Attendees:    Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring ,Noreen Mocsny, Jean Hicks, Mayor Webster, Student Nurse Rebecca Dennis, Cammie Mitrione and Dr. Webb
The minutes of May 12 and May 31, 2011 were approved unanimously.

Safety Day
Noreen Mocsny said Safety Day was a success. The Health Department provided a hand out of a drug information list, pill boxes, and hand sanitizer, which was very popular.

Cost Methodology
Mrs. Mitrione said at the end of August the Springdale Health Department received an updated version of the cost methodology spreadsheet template from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) which is used to determine the maximum license fees that can be charged for food service operations, food establishments, vending and mobiles. Some changes that occurred involve the overhead costs which used to be attributed to risk category food service only but are now spread out to other areas like mobile, temporary and vending. Also, the administrative assistant will need to record the amount of time she spends working in the food program. Mrs. Mitrione explained why the fee for a mobile license decreased from $185 to $45. She said in 2010 we could only charge the state fee because Springdale wasn’t licensing any mobile FSOs. In 2011 there were two mobile units and one required several visits thus raising the cost of the fee. This year there is only one mobile so the number of hours spent for inspection time will be less making the final fee less.

Dr. Ketring asked if the Health Department income would be higher or lower this year and where did the mandate for fees come from.

Mrs. Mitrione replied the Ohio Administrative Code 3701-21 dictates the process of cost analysis to determine license fees annually. Food license cost analysis looks at previous fiscal year data and determines license fees for the next licensing period of March through February. Fees will fluctuate from year to year as things such as the number of food operations and number of hours spent inspecting will vary from year to year. It also takes into consideration things like pay raises for employees. Based on data input into the cost analysis spreadsheets, the support costs may not exceed 30 percent of the total operating costs. This is one of two built-in costs limiting features of the spread sheet.

Mrs. Mitrione said there are fees for most environmental services. There are hotel/motel and swimming pool fees.

Mayor Webster said the State wants a consolidated government.

The board asked Mrs. Mitrione to look at the fees again and see if they can be increased.

Mammogram Van
Mrs. Mitrione reported that nineteen people visited the mammogram van on August 30. It will be back at the Community Center in March.

Willows Community Day
Mrs. Mitrione stated the pool had been closed for three weeks prior to Community Day. She said there was a bilingual person and fire and police personnel were there also. She said the Health Department gave away sanitizer, individual tissue packs, thermometers, ring pops and candy necklaces.

Industrial Food Processing Waste Spill
Mrs. Mitrione said a Rumpke waste truck accidently dumped food processing waste on Kemper Road. The waste was examined and hot dog and packaging remnants were found and it was later confirmed that the contents had come from John Morrell who identified the waste hauler as Rumpke. Rumpke will be asked to cover the costs incurred by the City associated with the spill cleanup.

New and Closed Food Places
Mrs. Mitrione said new places opened in Springdale are Family Dollar, A List Lounge, Five Guys, Jade Garden, Squeaky’s, Fiesta Vallarta, Ena’s Jerkmania. Maple Knoll added three satellite kitchens at Bodman Pavillion.

Donato’s, Buffalo Wings and Rings, Becca’s, Caravan Kids Catering, Taj Mahal and the Avon food court all closed. However, Avon added vending machines.

Mrs. Mitrione stated she applied for a Healthy Community Award. She said we received a bronze award last year and hope to get a silver or gold this year.

State Subsidy
Mrs. Mitrione said we received about 40 percent less state subsidy last year ($1800 versus the usual $3200) due to ODH budgeting but they provided one time additional funding in the form of approximately $3200 for a proposed bedbug education campaign project. We will continue to use the money for bedbug education.

Mrs. Jones asked if there is anything The Willows can do.
Mrs. Mitrione responded that overall management of the complex has improved over the last year or so. There were no calls between management and tenants for air conditioning this past summer. She said there continues to be communication issues due to high numbers of Spanish speaking tenants. The Health Department does require proof that units were treated for bugs.

Hoarder House
Mrs. Jones asked about the woman hoarder and asked Mrs. Hicks to follow up with the Council on Aging. Mrs. Hicks said she can check with the Council on Aging but if the woman is competent, it’s her choice to live that way. If there are severe mental health issues, the Mobile Crisis Unit can help get a person to the psych ward.

