FEBRUARY 10, 2005



President Pro Tem Dr. Kevin Ketring called the Board of Health to order on February 10, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.


Attendees:†††† Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, Dr. Kevin Ketring, Jane Messer, Cammie Mitrione


Absent:†††††††††† Pam Willis, George Kellner, Mayor Webster,Margie Pollitt


The minutes ofJanuary 13, 2005 were approved.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS†††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† -†††††††††† none



Health Bridge

Mrs. Mitrione said Health Bridge is the system public health uses to communicate with physicians through clinical e-mail.She said it costs $25,000 to buy into the system.She said it is broken down to the number of physicians in the community.Mrs. Mitrione said it will cost Springdale $128 to participate and that will be paid through the grant money.She said they have to go through Cincinnati or Hamilton County health departments to get information.


Tri-State Sleep Disorder Fair

Mrs. Mitrione reported that the Tri-State Sleep Disorder Clinic is holding a fair at the Sharonville Convention Center.They have invited Springdale to have a booth at the fair for a fee of $50.The board declined the invitation.



Food Sampling Program

Mrs. Mitrione said that the laboratory does not want the Health Department to send too many samples at one time and none past Wednesday.She said that may cause a problem with Ella getting her inspections done.Mrs. Mitrione proposed hiring someone to do that job and said she had someone in mind.She said they would do the sampling twice a year instead of the four times that had been done in the past.


Mammography Van

Mrs. Mitrione stated the mammography van is scheduled at the Community Center again on July 21st.She said they plan to have it there every six months.


Food Safety Training

Mrs. Mitrione said fifteen people took the ServSafe class in January and all passed but one.That person can re-take the exam if he wishes to.


Mrs. Mitrione reported they had scheduled a three-hour class to train the employees of UDF.It snowed that day and UDF did not pay the employees to be there, so none of the employees showed up and no one called to let us know they werenít coming.


There was discussion among board members about whether offering the class for free is the best way or not.





Ms. Messer said pertussis is becoming a real problem.It is a killer of infants.Adults can be carriers.She said it is on the upswing.Ms. Messer said there is a question about using DTaP versus DTP.She also said doctors are missing the diagnosis of pertussis.




Respectfully submitted,




Cammie Mitrione, RS

Health Commissioner