April 13, 2006


President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order on  April 13, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.


Attendees:     Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring, Pam Willis,

Jean Hicks, Margie Pollitt, Cammie Mitrione, Dr. Barry Webb and Mayor

Doyle Webster


The minutes of March 9, 2006 were approved.


Mayor Webster introduced Jean Hicks, the new Director of Nursing.



Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) Points of Dispensing Pods

Mrs. Mitrione stated she had had two meetings with the Administration and department directors.  She said Hamilton County is encouraging pods in local communities and we will have our own POD.  She said we have to allow twelve hours for the delivery of prophylaxes so we will have 36 hours to prophylax the population.  Mrs. Mitrione said the Administrator was concerned about car traffic but the Police Chief felt it could be controlled.  She said they would try to target heads of households and have them take the prophylaxes for the whole family.  Mrs. Mitrione said they would start with City employees to head various jobs and hopefully recruit volunteers from the community to help with the dispensing.  She said Maple Knoll would be a separate entity and they will encourage some of the other businesses such as Avon and Tri-County Mall to handle their own dispensing.  Sharonville’s pod at Princeton will be a regional POD.



Annual Report

Mrs. Mitrione said the 2005 annual report is very similar to the 2004 report with just a change of numbers. 


Pandemic Flu

Mrs. Mitrione reported Springdale Health Department will work with Hamilton County to help businesses plan for pandemic flu.  Mrs. Hart suggested that the Health Department do a newsletter article or other information about the prevention of spreading germs.


Hepatitis B

Mrs. Mitrione said two years ago there was a conversation about the Health Department giving the Hepatitis B vaccine.  She said at that time we quit giving it to employees and sent them to the places where we had employee physical exams done.  Mrs. Mitrione said it would cost $25 a dose to give the shot here versus $70 at another facility.  She said the nurse will start ordering the vaccine to give to employees.  Mayor Webster asked Mrs. Mitrione to check with the Community Center to find out what they do about their part-time help, i.e., lifeguards getting the vaccine.  


Mrs. Hicks will check with the police and fire departments to see if they are being trained about bloodborne pathogens on an annual basis.


Springdale Offering Support

Mrs. Mitrione reported that six volunteer packets have been sent out and five have been returned and approved.  She said she has made one connection between a volunteer and requester.


Mayor Webster said the success of the program has been to have the framework in place to give referrals.  He said the failure has been in trying to get the one project done.



Children’s Health Fair

Mrs. Mitrione said the health fair is being held at the Springdale Community Center this year.  She said there are twenty booths for the health fair.  She said she hopes to see it expanded next year.



Mrs. Mitrione stated there was a problem with ringworm carried by two kittens at Jack’s Aquarium.  She said someone had bought one of the kittens and the entire family got ringworm.  They returned the kitten to the store and an employee took the kittens home to raise.


Mrs. Mitrione reported that a raccoon head was sent to the State after a resident’s dog had tangled with it.  The rabies report came back negative.


Mrs. Mitrione said John Ware, the animal control officer, was upset with the SPCA for removing a captured raccoon from a trap he had set.  The officer responded at 1:30 a.m. to a 7:00 p.m. complaint and removed a sick and stressed raccoon from the cage.  It was suggested that John be paid for the trapped animal.


Mrs. Mitrione said she was called out this past Sunday morning because there had been a smoke problem at Durango’s.  When the Police Department responded, they found food sitting out on a counter.



Blood Pressure Checks

Mrs. Hicks said she did blood pressure checks at the Community Center and did some medicine consultations with some of the seniors. She said she will be doing blood pressure checks twice a month at the Community Center for the two senior groups.


Dr. Webb said pharmacies should label generic drugs with the name of the medicine they are replacing so that the lay person knows what it is.  He said it is a safety as well as financial issue.


Mrs. Hicks stated she is looking into using two new vaccines.  One is Tdap and includes pertussis to boost a person’s immunity to pertussis as well as getting the tetanus vaccine.  She said the other vaccine is pediorix which combines polio, hepatitis B and Dtap into one vaccine instead of three.


Dr. Webb said the adult pertussis is recommended more than giving it to the 11-18 year olds.


Respectfully submitted,




Cammie Mitrione, RS

Health Commissioner