President of Council Randy Danbury called Council to order on October 6, 1999 , at 7:00 p.m.

The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance.

Mrs. McNear took roll call. Present were Council members Galster, Manis, McNear, Pollitt, Vanover, Wilson and Danbury.

The minutes of September 15, 1999 were approved with seven affirmative votes.



Tawana Keels Simons, member of the Princeton Board of Education, introduced herself and asked for support in her re-election. She said there are nine candidates for three positions and she is teaming up with Paul Kattelman and Johnny Williams, a Springdale resident.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Wilson seconded.

Mr. Osborn said there was a bid opening September 13 with five competitive bids. The low bid is American La France. Chief Posega and Assistant Chief Shroyer have been going over the bid results, doing field trips, etc. This is probably the most expensive apparatus weíve ever purchased in the City. Iíve asked Chief Posega to give a presentation on it.

Chief Posega stated we put out the specs on this early this year. We received five bids with American La France the low bid at $595,500, ranging up to $684,000 for emergency 1. We feel American La France has bid low because they returned to the market after some time. They started back in 1832 and were the first to invent an aerial. They went to motorized fire equipment in 1910 and have been building them ever since. In the late 1970s due to management problems and because they couldnít reconstruct their building, they more or less went out of existence. Through an agreement with the City of Elmira and the union they were not allowed to remanufacture fire trucks for a five year period. After the five years they began re-manufacturing again. They are now a wholly owned subsidiary of Freight Liner Inc., who also owns LTI (Ladder Tire Inc.) who build the ladder on the back of the truck. LTI has manufactured about 2,000 aerial trucks since the early 1970s. About 92% of those are still in existence. We have an aluminum ladder in our Sutphen and will have steel in this one. Assistant Chief Shroyer was able to go to the factory in Alfreda and see their operation. Since he came back we made a trip to Kolida, Ohio to see a new American La France engine. We spent the day there taking it for a ride, inspecting it, etc. All we were looking at were the cab and chassis. The workmanship was great and they are quite happy with it. Freight Liner is the service center and there is one in Sharonville. On the truck we have now the ladder is mounted to the chassis in the middle of the truck and the bucket is in the rear of the truck. On the new La France it is a rear mount. Chief Posega gave a slide presentation. Chief Posega said American La France was the only bidder who did not offer a trade-in. The amounts offered were $3,500 to $4,000 for a truck we feel weíll be able to get $20,000 to $25,000 when we trade it.

Ms. Manis asked if you could make the side jacks shorter than 18 feet. Chief Posega replied you can do short jacking but there are safeguards built in. Then you canít move the aerial to the short jack side of the truck.

Mr. Wilson asked did American La France indicate what the normal life span would be of this vehicle? Are you concerned about how you can spread the jacks out on a small street with cars parked on it?

Chief Posega replied NFPA lists the life span at about 25 years. Chief Posega said we have the room for the jacks.

Ms. Pollitt asked is there any possibility we could keep the old truck in case we get an auxiliary station? Is it still in good working order?

Chief Posega responded that is up to you all. For ISO purposes it would serve as a reserve ladder truck. We had it tested this July and it passed with flying colors.

Mr. Galster asked are there any differences in the warranties of the manufacturers?

Chief Posega answered that the only difference is that American La France gave us a three year warranty on the truck and everyone else only gave us one. Everyone warranties the ladder for 20 years. The paint varied from 7-10 years.

Mr. Danbury asked do you think we will have to reconfigure some of the streets, putting back the no parking zone by stop signs, etc. because of the size difference?

Chief Posega replied the turning radius on this one is the same.

Mr. Osborn stated I would like to respond to Mr. Wilson about the Sutphen. It has lasted 29 years for us but we have also rebuilt it twice. We have spent a great deal of money on it. I donít want anybody to believe that this truck will last 25 years just by running it. It will have to be given some major overhauls along the way.

Mr. Galster asked when the last overhaul was done. Chief Posega replied nine years ago.

