October 11, 2007

President Pro-Tem George Kellner called the Board of Health to order on October 11, 2007 at 7:05 p.m.

Attendees:    Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring, Pam Willis, Jean Hicks, Margie Harlow, Cammie Mitrione and Dr. Barry Webb.

Minutes of the September 13, 2007 meeting were approved as presented.

Mrs. Harlow gave a report on City Council issues.

There was no unfinished business on the agenda.

First Reading of the Proposed 2008 RSO/RFE License Fees
The first reading was postponed to later in the meeting when a quorum had assembled.

Mrs. Mitrione presented a cost comparison of what other Health Departments in the county are charging, and noted that the present license fee schedule has been in effect since 1999. Presently, the fee is $1.00/room for hotels. The department has logged 67 hours so far this year in hotel inspections. Mrs. Mitrione presented options for hotel fees: leave the fee the same, increase the fee by $1.00/room, or do a cost analysis each year.

Mrs. Mitrione asked the Board to consider the increase in the fee and she will gather figures from Sharonville or other communities who have a similar fee structure.

2008 Hotel and Motel Sanitation Standards
Mrs. Mitrione explained some of the differences in the proposed Hotel and Motel Sanitation Standards. In section 6.1, it was noted that the new owner takes on the history of Health Department orders and must agree to correct the items. Dr. Ketring suggested adding the phrase “…all other electronics…” in the various sections regarding sanitation of objects in the rooms. On page 11, section 9.15(a), “New York” will be deleted and replaced with “…USEPA rules” for mold remediation.

Review of Food, Soft Serve, Ice and Pool Sampling Results
Mrs. Mitrione explained the normal standards for food sampling: With the first high results, a letter is sent with suggestions as to the cause; if the reading is high the second time, the inspector consults with the operator as to the reason the readings are high. Mrs. Mitrione pointed out some examples from an inspection report. Mrs. Hart suggested publicizing the reports to show the public that the Health Department is interested in helping the restaurants maintain their standards. This could generate more business to the Springdale restaurants. Regarding ice machines, the Sanitarians are going to start checking service station machines. The sampling program costs about $2000 per year.

Smoking Complaint Update
Mrs. Mitrione stated that all previous complaints have been closed or dismissed. A notice of violation has been sent to The Boulevard.

Nuisances, Animal Bites and Food Illnesses
In 2006, the nuisance abatement program cost $10,250. The cost will be less since several animals have been dropped from the program. There have been no complaints with the cutting of the program.

Mrs. Mitrione stated that 28 people from local restaurants attended the food service employee training for Hispanics on October 6.

Ohio Department of Health Regulations for schools were put into effect September 27 and 28. Guidelines, inspection sheets and training for sanitarians will be forthcoming.

The full-time Sanitarian request data was distributed to the Board members. Mrs. Mitrione stated that she had included the position in her budget submission.

Proposed 2008 FSO/RFE License Fees
Dr. Ketring made a motion that the Resolution be read by title only. Mrs. Hart seconded the motion. Mrs. Mitrione stated that the Resolution will be read in November and again in December. It will go into effect in 2008.

Mrs. Hicks reported that the Department has received one half of the flu vaccine allotted the Department. The remainder is expected by the end of the month. The first flu vaccine clinic will be held November 1 at the Community Center with about 300 already signed up. To date, 30 people have signed up for the November 16 clinic. Four or five volunteers will help with giving the shots, and student nurses will be available under the supervision of one instructor to two students. Other volunteers will be helping with the paperwork. Pediatric shots will be given when supplies are received from the State. Mrs. Hicks will be taking vaccine on her home visits.

Mrs. Hicks stated there were no communicable diseases reported at this time. She also noted that the number of children has increased in the immunization clinics.

The next Board of Health meeting will be November 8, 20007.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 on a motion by Mrs. Hart, seconded by Mrs. Jones.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS
Health Commissioner
Board of Health 10-11-07
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