FEBRUARY 9, 2012

Attendees:    Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Rita Hart, Jean Hicks, Mayor
Webster, Dr. Kevin Ketring, and Cammie Mitrione

Absent:    Noreen Mocsny
The minutes of January 12, 2012 were approved unanimously.


2012 Public Pool/Spa Fee Proposal
Mrs. Mitrione discussed the pool program cost analysis with the board. The current fees are $332 for the first pool and $166 for a second pool or spa. The amount collected in fees for 2011 was $463 less than the cost to run the program. Dr. Ketring said he thought it was better to raise the rates a little bit consistently than have a big raise every few years. Mayor Webster said he didn’t want to see Springdale have the highest fees in the area. After discussion it was agreed to keep the fees the same for 2012.

2012 PHEP/CRI Grant Summary
Mrs. Mitrione shared a report on the grants Springdale receives. She said Springdale will receive $14,498 from August 2011 to August 2012. The grant money will be spent on payment to the Medical Director, for the Health Department cell phones, MARCS radio maintenance, equipment updates, the HDIS program which includes nursing modules, and reporting systems. There will be approximately $6,400 left to put towards personnel expenses for time spent on emergency preparedness.

Waive Food License Fees for Non Profits
Mrs. Mitrione said a couple of non profit food services asked if the Health Department would be willing to waive the fee for food licenses.

Mayor Webster said the City cut off $3,000 a year subsidy for the Springdale Sailfish Team and also wanted to close the concession stand as the Rec Center was not making money with it. The Sailfish Team parents asked if they could use the facility. Last year they made $1500 but did not have a license. The Springdale Youth Boosters has also asked for an exemption. They made about $800 last year.

The board agreed to waive the food service fees for the non profits.

Atrium Hotel Inspection
Mrs. Mitrione said the Atrium had a good hotel inspection. There were no bedbug issues. They were using outdated baby cribs which are being replaced. They filled in the swimming pool/spa area and will have a conference center.

Food Service Openings
Mrs. Mitrione reported TC Thai Restaurant has opened and Humana will be opening soon.

La Plaza Tapatia Inspection
Mrs. Mitrione stated La Plaza Tapatia is looking good. However, hand soap and towels were missing from all the sinks. She said every employee will receive training in Spanish from Victor Valez.

Mammogram Van
Mrs. Mitrione reported the Mammogram van will be here in March.

Influenza update
Mrs. Hicks reported that nationally influenza activity is relatively low but in 15 of the past 30 years flu activity has begun to increase in January, peaked in February and March and continued into May. Flu shots are still available at the Health Department.

Diabetes Disease Management Healthy U Workshop
The Diabetes Disease Management program will be offered starting February 14, 2012 from 1 until 3:30 for 6 weeks. There are now 16 persons registered to come.

Foodborne Illness Complaints
Mrs. Hicks stated there is a copy of the Foodborne Disease Report Individual Case History sheet in your packet. She explained how the Health Department gathers information and follows up on complaints of food related illness.

Medical Reserve Corp
Mrs. Hicks stated attempts are being made to continue to sign up new volunteers and also to update the online registration system.

Cardiovascular Health Program
Mrs. Hicks said February is National Heart Month. She said posters are posted at the Community Center and the Hope Health Newsletter is circulated among employees. She continues to do blood pressure and pulse checks at the Seniors Meeting and Community Center.

Children’s Health Fair
Mrs. Hicks said the Children’s Health Fair will be held May 10.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS
Health Commissioner