Ordinance 49-1999 passed with seven affirmative votes.

Mayor Webster read a letter from Ralph McSwain:

"Dear Mayor Webster: We wish to pass along to you our highest compliments for the fire crew that responded to our flooding problem at Springdale Nazarene Church. The water was pouring out of a broken urinal and about to move into our gymnasium floor which would have been a disaster. They immediately resolved the problem by shutting off the urinal; but more than that, they saw how exhausted I was from dipping buckets and buckets of water out of there, and stayed and helped us until clean up was complete. They were kind and friendly and saved the day for us.

We want them to be acknowledged for their extra effort and they are truly an asset to the City of Springdale. Their names are: Captain Pompfrey, Tom Lindsay and Lenny French.

Weíre sure God will bless them for saving our family life center. Thank you. Ralph McSwain, Buildings and Grounds Chairman"

Mayor Webster asked Chief Posega to introduce the new hires in the Fire Department.

Chief Posega introduced Anthony Stanley. He came to us with no experience as a firefighter. He has to been to 240 class, the required firefighting class in the State of Ohio for full-time firefighters and is now attending EMT class. Next year we are looking to put him in a paramedic class. Heís done a super job so far.

Joe Parks also came to us with no experience. He attended the 240 class and is now attending EMT class. He also will go to paramedic class next summer.

Christina Otten has been with us since 1993 as a part-timer and has now made the ranks of full-timer. Christina is already a firefighter and paramedic.

Tom Lindsay has taken the first firefighting class and is already a paramedic. Heís also a part-timer from Colerain Township.

Todd Brooks is a firefighter but not a paramedic yet. He will have to wait until next year to get into that class.

Mayor Webster said I enjoyed the open house Saturday. Mayor Webster read a proclamation for Fire Prevention Week.

Chief Posega said our chief fire prevention officer, Mike Hoffman is out tonight with "The Great Escape." We are really involved with the Princeton School District and all the other cities that service the Princeton School District on this "great escape". Last year one of our children from the elementary school won second prize on his drawing of his escape plan from his house. We sent fire trucks out into the community and at 7:00 p.m. they blew the sirens and everyone was to practice escaping from their houses in case of fire.

Mr. Vanover said I just want to thank the guys. I have lived here for a lot of years and never had any need to call on them. I got up here and suddenly I need their services. I have been very impressed with our group.

Mayor Webster said in the Police Department we have one new officer and three promotions.

Chief Laage stated that Sergeant Bill Fields, a 19 year veteran is being promoted to lieutenant. He is currently assigned to the Investigative Services Unit. As you know, we had a tragic criminal offense occur this summer and I cannot thank Bill enough for the hours he has spent on this investigation. Mayor Webster swore Lieutenant Fields in.

Chief Laage said Tom Wells, a nine year veteran, is also being promoted to lieutenant. It wasnít long ago that he was being promoted to sergeant but due to a number of retirements, we tested and Tom is promoted to lieutenant now. He is assigned to second shift, the busiest shift in the department. Mayor Webster swore in Lieutenant Wells.

Chief Laage said Investigator Davis will be promoted to sergeant. He is not with us tonight as he had a vacation planned. He has done a great job in Investigations and in the Patrol Unit before that, and we know he will do a great job as a road officer also.

Chief Laage said Michael Dreyer comes to us from the Loveland Police Department where he was a part-time officer for a year. He graduated from Scarlet Oaks Police Academy in December 1998. Keenan Riordan, one of our newest officers was his classmate and spoke very highly of Mike. A number of officers from Loveland spoke very highly of him and Iíd like to recognize Chief Dennis Reese from Loveland who came for tonightís swearing in. Mike is a graduate of Summitt Country Day High School and has an associateís degree in law enforcement from Cincinnati. Mayor Webster swore in Michael Dreyer.

Chief Laage stated that Mike is our 34th officer, the first time we have had a full strength of 34. We appreciate Council, the Mayorís and Administrationís support.

