February 12, 2009

President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order on February 12, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

Attendees:    Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring, Pam Willis, Jean Hicks, Jim Squires, Cammie Mitrione, Dr. Barry Webb and Mayor Doyle Webster

Absent:    Rita Hart

The minutes of January 8, 2009 were approved.

Community Health Assessment Survey Review
Mrs. Mitrione went over the Health Assessment survey. She said a resource list will either be included with the survey as part of the question, or will be part of the newsletter as an informative piece. She said the survey asks basic health questions. Mrs. Mitrione said the survey would be announced in the April newsletter and then included in the following newsletter. She said they may be able to e-mail it through the Community Center e-mail list. She suggested that it also be available at neighborhood watch meetings and senior group meetings.

Mayor Webster asked what we do if people say they don’t have a doctor and Mrs. Hicks replied we give them information about Medicaid programs and Lincoln Heights HealthCare Center.

Immunization Fees
Mayor Webster said one of the Council people wanted to know if the Health Department could charge for immunizations.

Mrs. Hicks stated most of the people who come in for immunizations don’t have insurance and that we get the immunizations at no charge from the State. She said Hamilton County charges $15 for an administrative fee but they travel to clinics and that helps pay their travel costs.

Mrs. Jones said the board had discussed fees a few months ago and agreed not to charge for immunizations.

Hotel/Motel and Swimming Pool Fees Review
Mrs. Mitrione reported we had added $100 to the hotel/motel fees in 2007 and did a cost methodology for the pool fees. She said the fees are right on target for covering costs. She said they are not trying to make a profit from the fees.

ServSafe Training
Mrs. Mitrione said ServSafe training has been offered twice a year in January and July. Due to weather issues they have decided to hold the classes in March and September. Mrs. Mitrione said January is normally their best turnout but they only had seven attendees this year.

Critt R Catch R
Mrs. Mitrione stated Critt R Catch will participate in one of the Springdale’s Gone Wild programs and provide information on nuisance animals.

Bedbug Flier
Mrs. Mitrione said the Health Department informational brochure on bedbugs is now also available in Spanish and can be provided to residents and landlords.

Cincinnati North Hotel/Motel Inspection Report
Mrs. Mitrione said there is an inspection report in your packet. She said there had been concern of a roof leak on the tenth floor but the building inspector said there is not a roof leak. The tenth floor is not being used at this time. Mrs. Mitrione stated they are having problems with their swimming pool. Sometimes they do not have chlorine in the pool and they do not voluntarily close the pool when the readings are not right. She said they are coming in for an administrative review with the Building and Health Departments later this month. She said there is a possibility that their pool license will not be renewed this year.

Indigent Burial Request
Mrs. Mitrione said several years ago the State mandated that municipalities would be responsible for indigent burials in their municipalities. She said they had a request for burial at the end of last year. A man who died at Maple Knoll was cremated at a cost of $400. Medicare or Social Security pays $250 in burial costs and the widow sent that check to the City to help defer the costs. Mrs. Mitrione said she received a second call from a mortuary and she asked them to fax the information to her. The man who died was a veteran and the VA has a $300 death benefit. She gave that information to the mortuary and told them to apply for the benefit.

Children’s Health Fair
Mrs. Hicks stated the Children’s Health Fair will be held March 19th for over 500 kids in the Princeton School District. There will be over twenty learning centers with hands on activities. Members of the board are invited to come.

Communicable Disease Surveillance
Mrs. Hicks reported that there have been no reports of Pertussis or Salmonella in Springdale in the past month. There have been 92 cases of Salmonella in Ohio including two deaths.

Flu Vaccine
Mrs. Hicks said Springdale gave 790 flu shots this year including the 200 given by Maxim. She said the Health Department gave 400 shots to people under 65 and 200 to seniors. She said ODH is reducing the amount of vaccine they purchase from 190,000 doses to 45,000 doses.

Mrs. Hicks said Springdale is planning to purchase 200 doses and medical supplies to administer flu vaccine at $15/dose for 2009. She is looking for other companies like Maxim who may bill more insurance companies than Maxim did. Otherwise the City will have to find a way to buy more vaccine.

NEXT MEETING – March 12, 2009.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS