FEBRUARY 7, 2007


President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order on  February 7, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.


Attendees:     Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring, Pam Willis,

Jean Hicks, Margie Harlow, Cammie Mitrione, Dr. Barry Webb and Mayor

Doyle Webster


The minutes of January 11, 2007 were approved.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS                         -           none




Wood Fired Boilers

Mayor Webster stated after the Council meeting last evening the Law Director looked at the Board of Health minutes from January and thought it would be better if the Board of Health passed a resolution declaring wood fired boilers a health hazard before Council votes at the next Council meeting.




Dr. Ketring made a motion to adopt and Mrs. Jones seconded.  The resolution passed with five affirmative votes.


Pool Fees

Mrs. Mitrione said a cost analysis on the pools had not been completed since 1997.  A pool cost analysis was performed this year and suggested an increase of $44 on the first pool/spa and $22 for the second and subsequent pools/spas.   The board thought that was reasonable and Regulation R1-2007 increasing the pool fees to $284 for the first pool/spa and $142 for the second and subsequent pools and spas had a first reading.




2007 Budget

Mrs. Mitrione said if you look at the expenditure detail you will see that the 2006 actual budget was higher than the estimated budget.  She said that was mostly because of a payout to Jane Messer when she retired.  She noted that the Materials and Supplies account included the cost of ServSafe materials.  Mrs. Mitrione stated another line item has been added for Springdale Offering Support.  She said the City is donating $1,000 to SOS.  She said they donate $2,000 to Norcen Behavioral Clinic and $1,000 to HealthCare Connections (Lincoln Heights).  Mrs. Mitrione noted that $6,000 was budgeted for animal control and the actual expenditure was $10,100.  Mrs. Mitrione reported that the capital improvement line item reflects that the Health Department has purchased a new car for the nurse to use and will also be buying some new office furniture for the nurse’s office and a new chair for the administrative assistant.


Annual Report

Mrs. Mitrione stated the format for the annual report is the same as the last year.  She pointed out that the Health Department employees had spent a lot of time on emergency preparedness training last year.  That number is much higher since 9/11.  Mrs. Mitrione said the revenue from the food services is down because the fees have been down the past couple of years.  She said she also included the blood drives the Health Department has been sponsoring and Springdale Offering Support in the annual report this year.


Animal Control

Mrs. Mitrione said she talked again with Critt R Catch R.  She said they negotiated a fee of $80 for evaluation and set up of traps between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and $50 each for animal removed.  The fees for nighttime removal would be double with three occurrences free.  Mrs. Mitrione said the $80 fee is only $5 more than John Ware is charging and the $50 removal fee is the same.  She said we don’t have that many occurrences of having to send a trapper in the evening or overnight.


Mayor Webster said he advocates changing companies.


Mrs. Mitrione said there is no contract.  She said Critt R Catch R has provided us liability insurance information and their Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) nuisance wild animal trapping permit information.


Dr. Ketring asked that Mrs. Mitrione get information in writing on their trapping procedures and to be sure they use have-a-heart traps.  He also said she should discuss with them how they communicate with the public since that has been an issue in the past. 


Mrs. Harlow asked if they are licensed.  Mrs. Mitrione replied yes, they have ODNR nuisance animal trapping permits and have liability insurance.


Once Mrs. Mitrione gets the above information, the Health Department will start using Critt R Catch R for nuisance animal trapping.


Smoke Free Workplace

Mrs. Mitrione said there is a summary of comments on the smoking rules in the packets.  She said they will be receiving funding from ODH to assist with the enforcement of the law.


Mrs. Hart asked Mrs. Mitrione to find out how much of the fine stays at the local level.


Cats at Perkins

Mrs. Mitrione reported that in January the Public Works Department removed the cat shelter on the Perkins property.  She said several of the people who feed the cats were there and wanted their property returned.  Mrs. Mitrione told them it had been put in a dumpster and could not be retrieved.  John Ware set traps in the area.  He reported that they had all been tripped and no cats were trapped.  One of the women involved with the cats called the Mayor and they have been given until February 26, 2007 to find homes for the cats and remove the shelter.



Human Papaloma Vaccine

Mrs. Hicks stated that the Health Department has received a shipment of vaccine for the Human Papaloma Virus.  She said it is to be given to girls 11-18 years old covered under VFC.


Home Visits

Mrs. Hicks gave another report on how she assists people on her home visits, including checking the oil in the oil tank and helping one woman get more oil ordered.


HealthBridge Reports

Mrs. Hicks said she gets reports from HealthBridge and if there is a reported disease in Springdale she follows up on it.


Children’s Health Fair

Mrs. Hicks stated they gotten a good response from the schools invited to the health fair.  She said they expect to have 20-25 vendors.


Respectfully submitted,





Cammie Mitrione, RS

Health Commissioner