JANUARY 10, 2008

President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order on December 14, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.

Attendees:    Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Kevin Ketring, Pam Willis, Jim Squires, Jean Hicks, Cammie Mitrione, and Mayor Doyle Webster

The minutes of December 13, 2008 were approved.

POD After Action Report
Mrs. Mitrione explained the POD After Action Report in the packets. She said the goals were to provide vaccine, set up a POD, process in a timely manner, use the HDIS flu module and test the Reverse 911 system Code Red. Mrs. Mitrione stated people were given a survey on the way out and there were 285 responses. All liked the setup. One suggestion was to have reserved parking for those getting flu shots. She said they are contemplating having one big clinic next year and that she would like to get the Community Center more involved in the process.

Tobacco Free Worksite Project – 2008 Mini-Grant
Mrs. Mitrione reported the City could get a grant through Hamilton County for up to $3,000 to help the City become “tobacco” free. She said revisions have been made to the smoking policy. She said they added to designate the campus as tobacco free in 2010. Mrs. Mitrione stated the grant money would pay for a SHIP luncheon, patches for smokers and signs that we might want to put up.

After some discussion Dr. Ketring made a motion to support the request that the City consider going “Tobacco Free” in the newly revised policy and Mrs. Jones seconded. The motion passed with five votes.

Smokefree Workplace Program
Mrs. Mitrione reported that there was a second complaint at The Boulevard. She said they were given a copy of the laws and rules, and signage as part of the inspection process. Also on an inspection worksheet completed on site during a complaint driven inspection, a diagram of the place showing where the smoking violations occurred is drawn on the worksheet. A copy of the worksheet is provided to the person in charge during the inspection. She said they have thirty days to appeal.

Mayor Webster asked if the board should appoint a subcommittee or have all members present. The board agreed that it should consist of all members.

Mrs. Mitrione stated GE will get a warning letter and John Morrell had too many walls on the smoking hut. John Morrell had a second violation of smoking in the locker room but there was no evidence of that. Target had a first complaint about the gazebo being enclosed and will be getting a warning.

Mrs. Mitrione stated the mammogram van is scheduled at the Community Center in January. There will be a ServSafe class held January 14 and 15. She said there will be a two hour Spanish training course for Red Squirrel, and Blue Agave will be invited also.

Openings and Closings
Mrs. Mitrione said Krazy City is open; B J’s Brewhouse will open in February and Don Pablo’s is closed.

911 Call
Mrs. Hart said someone at Springdale School called 911 and got a message to call another number. She said luckily the person had a pencil in her hand and could write down the referral number. Dr. Ketring said he thought the board should look into that. Mayor Webster said the Fire Chief would be checking on that.

Avian Flu
Mrs. Hicks stated the Avian flu is spreading but there have been no human to human cases. The prediction is that that may change in the future.

TB Case
Mrs. Hicks said there was a traveler from India to the US who had drug resistant TB. The Health Departments in the areas where fellow travelers reside have been alerted. None were in Springdale.

Communicable Disease
Mrs. Hicks reported that a mother had Hepatitis B while she was pregnant. The baby was given HBIG and a Hepatitis B shot immediately and it was the nurse’s responsibility to follow up and make sure the baby is vaccinated at the correct times. The baby has tested negative for Hepatitis B.

Immunization Clinic
Mrs. Hicks said we have been giving immunizations to students from other countries. Mrs. Hart stated that is great. She said Springdale is the only place some of them can go because of costs at other clinics. Mrs. Hicks said that Sharonville is trying to establish a clinic.

Flu Vaccine for Next Year
Mrs. Hicks said ODH is going to decide if they want to continue giving flu vaccine to local health departments for fifty cents. She said some departments don’t use all their vaccine and ODH almost didn’t allow it to be given to people who qualify for Medicare, Medicaid and other health insurance.

Home Visits
Mrs. Hicks said she helped a man with a glucose machine. The man’s daughter called the office and Mrs. Hicks went there, read the directions, and showed him how to use the machine.

Mrs. Hicks said she was able to visit and persuade a woman with swollen feet to go to the doctor.

Dr. Ketring nominated George Kellner and Mr. Kellner was appointed by acclamation.

Next Meeting        -    February 14, 2008

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, Secretary