Mayor Webster read a proclamation for Law Enforcement Month. Chief Laage said Randy Pierce and Jeffe Witte are crime prevention specialists. We were one of the first communities in Ohio to achieve this certification for both officers. Everyone tries to be a crime prevention officer. This month we are going out every weekend for a finger print demonstration, a safety talk, DARE vehicle, etc. It is better to prevent the crime that try to stop it afterwards. Sergeant Pierce accepted the proclamation.

Mr. Vanover said Iíd be remiss if I didnít tip my hat to the Police Department. Iím referring a message from my wife to Officer Mathis. My family was involved in an accident three weeks ago. My wife said it was neat to watch these guys work because they took the time and got things done.

Mr. Danbury said a lot of times weíll sit here and take the accolades for work that the Fire Department, Police Department and Street Maintenance did. I think it starts with the chiefs and assistant chiefs of the departments. Itís a team effort but I think itís also just getting out there and being innovative and I know Chief Laage has done a lot of positive things, and Chief Posega has done the same with the Fire Department. I think itís a great team effort and I want to congratulate everybody.

Presentation Ė liquor license transfer for Bahama Breeze Ė Darrell Fawley, attorney.

Mr. Osborn said Bahama Breeze is in the process of going through the planning and zoning review for a new restaurant on what we call Pictoria Island. It will be the first of four major restaurants on that development. Bahama Breeze comes to us with a good reputation, both on the corporate side where weíve seen the success they have accomplished so far and from testimonials from our own staff, having seen some of their restaurants down south, so we were pretty excited when Bahama Breeze indicated they were coming to Springdale. In order for them to actually be able to open this new restaurant they need to acquire a liquor license. I know we have had people before us who have requested the transfer of a liquor license through the economic development clause in the state regulations. As Iíve indicated in the past, while in some cases this can be controversial, there are cases where it is definitely appropriate, where it is accomplishing something that we would not be able to achieve. Itís bringing something new and vital to the community and I think this would be a very valid candidate for consideration by Council for a liquor license transfer under the economic development transfer process.

Mr. Fawley said I practice law in Columbus and my client is GMRI, Inc., the corporate applicant. GMRI, Inc. is the owner and current operator of 67 other restaurants in the State of Ohio; 40 Red Lobsters and 27 Olive Gardens. The Bahama Breeze concept is new. There are currently six operating in the United States. The restaurant is projected to employ seven managers and 120 staff members. The total cost of the project will be approximately $5.5 million. As Mr. Osborn indicated, we are unable to obtain a liquor license for this particular facility and this necessitates us to try to employ the economic development project provisions of the Revised Code that would allow us to bring a permit from another political subdivision where permits are over-issued to your community for this specific project. Once that permit comes to this facility it stays there. The only way it can go anywhere else is to an economic development project. In order to qualify for that one must establish a number of things for the Division of Liquor Control but predominantly they want to know how you feel about it. With your approval, the Liquor Control Board will look far more favorably upon my clientís application. Without it, it will probably be denied.

Mr. Wilson asked what will be your hours of operation?

Mr. Fawley replied this particular restaurant does not emphasize lunch. They serve dinner and stay open a little later than a lot of restaurants because they provide live entertainment in the form of Caribbean style music, typically one musician. There is a patio on the facility and music is provided there and inside. They would be open 4 p.m. to 1:00 or 1:30 a.m. weekdays and open at 1:00 p.m. on weekends.

Ms. Pollitt said this is different than a transfer license.

Mr. Fawley responded very much so. We are actually going to go through this process almost twice. In the case of every liquor permit issued in the State of Ohio, the City Council of that jurisdiction is notified. That normal process will also occur. This process is to determine whether the project is an economic development project.

Mr. Pollitt asked then it canít be changed to a carry out or transferred to a different business establishment down the road?

Mr. Fawley said unless this restaurant were sold any attempt of transfer outside of this process would require the applicant to go through the same process again.

