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New changes to the Program for 2022!!

The Chipper program will only run from March through September.  Collection will take place on the last full week of each month.  Smaller branches of less than 1" in diameter will not be collected and should be placed in your trash container or composted in your yard.  Piles should be neatly stacked with the cut ends at the curb.  Longer branches extending beyond the sidewalk should be placed parrellel with the street with all cut ends facing the same direction.

During months when the program is not running, material can be placed out with regular trash waste collection.  Small amounts can be placed in waste collection recptacles.  Larger amounts can be bundled and placed at the curb.  The bundles must be tied with twine and no larger than 4' long x 2' wide, and weigh less than 50 pounds.  Limbs should be no larger than 2" in diameter.

Materials from contractors, entire tree take downs, logs larger than 12" in diameter, and stumps of any size or type will not be accepted.


We are unable to collect tall (ornamental) grasses, vines, weeds, decayed firewood, or other forms of yard waste. This should be disposed of through regular trash service. Leaves are only accepted during the fall curbside leaf collection season. Railroad ties, landscape timbers, or other processed wood is also not accepted through the program or in the compost facility.

2022 Service Weeks:

Week of March 21

Week of April 25

Week of May 23

Week of June 20

Week of July 25

Week of August 22

Week of September 26

2023 Service Weeks:

Week of March 27

Week of April 24

Week of May 22

Week of June 26

Week of July 24

Week of August 21

Week of September 25