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The mission of the Springdale Administration is to provide leadership and direction in carrying out the policies and executing the laws governing this City as established by the legislative body of our community and the State of Ohio.  The Administrative Department is housed in the Municipal Building. It is led by the City Administrator, who is assisted by the Assistant City Administrator, Assistant to the City Administrator, a Senior Administrative Assistant, a Technical Services Administrator, and an Administrative Secretary. The Administrative Department acts in support of all other City departments. Human Resources, Employment, Information Technology/Network Administration, all fall under the umbrella of the Administrative Department.

Economic Development

The mission of the Springdale Economic Development Department is to retain and attract employers so as to solidify, diversify and expand the economic base of the City. This is accomplished by 1) representing the City in presentations to prospective employers; 2) providing comprehensive, accurate and timely information to prospective employers and/or their agents; 3) assisting employers in securing financial assistance / incentives from State, County and Local sources; 4) providing technical and advisory assistance to employers in matters ranging from business marketing to development and leasing strategies; 5) acting as an ombudsman in helping to resolve matters encountered by employers in the City; and 6) formulating and implementing plans for new development, re-development and revitalization of commercial and industrial properties within the City.

Building Department

The mission of the City of Springdale's Building Department is to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for the community through enforcement of City and State laws relating to construction and land use regulation. The Building Department accomplishes its mission statement by comprehensively enforcing the City's land use regulations which include: Building Codes, Zoning Codes, Property Maintenance Codes, Tree Preservation Ordinance, Development Regulations, Stormwater Management, Flood Control, and Rental Permit Program. The Building Department also coordinates all applications to the  Springdale Planning Commission and Springdale Board of Zoning Appeals.

Fire Department

The mission of the Springdale Fire Department is to preserve life and property by maintaining a corps of professional, properly trained and fully equipped personnel capable of providing fire prevention, fire suppression, rescue and emergency medical services to those in need. The men and women of the Fire Department provide not only firefighting services, but are also responsible for providing a number of fire prevention programs and services to the residents and business community of our City. Largely due to these fire prevention programs, Springdale firefighters encounter very few fires. However, due to the department’s firefighting efficiency, in March 2013, the department was designated with an ISO 2 rating, one of only thirty-one in the State of Ohio. There are no ISO 1 rated departments in the State and only sixty-one in the country. The primary service delivery of the Springdale Fire Department is emergency medical service (EMS) runs. The majority of the City’s fire personnel are certified paramedics, and the remaining are emergency medical technicians. All are very capable of providing excellent services to our community.

Health Department

The Mission of the Springdale Health Department is to promote the health and safety of our community through health education and wellness, disease prevention and emergency preparedness.  We seek to meet the needs of our community by serving as a strong public health advocate and by acting as a liaison between our stakeholders and our community partners.  Services provided by the award winning City of Springdale Health Department fall under two divisions:

Community Health - the Immunization ProgramCommunicable Disease Program, Wellness Screening Program, Health Education Program and the Bed Bug Educational Campaign

Environmental Health - the Food Safety Education and Inspection ProgramSwimming Pool / Spa ProgramHotel / Motel ProgramSchool Health and Safety ProgramInstitutional (Jail) Health and Safety ProgramRabies Control Program, Smoke Free Ohio Workplace Program and the Nuisance / Housing Program

Parks and Recreation Department

The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Department is to provide a year-round leisure services program and functional, well-maintained facilities which serve the diverse needs of the community at large.  

Parks and Recreation is so much more than playgrounds, fields and a Community Center.  We introduce kids to youth sports in a fun, safe environment.  We encourage seniors activities and build friendships.  We help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We provide well-maintained places to picnic and play.  We provide family programs you will remember for a lifetime.  So stop by often and try something new – there’s always something going on!

Tax Department

The mission of the City of Springdale Tax Department is to enforce the City Tax Code by collecting an earnings tax, assisting taxpayers in the preparation of tax returns, administering tax refunds in a timely manner, and maintaining accurate taxpayer records for the taxpayers.

Public Works Department

The Public Works department provides integral services to our community every day. Our department's mission is to maintain the City's thoroughfares so as to ensure the safe movement for both vehicular and pedestrian travel, and to oversee the efficient operation of the City's solid waste collection/recycling program. Developing and offering efficient, cost effective services in partnership with our citizens will help us achieve our vision to make Springdale a leading city in the country by being an outstanding provider of Public Works Services, including Debris Removal, Leaf Program, Chipper Service and Mulch Program.

Police Department

The mission of the Springdale Police Department through its interaction with the community is to promote public safety and provide service through crime prevention, proactive and responsive patrols, investigations, and support services by maintaining a professional law enforcement organization. We actively seek out ways to relate to our citizens, businesses, and visitors.  Whether it is through our monthly neighborhood watch meetings, seniors meetings, community charitable activities, the citizens police academy, safety town, DARE, or other events we know we need to be part of the community and to be engaged with the community.

Finance Department

The mission of the City of Springdale Finance Department is to provide quality financial management and reporting by properly recording receipt, payroll expenditure, and non-payroll expenditure transactions, maintaining accurate financial records, and investing inactive funds, in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and City policy.