Annual Health Fair
Mrs. Hicks stated that the Annual Health Fair will be held Tuesday, October 18, 2011 from noon until 3 p.m. at the Springdale Community Center. Maple Knoll Home Health Care Nurses will give flu immunizations to those covered by Medicare B, and those with Medicare Supplements through united Health Care, Humana, Anthem and Aetna. The Springdale Health Department will offer flu immunizations to adults for $20 and to children for free. XU student nurses will assist in offering flu vaccinations and blood pressure screenings. Flu vaccinations will continue to be offered through the Health Department after this event at the charge of $20 for adults and free for children. We will offer to the Hispanic community at the Colony and Willows if not many come to the Community Center or immunization clinics.

Mrs. Mocsny offered to represent the Health Department at the Business Expo.

Chronic Disease Management Healthy U Workshop
The first workshop of the series of six was to be held September 1, 1 to 3:30 p.m. at the Community Center. The start date was changed to September 22 to give interested persons a chance to sign up. Seven have registered so far. The target group is for persons with chronic disease such as arthritis, cardiac, pulmonary and other chronic illnesses. It was advertised in the Springdale newsletter, Tri-County Press and with signs here and at the Community Center. Mrs. Mocsny stated that the workshop is evidence based, tried and tested. She said that she has taken the facilitator class.

Communicable Disease Follow Up
Mrs. Hicks followed up on a Typhoid fever case – A person traveled from a Latin American Country (Guatamala) thru Mexico and drank some contaminated water along the way. He was hospitalized and treated with antibiotics for 8 days and recovered. We sent an alert to area ER and Urgent Care Doctors that there may be a few more cases since he may have exposed 3 or more persons during his trip here.

Mrs. Hicks said there has been an outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis. As of 9/4/2011 SWOH has 331 cases (225 lab confirmed and 94 probable) – 121 of the cases were in August in SWOH and 66 in N Kent. Most had recreational water exposure. Some were exposed in childcare.

Mrs. Hicks contacted all lab confirmed cases living in Springdale by phone and interviewed and informed how to avoid spreading Crypto. Advised to use Hydrogen Peroxide solution for disinfecting, to stay home until symptoms gone, to avoid swimming in a pool for 2 weeks after symptoms stop.

We are anticipating that the number will decrease now that local pools have shut down but continue to tell persons to avoid swimming for 2 weeks so that children do not start the scheduled swim lessons at the indoor pools.

There have been two families with Crypto in Springdale so far – one with pool exposure and one with daycare exposure as well as pool exposure.

Mrs. Hicks followed up on a case of Pertussis (Whooping cough) in a 9 month old child. She interviewed the parents of children in the “toddler aged child care”.

Mrs. Hicks had the opportunity to teach the value of preventative immunizations for children (Dtap) and adults(Tdap)….And surprisingly found two parents who did not believe in immunizations. Their children were exposed to the “100 day cough”. Both of these families reported “small red spots”, one with fever…another opportunity to teach about the value of MMR vaccination.

Mrs. Hicks reported that there was no Shigella in Springdale but many in Northern Kentucky and Hamilton County.

Free Health Screening
Mrs. Hicks stated 150 women participated in the free health screening on June 11. The women were given free mammograms and screenings for osteoporosis, blood glucose and cholesterol.

Childhood Immunization Clinics
Extra clinics were held in August (8/10, 8/17, 8/22) and September (9/6, and 9/7) to meet the needs of school aged children needing to be immunized prior to pre-school, kindergarten and middle school.

Blood Pressure Screenings
Blood pressure screenings were held the 2nd Tuesday at Senior Meetings and 3rd Tuesday in front of fitness center at Springdale Community Center Appreciation for these screenings continues to be verbally expressed to the nurse by individuals attending – especially those who have had referrals to their doctors after an abnormal blood pressure and pulse screening result.

Hispanic Coalition
Mrs. Hicks is representing the Health Department at meetings to encourage Hispanic community to utilize immunization clinic and other health screenings

Mrs. Mocsny gave a brief report on Tylenol acetaminophen. She said it is in over 600 medicines and if you are taking two or three different drugs containing it, you may overdose. They are trying to get drug companies to self regulate.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS
Health Commissioner