JANUARY 11, 2007


President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order on January 11, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.


Attendees:†††† Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring, Pam Willis,

Jean Hicks, Margie Harlow, Cammie Mitrione, Dr. Barry Webb and Mayor

Doyle Webster


The minutes of December 14, 2006 were approved.



Childrenís Health Fair Update

Mrs. Hicks stated the Childrenís Health Fair has been moved to March 29, 2007.The April date coincided with spring break at several schools.



Cities Readiness Initiative

Mrs. Mitrione reported most of the deliverables are done for the POD plan.She said they will be working on training exercises and evaluation.Springdaleís portion of the money is $2183.56 and will be used buy things needed for the POD, such as cones and stanchions.†† Mrs. Mitrione stated that Hamilton County received $100,000 base rate as did the City of Cincinnati and added on to that for all jurisdictions involved is a population based amount.


Flu Shot Clinics

Mrs. Mitrione said there is a copy of the after action report in your packet.It shows that we completed the exercise.She said we will continue to have the clinics at the Community Center but will probably start them later in the year.She said we had to call 300 people to reschedule this year because we did not receive the flu vaccine in time.Mrs. Mitrione said giving the flu shots for free is a big draw and the numbers stay high.She said we will add an evaluation next year so that the residents can comment on the process.She said most of the comments we heard were very positive.She said the PHI grant requires us to have an exercise so you will see more of these after action reports.


Smoking Ban Rules

Mrs. Mitrione said there is a draft of the rules posted on the ODH website.She said it identifies the Board of Health as the enforcing agency.She said there are exemptions for certain places such as retail tobacco stores.She stated there is a process of reporting violations and the Board of Health may be the appeals board.She said the first infraction will result in a warning.After that there could be a $100 a day fine.The fine money goes into a state fund to be used to enforce the law.Mrs. Mitrione reported that the sanitarian said all of our restaurants are fairly compliant.She said the restaurants are welcoming it.She said some of the restaurants may build smoking patios to accommodate smokers.

The board expressed concern over being the enforcing agency and also not receiving any of the money paid for fines.The Mayor asked Mrs. Mitrione to express those concerns to ODH.


Animal Nuisance

Mrs. Mitrione stated an annual report is included in your packet.We will be glad to report to you on a monthly, quarterly, annual basis, whatever the board desires.Mrs. Harlow suggested a quarterly report and the board members agreed.


Mrs. Mitrione said no matter what we trap during the year, or what restrictions we place, the bill always seems to stay the same.


Mrs. Mitrione told the board about a problem over billing for a wild turkey that was trapped inside a business.Between that issue and a few other issues that have come up, Mrs. Mitrione stated she has been interviewing other critter control services.There is one in particular that she likes and is considering using them in the future.They physically check the traps themselves and have a contract to shoot birds inside Krogerís.


Mrs. Mitrione reported that while the property maintenance inspector was looking at another problem he found a shelter that has been erected on the Perkins property with bowls of food for animals.Mrs. Mitrione said the manager at Perkins said they donít know of anyone there feeding the cats.


Outdoor Wood Burning Boilers

Mrs. Mitrione said Springdale wants to be proactive in not allowing wood burning boilers in the City because of pollution.She said they are not appropriate for urban areas.


Dr. Webb suggested that if wood burning boilers are being considered as a health risk that outdoor fireplaces/fire pits may also be considered as a health risk due to the pollution they produce.There was discussion about the boilers and Lynn Jones made a motion to recommend to Council that they be banned.Pam Willis seconded.The motion passed unanimously.



Flu Shots

Mrs. Hicks said there has not been much flu reported in this area but the flu that is going around is a strain for which the flu vaccine is effective.She encouraged anyone who has not received the flu vaccine yet to call the office to arrange with the nurse to get a flu immunization.


Communicable Diseases

Mrs. Hicks stated there is a baby here in Springdale who was born to a mother with hepatitis B.She said the baby received the medications it needs at the hospital.Mrs. Hicks said she contacted the parents to make sure the mother understands the baby needs the second and third doses of the hepatitis B vaccine, and also blood work to make sure the vaccines took.The mom did not have prenatal care and did not know she had hepatitis B.Mrs. Hicks said the mother has had other children and did not have hepatitis B at that time.


Immunization Program

Mrs. Hicks reported that the City can start giving the human papaloma vaccine to girls if they qualify under the VFC program.She said the number of children we are seeing in the office has decreased and she believes that is partly because doctors who treat patients on Medicaid must provide their vaccines to them.


Blood Pressure Screenings

Mrs. Hicks stated she does two blood pressure screenings a month at the Community Center.One is for the senior group and one is in the lobby for anyone who would like to have their blood pressure taken.


Respectfully submitted,




Cammie Mitrione, RS

Health Commissioner