MAY 14, 2009

President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order on May 14, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

Attendees:    Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring,
Jean Hicks, Jim Squires, Cammie Mitrione, Dr. Barry Webb and Mayor
Doyle Webster

The minutes of April 9, 2009 were approved.

Community Health Assessment Survey
The board members looked at a copy of the survey the Health Department plans to send out in the August newsletter. Mrs. Hart suggested on the line that says “Do you know how often you should have the following (tests) ?” that they add the words “based on your personal history.” She said the answers would not be the same for everyone.

H1N1 Swine Flu
Mrs. Mitrione stated she and Mrs. Hicks worked through the emergency flu pandemic plan. She said they were involved in many conference calls with ODH, EMA, etc. She said they talked to the schools directly and were in touch with the police and fire departments.

Mrs. Hicks stated there have been 4,298 cases reported in 47 states. She said there have been three deaths reported in the United States so far.

Dr. Ketring asked what that number is compared to the regular flu. Mrs. Hicks responded there have been 200,000 cases of the regular flu with 36,000 deaths.

Mrs. Hicks said there is no vaccine available at this time. She said it is a new virus and is affecting relatively healthy people.

Mrs. Mitrione said the Feds shipped twenty-five percent of the stockpile (antivirals, gloves, masks and gowns) to the states. She said the antivirals have to be temperature controlled. If Tami flu is to be dispensed to the ill, she said they will be looking for a point of dispensing such as a large pharmacy.

Food Sampling Report
Mrs. Mitrione reported four samples were high for either coliform or standard plate count. She said they were retested. Mrs. Mitrione said First Watch asked them to test the celery with FIT and no FIT. The results were the same both ways.

Soft Serve Report
Mrs. Mitrione said there have been issues at Sam’s and Burger King. She said Sam’s is cleaning the equipment once a week and it needs to be done every day. She said they are going to contact the corporate office about this issue. She said the manager is cleaning the equipment at Burger King or supervising the person who does it.

Smoking Report
Mrs. Mitrione stated there were six complaints. She said Buffalo Wings and Rings and Tri County Mall are receiving warnings. The others will be closed. She said The Boulevard cases remain open because the fines have not been paid.

Farmer’s Market
Mrs. Mitrione stated there will be a Farmers Market at Springdale Towne Center that will be managed by the Chamber of Commerce. She said seven vendors have signed up so far for the first day on June 4.

Dr. Ketring asked that the criteria for the market be made aware to the public.

The Willows Community Event
Mrs. Mitrione said on June 6 The Willows will have a cookout and have invited the police, health and fire departments. They will also have Healthy Women, Healthy Babies and Hershey, the bedbug sniffing dog.

Healthy Women, Healthy Lives
Mrs. Mitrione said the Health Department distributed fliers to The Willows, The Colony, La Tapatia and in Heritage Hill for the Healthy Women, Healthy Lives screening to be held at The Healing Center at The Vineyard Church on June 13.

ServSafe Training
Mrs. Mitrione stated ServSafe classes will be held on September 21 and 22 at the Community Center.

Rabies Vaccination Clinic
Mrs. Mitrione said the 2009 Rabies Vaccination Clinic will be held on September 26. Dr. Ketring stated he did not want to advertise too early as this is not a regular clinic but to catch people who normally would not have their animals vaccinated.

Critt R Catch R
Mrs. Mitrione said she received a letter from Critt R Catch stating the fee for trapping feral cats will be going from $55 to $110. Tom Tyrell said the cats would be transported to the SPCA rather than euthanized.

Memorandum of Understanding
Mrs. Hicks stated the Springdale Health Department signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ohio Department of Health on childhood lead poisoning prevention.

Springdale POD Volunteers
Mrs. Hicks said Springdale is looking for volunteers to help with the Springdale POD in case of emergency. There will be a meeting on June 4 from 6-8 p.m. for those interested in joining.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS
Health Commissioner