Mrs. McNear asked where will the restaurant be on the property? The drawing said it is at Rt. 4 and I-275. I just wondered about the placement because we do have residents closer to the Crescentville side of it.

Mr. Galster said if you are familiar with where the tent is, they have already pre-leveled one restaurant site. Between the pre-leveled site and that tent is where this restaurant will be. All the music is limited to the site. It cannot go through the boundaries of the site.

Mr. Fawley said the managers control the sound level, not the performers. All sound is directed inward, not outward. Itís designed to entertain the customers inside, not draw them in from the outside.

Mr. Vanover said I share Ms. Pollittís concern and itís no secret that we have been very vocal against transfers in when new businesses are trying to disguise themselves as economic development. I have no problem looking at this as true economic development and would be willing to welcome the transfer.

Mr. Fawley stated when you review the law that allows this, you will see no mention of local government input, but the Division of Liquor Control is very cognizant of the fact that they are not here, you are. You know what benefits your community and what doesnít.

Ms. Manis asked this is the same kind of transfer that Snookers did? Mr. Osborn replied yes.

Ms. Pollitt said I have also been very vocal about transferring licenses in. I know we need economic development and am very pleased to see the package you put in front of us tonight. I have no problem supporting this.

Mr. Osborn said while there may be a general dislike for this type of transfer under the economic development status, I think it empowers us if we are selective and approve those we think are a value to us and reject the others. If we reject everything, pretty soon we wouldnít be considered a voice in Columbus. I think being selective strengthens our position if we have to go in and make an argument.

Mr. Galster asked what do we need to do? I make a motion that we submit the support of City Council for this particular application based on its economic development for the City of Springdale.

Mr. Vanover seconded. The motion passed with seven affirmative votes.


Mr. Danbury said Item 2 of Mr. Osbornís memo in our packet deals with the Urban County Community Development Program. Mr. Osborn asked to have this on the agenda tonight.

Mr. Osborn said we have advertised this meeting and the meeting of November 3 for public input. The program is a three year application cycle under the Urban County Community Development Block Grant Program. You have to make your application in the fall for the next three years. One project that we have recommended so far that Council considered involve replacing the street system in the area bounded by Greenlawn, Dimmick, Springfield Pike and Kemper that would involve the total replacement of curbs and gutters and full-depth asphalt replacement of the street system. We estimate that project to cost $444,800. Another project we have recommended is the replacement and enlargement of Walnut Street and Pear Street as I described to you at the last meeting. That would also include putting a ten foot sidewalk in the area of the elementary school and designing a bus pull off area in cooperation with the school district. That project is estimated to be $199,250. The application requires two public meetings open to the public for discussion and we are filling one of those meeting requirements this evening.

Ms. Pollitt asked if the new warning system has been installed on the Fire Department?

Mr. Osborn replied the siren was delivered yesterday. Chief Posega has contacted Wagner Smith who installs the sirens for the Civil Defense Office. I hate to give you an estimate as to when we can put it up because thatís not within our control. Thatís actually a contract through the Civil Defense authorities but it is on site now and hopefully will be installed in the next month or so.


Mr. Danbury said I received a letter that was sent to Mayor Webster from the city of Pickerington, Ohio. The mayor wrote a resolution dealing with two bills that are being considered in the State House dealing with anti-annexation. It will make it harder for annexation to occur. The Mayor asked me if we would like to discuss this and would we like to bring up a resolution to oppose it. We will give everybody a copy and have Mr. Schneider propose a resolution for our next meeting.

Mr. Osborn said another suggestion might be to contact the Ohio Municipal League and get their reaction to the legislation and what their policy or position is. Iím not familiar with Pickeringtonís position but I assume it is consistent with the Municipal Leagueís.


Planning Commission - October 12, 7 p.m.

Board of Health - October 14, 7 p.m.

Board of Zoning Appeals - October 19, 7 p.m.



Zoning Regulations - open

Urban County Community Development - November 3

public discussion, resolution


Council adjourned at 8:26 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Edward F. Knox

Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Randy Danbury, President of Council



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