January 13, 2011

Mayor Webster called the Board of Health to order on January 13, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

Attendees:    Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Noreen Mocsny, Jean Hicks, Jim Squires, Mayor Webster and Cammie Mitrione. Also in attendance was Junior Allen of Windows on the Green
    Dr. Ketring was absent
The minutes of December 9, 2010 were approved unanimously.

Board of Health Regulation R2-2010 Public Hearing
Mrs. Hart made a motion to read by title only and Mrs. Mocsny seconded. The motion passed with four affirmative votes.

Mrs. Mitrione read Regulation R2-2010 establishing FSO/RFE/Vending licensing fees for 2011 by title only. Mrs. Mitrione explained that the letter advising of the new fees was sent out in December. The public hearing was opened. There were no comments. The public hearing was closed.

ODA – Retail Food Establishment Survey
Mrs. Mitrione reported that the retail food establishment survey was completed. The inspector conducted an inspection of RFE files, licensing process and conducted inspections with the sanitarian primarily responsible for RFE inspections, Jane Kay. She was impressed with Jane Kay’s rapport with operators, especially the Hispanic operators. Survey results will be mailed within the next several weeks and are expected to be very favorable.

Cincinnati Health Department Lab
Mrs. Mitrione stated Cincinnati City Council is considering closing the Health Department Lab. Therefore, she wrote a letter to Cincinnati City Council in support of keeping the lab open. She said Springdale has been sending samples there for twenty years and that Cincinnati is close and reasonably priced. Mrs. Mitrione said she had received replies from two Council members and it is still on the Council docket.

ODH Animal bite Report
Mrs. Mitrione reported Springdale only had two animal bites reported in 2010. She said they have held two rabies vaccination clinics in the past few years. She said there is a bat report. A family opens their windows to let a cat in and one morning they found a bat on the bedroom floor. We had the bat tested for rabies which was negative.

Food Sampling
Mrs. Mitrione went through the food sampling report. She said Donato’s salami was high. She said KFC was not cleaning the slaw mixing container and there was a problem there. Panera replaced the compressor on the cold holding container which solved their problem and Jersey Mike’s tuna was slightly high. She said we advised them to refrigerate the ingredients before mixing together.

Frozen Desserts
Mrs. Mitrione said Dairy Queen has its cold serve equipment out front and the milk in the walk-in refrigerator. The milk goes through tubing and the fan diffuser inside the walk-in may be blowing particles which is causing the product to get contaminated. Dairy Queen will be re-sampled next time

Smoke Free Report
Mrs. Mitrione said there are no open smoking violations except for The Boulevard. She said we haven’t received the fines yet. Mayor Webster asked her to contact ODH and find out what’s happening with that.

SOS Final Report
Mrs. Mitrione stated forty-eight families were helped by SOS during the holidays. She said SOS also donated $300 to SOUL Ministries and another $300 to Frame USA who donated to the Healing Center. Thank you letters were sent out by the Health Department to all who donated.

Healthy U Diabetes Workshop
Mrs. Hicks said the first Healthy U Diabetes Self-Management Program beginning January 11, 2011 was canceled due to weather. She said they are at full capacity with eighteen people signed up and thirteen on the waiting list for the next program

Flu Clinic at Colony
Mrs. Hicks said twenty-two people were vaccinated at the clinic at the Colony on December 14. She said a date is chosen for a clinic at Mi Familia which will be February 3, 2011 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Lego League
Mrs. Hicks reported she is meeting weekly as a volunteer professional consultant for an after school Lego League of third, fourth, and fifth grade students at Springdale Elementary School who are working on a Diabetes Awareness project along with their Lego Robot project. She explained how the students build the project and program the robot. They have their final event this coming weekend at Scarlet Oaks.

CDC Press Release – Foodborne Illness
Mrs. Hicks stated there is a press release about foodborne illnesses in the packet. Mrs. Mocsny said there is a magazine called Emergency Infectious Diseases with an article about under diagnosed, unreported illnesses. She said most people don’t report an illness.

Mrs. Mitrione stated it is difficult to determine where the illness came from, especially if there is only one person involved. When a foodborne illness is reported to the Springdale Health Department, the sanitarians focus on information gathering and completing food illness forms provided by the Ohio Department of Health. This involves determining symptoms, onset of symptoms and asking for a three-day food history. Complainants are encouraged to seek medical attention and to submit a stool for culture. All of these actions assist with possible identification of the agent/food source.

Mrs. Mocsny provided handouts and presented information about bedbugs.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS
Health Commissioner