As long as it has some type of proportional balance I have no problem with it at all and will not start highlighting and deleting, etc. but I would like to at least see it before I say this is what the City of Springdale is.

Mayor Webster said I hear what all of you are saying, but what if, we pass out the seven copies, two weeks later everybody turns them in. In one particular chapter six people have no problem with it but Steve Galster has a problem with it. He thinks it's too harsh or it's not complete. Now what do we do with that? Do we go ahead in that chapter? Do we have the historian re-write that chapter because the one member said it was . . .

Mr. Galster said if six people agree that it is fine and one person doesn't we should print it.

Mr. Danbury said it's a democratic process.

Mayor Webster said so you are saying we can collect the seven books at the end of this two week period, give them to the historian and say if you see something that needs changing or if four people want it changed, then change it. If you don't see at least four leave it as is.

Mr. Galster said I think there should be discussion as to whether or not the book should be edited, period. After the review we come back here and ask if anybody wants to edit it. If everybody says no, we go print it. If one person says he/she has a problem with something, whether or not anybody else agrees, we can vote on it then as to whether it should be edited or not. If one person brings something up and five people agree, then maybe we need to look at that; not just turn it over to the same person who did it. Maybe we just need to look at that one particular issue. It's possible if there is enough common belief that that issue needs to be addressed. If not, print it.

Mayor Webster said we will have your copies in the next two weeks.

Mr. Parham said I think it's important to indicate to you that the author who has put this document together has primarily depended upon the minutes of the organization, newspaper clippings. She has had a couple of conversations with a couple of individuals. Those comments that were provided back to me, even before I met with her last Tuesday, I informed her were mostly typographical. The document Chapter 17 or 18 is her interpretation. I understand as she has constantly joked with me that she watches our Council meetings. She's not a member of this community. Those were things that she saw. Those were the things that she read through the minutes, as she read newspaper clippings, did research at the library. It was her interpretation. My instruction to her at the beginning of this process were the same instructions that I heard were communicated to Ms. Steiner when she took over the project; that is, this is not a political process. This is a process in which you write what the history presents itself to be. It isn't to be swayed one way or the other. It's simply based on the information you gather out of the written documents. If you avail yourself to the videotapes on Council meetings, etc., then use that information but it's not to become something that individuals are going to see as one side of the other. She was quite disturbed from the comments previously because there are a couple of comments on facts that she indicates she pulled out of the minutes that were misquoted in her documentation. She said "I will go back and review these. I've cited each one where I found the quotation" so she was going to go back to that information also.

Mr. Danbury said we will get copies of these and discuss them at the next meeting or we'll make a decision whether we want to edit.

Mayor Webster stated we will get them to you by the next meeting. We'd like to have them back with comments by the September 3 meeting.

Mr. Danbury said I want to go on record and say I'm in favor of publishing this. I like the price and I like the idea of 200 and 200. I think it's a good document. I just feel one area is a little too harsh.


Mayor Webster said I am pleased to announce that our Explorer group has struck gold. They were number one in the nation. It sounds like even Mr. Clinton congratulated them. Mr. Hormann received a letter from the Client Education Training Services coordinator of the VFIS, Volunteer Firemen's Insurance Service. They have won first place nationally. There will be an awards dinner September 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Hampshire House here in Springdale. They will be presented a $1,000 check and award that night by the representative by VFIS. I'm sure there will be another trophy and it's just another in a long line of awards that this group has garnered for the City. I can't say enough for Mr. Hormann's contributions and we can handle it two ways. If Council would like to honor this group with a resolution we can do that. I can issue a proclamation or we can do both.

Mr. Danbury said do both. Mayor Webster asked for a resolution for the September 3 meeting.

Mr. Vanover said the Public Works Committee would like to request an ordinance be brought in at the next meeting for a change order for the 1997 street program under the asphalt contract. The amount of the change is $32, 032. Because it is in excess of $10,000 we thought an ordinance would be proper. We have run into some full depth repair that is necessary. There was a safety issue on S. R. 747. Ruts are developing in some of the pavement and these needed to be taken care of. Mr. Sears has been in contact with ODOT. We will receive some money, approximately $4,400 back from them but we are going to pay it up front and they will reimburse us.

Mr. Knox asked if the full depth repair go down to the exit from eastbound I-275.

Mr. Shuler said the area of the full depth repair on S. R. 747 that Mr. Sears and Mr. Butsch were specifically concerned about was the area on northbound S. R. 747 immediately south of Progress Place. The area is right at the bottom of the westbound to northbound ramp. The ruts have developed in the pavement there, some six inches deep and the particular safety problem we are concerned about is, as people are coming off that ramp trying to cross lanes to make the left hand turn onto Progress, they are bouncing across these ruts and we're afraid somebody is going to lose control. We do not feel it should wait for another summer. As Mr. Vanover reported, Mr. Sears has been in contact with ODOT and they are going to participate but to get this done now while we have our people in town, we need to add it to this contract so that our contractor who is already working here can do that while he's here.

Mr. Knox said I've noticed the same thing developing on the eastbound exit as you turn onto northbound S. R. 747 which is approximately 50 yards south of the I-275 bridge. It's beginning to tear up bad.

Mr. Shuler responded we are also aware of problems in that area. In fact, we looked at the whole stretch underneath the interstate. You may remember that two or three years ago we convinced ODOT to come in and resurface that area. We provided plans for them to do that. We provided for full depth repair. Before they did the resurfacing they felt that was a waste of money and chose not to do the full depth repair. They put the new surface down without repairing the base and now we're seeing the results of that. We looked at the cost of repairing all those joints and doing a resurfacing in the interstate area. It was over $300,000 to do it correctly. Part of that work is going to be torn up and completely rebuilt with the grade separation project. We chose to wait on part of that. Hopefully through some of these maintenance repairs such as we're talking about here, we can keep part of that going until that project. The rest of it, though, may be looking at a project next year. You are correct that we are seeing accelerated deterioration of that one area.

Mr. Vanover said while we were talking about accolades for Springdale groups, hopefully everyone has had a chance to look at the recent ICRC newsletter. Officer Newman was highlighted in there. It's just another example of the quality of people we have in the City.


Board of Zoning Appeals August 19, 7:00 p.m.

Planning Commission August 12, 7:00 p.m.


Letter to Cecil Osborn, City Administrator: The fourth of July celebration, as usual, was great. It was truly a community affair. The fireworks display is one of the best in the area. Having shuttle busses is such a good idea. It reduces traffic and driver frustration. I hope the event continues for years to come. Catherine L. Heitz, 130 Ruskin


Item 2 - public hearing and vote on at next meeting

Item 3 - vote next meeting

Item 4 - vote next meeting


Ordinances from Public Works for Mr. Vanover

Item 5 - The people who are going to be working the bond issue have requested that we do this at the August 20 meeting with an emergency clause so that they can proceed with the bids to people. The timing would be extremely short if we voted at the September 3 meeting.

Mayor Webster asked could everyone mark their calendars for a special Council meeting on September 24 for a report on the comprehensive traffic study that is being done in the S. R. 747/Kemper Road area. We'd like to have the whole meeting dedicated just to that.

Mr. Danbury asked Mr. Knox to publish the announcement for that meeting.

Council adjourned at 9:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Edward F. Knox

Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Randy Danbury, President of Council

__________________________, l997