April 10, 2008


President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order onApril 10, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.


Attendees:†††† Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring,

Jean Hicks, Jim Squires, Cammie Mitrione, Dr. Barry Webb and Mayor

Doyle Webster


Absent:†††††††††† Pam Willis


The minutes of March 13, 2008 were approved.



Cincinnati North Hotel

Mrs. Mitrione stated that the mold has been remediated.She said the Health Department and Building Department did a joint inspection and that eight rooms had mold.There was enough mold that Cincinnati North had to contract with a mold remediator.Mrs. Mitrione said the rooms were closed and the air shut off.A final inspection was done on April 7, 2008 and all rooms had been remediated plus three rooms that Cincinnati North had added to the list.


Dr. Ketring asked if they check the air.


Mrs. Mitrione replied they scrub the air.They donít test it.She said no mold is acceptable.If you can see it or smell it, there is mold.She said the moisture problem has been addressed and the roof repaired.She said they didnít repair around the edges though.Mrs. Mitrione said management told her they are going to replace the whole roof.


Dr. Ketring asked how long do we let this go on?


Mrs. Mitrione responded it needs to be maintained because of its history.She said she will work with the Building Department to get the roof water tight.She said the pool is under control and that five rooms were inspected on the ninth floor. She said there were cosmetic issues but no mold visible.


Sanitarian Position

Mrs. Mitrione reported there were six applicants.She said two did not have the right credentials and four were sanitarians.She said they agreed that Ella was the best candidate and the hiring process has begun.There will not be a new part-time position.


Six Star Honor Award

Mrs. Mitrione said ten restaurants will receive the award.There will be an article in the newspaper and in the Springdale newsletter.


Dr. Ketring suggested changing the date on the award to 2008 instead of 2007, and also to invite the winners to Council.


Smoking Complaints

Mrs. Mitrione said a letter was sent to The Boulevard and they have received two complaints since the hearing. She said the next violation would result in a $500 fine.


Mrs. Mitrione stated there were a few other smoking complaints.One was that Cincinnati North had too many smoking rooms available.They are only allowed 20 percent smoking rooms.



Health Department Grants

Mrs. Mitrione said the Health Department receives three grants; the PHI grant, Ohio Pan Flu and CRI.††She said the CRI money is used to plan and supply the PODs.She said the money is spent on emergency type things and then the Health Department is compensated for deliverables.Mrs. Mitrione said they will probably buy a computer for the part-time sanitarian and a laptop for the nurse this year.


Mrs. Mitrione said the CRI money will be used to buy crowd control materials for the PODs.She said last year they bought emergency preparedness kits for employees and residents.


Mrs. Mitrione said there will be no Pan Flu grant money next year.



Hotel/Motel Inspection Report

Mrs. Mitrione said the Health Department created an in-house database to document each room in each hotel.She said they hope to have every hotel room in the City inspected within one to two years.††† She said they look for stains on mattresses, bedspreads and carpeting; mold and mildew; cleanliness, bedbugs, etc.She said they hope to cut back on complaints and up the standards.Mrs. Mitrione said at Cincinnati North they were washing glasses in the bathrooms with Windex.


Mrs. Hart suggested getting a copy of their training protocol.She said some of the workers may not know the right way to do things.


School Inspection Report

Mrs. Mitrione reported they are using a computer program for school inspections now.She said Springdale Elementary did not have hot water anywhere in the building except in the kitchen.She said they got on that right away.She said the teachers are not allowed to have any chemicals in the rooms unless they have MSD sheets in the room also.Mrs. Mitrione said the Health Department will be working with them to get a safety and crisis management plan in place.


Mrs. Mitrione continued Heritage Hill had pebbles in the water.She said internally they were doing the right thing but they had not contacted any outside agencies.The sanitarian had them contact Cincinnati Water Works and run tests.They flushed the system.


Mayor Webster asked Mrs. Mitrione to call the Health Departments for Sharonville, Glendale, Woodlawn and Lincoln Heights and see if they have inspected the schools there.


Spanish Classes

Mrs. Mitrione stated that the Health Department conducted a food safety class for fifteen Spanish speaking employees.



Childrenís Health Fair

Mrs. Hicks stated there were 130 volunteers and 500 children participating in the Childrenís Health Fair this year.She said she will have evaluations ready for the next board meeting.


Hepatitis A Event

Mrs. Hicks said there was exposure to Hepatitis A at P F Changís in Butler County.She said a few of the teachers from the high school had eaten there and she spent a few days making phone calls.She said public health prevented a lot of people from getting Hepatitis A and spreading the disease.


Respectfully submitted,




Cammie Mitrione, RS

Health Commissioner