May 13, 2010

President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order on May 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Attendees:    Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring, Noreen Mocsny,
Jean Hicks, Jim Squires, Cammie Mitrione, Dr. Barry Webb and Mayor
Doyle Webster

The minutes of April 8, 2010 were approved.

School Environmental Safety Regulation
Mrs. Mitrione stated our regulation was adapted from Hamilton County. She shared the regulation with Calvary Christian and Princeton Schools who had no issues with it. She also ran it by the Legal Department. There are a few changes to the document. Mrs. Mitrione said the inspection period changed from fifteen months to twelve months. Students cannot play on the playground without staff supervision and after use of weight equipment, clean the equipment.

Mayor Webster asked if it is more comprehensive than Jared’s Law and Mrs. Mitrione responded that it is less comprehensive. She said there is no requirement for radon testing as the schools are new and that is an expensive process. Mrs. Mitrione said the new school rules won’t require plans but that Princeton School District does have grant money coming to assist with school safety planning.

Mayor Webster asked what Sharonville is doing and Mrs. Mitrione replied she is not sure where they will go. She said we can adopt this regulation or use a twenty-year old regulation. She said she will send Sharonville a copy of our regulation.

Mrs. Jones made a motion to adopt and Mr. Kellner seconded. The regulation passed with five affirmative votes.

2009 Community Health Assessment
Mrs. Mitrione reported the surveys that were returned were completed mostly by older white women. Approximately five percent of the surveys were returned. She said when they do the survey again, they will try to reach out to the younger people and the African American and Hispanic communities. The reason for the survey is to assess residents’ health needs and awareness of health screening ages. Results of the survey will assist the Health Department with developing future programming.

Mrs. Mocsny suggested having a table at the Farmer’s Market to distribute brochures and Mrs. Hart suggested including facts from the survey in the newsletter.

Food Sampling Program
Mrs. Mitrione said bacteria can be growing in the soft serve machines. KFC had a high count on cole slaw and Donato’s had a high count on ham and salami.

FSO/RFE Report
Mrs. Mitrione said Buffalo Wings & Rings is reopening under corporate ownership as is Jersey Mike’s. La Plaza Tapatia is expanding and Entenmann’s moved to the old Wok N Roll location on Springfield Pike. China Experience is moving into Taca Casa’s old space and Taqueria Carnaseria is expanding.

Mrs. Hart commented on Jade Buffet telling a patron they will microwave their food. Mrs. Mitrione stated there usually isn’t anyone on the premises who speaks good English. She said their holding facility is getting too hot and they are using buffer pans to slow the heat. She said they ordered them to repair or replace the holding facility.

ServSafe Class
Mrs. Mitrione reported they are teaching a two hour employee training session in June and will have a regular two-day ServSafe class in September.

Children’s Health Fair
Mrs. Hicks said 470 students attended the Children’s Health Fair and it will be held again next year. Sharonville will fund the busses for the next fair.

2010 Flu Clinics
Mrs. Hicks stated they are planning for the flu vaccine clinics in October. She said she would like to offer it free to children and adults without insurance. H1N1 in the United States is gone. There has been a study on giving seniors lower doses of the flu vaccine.

Shigella Outbreak
Mrs. Hicks said there was a shigella outbreak in a daycare that Springdale children attend. Parents who work in food service, day care and health care fields should be tested if symptomatic.

Educational Minute
Mrs. Mocsny informed the board about the internet sites of TWIV and TWIP.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS
Health Commissioner