MAY 13, 2004


President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order onMay 13, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.


Attendees:†††† Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring (late), Jane Messer, Margie Pollitt, Cammie Mitrione, and Mayor Doyle Webster


The minutes of April 8, 2004 were tabled.



Food Sampling Program

Mrs. Mitrione said I put this back on the agenda because we had talked about it last month.


Mayor Webster stated they had talked about this last time and he didnít want to re-institute the program with just three voting members present.He said to carry this over until the September meeting.


2004 Budget

Mrs. Mitrione reported that Mr. Osborn had put out a memo asking the department directors what things they would like to have put back into their budgets.†† Mrs. Mitrione said she didnít have any big items but she asked for several things to be put back in, such as more money for supplies, auto repairs, the food sampling program and capital improvements.


Infrastructure Grant

Mrs. Mitrione said they have changed the guidelines for the grant for next year.She said we can only spend 10% on equipment.She thinks they are trying to get the departments to spend more on training and personnel.


Hunters Glen

Mrs. Mitrione stated that some of the programs had not been doing too well at Hunters Glen.Pam had suggested looking into the demographics.†† Mrs. Mitrione said she got some information from Hunters Glen and there are 25 elderly single people, 200 school age children, 50% African-American, 26 Hispanic families, 155 out of 254 are in Section 8 housing.She said perhaps the mammogram van did not go over well because the residents are not in the age range for that.†† She said the Vineyard Church will be offering parenting classes, the Springdale Police are doing bike safety at one of the Meet and Greet meetings, the AVOC is doing a presentation on AIDs and Meals on Wheels delivers to the elderly.Mrs. Mitrione said when the pool opens she is going to go over and pass out water, juice, sunscreen and fliers.††Mrs. Mitrione said Ms. Messer is doing blood pressure checks there tomorrow.




Dr. Ketring said it would be interesting to know what the turnover rate is at Hunters Glen.If it is high, it may be too difficult to accomplish anything there.


Thermometer Exchange

Mrs. Mitrione said over sixty thermometers had been exchanged so far.




Mrs. Mitrione reported this is the Ohio alert notification system.She said we did not receive a call at the Health Department but she received a call on her cell phone and home phone and Jane got three phone calls on her home phone.



Listeria Report

Mrs. Mitrione said listeria was found in the Meals on Wheels in several counties.The meals are distributed by Miami Valley Catering, who does an internal quality control check.One of the samples came back presumptive positive for listeria.The Council on Aging alerted all the providers.The City of Cincinnati Health Department is handling this so we have not had any calls.If the people cook their meals properly, there shouldnít be any problem.


West Nile Virus

Mrs. Mitrione said the season for West Nile Virus is upon us.She said so far there havenít been any birds tested.No cases of West Nile have been reported yes.


Best Western

Mrs. Mitrione stated that she gets a lot of complaints from an employee who wants to remain anonymous.The complainant is the wife of the previous manager who left to take a better job.Mrs. Mitrione said she had done a 15-room inspection and found five that needed mold remediation.Mrs. Mitrione said she received another complaint that the ninth floor had a lot of mold and there was water running in the walls.She said she did an inspection on the ninth floor but did not see any evidence of anything.There was some water damage in the dining area.There was an area above the waitress station that had a pan in the ceiling catching water that is running down from a main supply pipe.They say they will have to turn the water off to the whole hotel to fix that and they have gotten an estimate on a cost.Mrs. Mitrione reported that she issued a letter to Best Western to repair that in the next few weeks.She said she got another call from the complainant stating that employees had respiratory problems and wanted to know if it is mold related.Mrs. Mitrione said she called OSHA, who said there were no regulations to regulate mold.They suggested she call NIOSH.Ken Martinez, from NIOSH, said they also donít have any regulations that control mold but he could do some moisture checks and do a visual examination.Mr. Martinez stated that if they saw mold they could do some air testing.He said it was better for the employees or union to request the testing so Mrs. Mitrione passed that message on.She said if they were reluctant to contact NIOSH, she would ask the management if NIOSH could come in and do some testing.She said it would still be our responsibility to see that that got resolved.


Food Services

Mrs. Mitrione reported that The Cooker has closed.She said McDonaldís inside WalMart is leaving.She said WalMart will have their own snack bar.Ci Ciís Pizza is coming.Carabas and Cheeseburger in Paradise are proposed for the mall.Mrs. Mitrione said she thought El Mariachi was closed.Baxterís is coming to the old Tumbleweedís.


Summer Schedule

Mrs. Mitrione said the mammogram van is coming in June.The Spirit of Springdale festival will be July 3rd and 4th.Mrs. Mitrione said ServSafe classes are scheduled for July and there will be a regional tabletop exercise at the Cintas Center.


Mrs. Mitrione said the tabletop exercise is to see how they would work under a biological crisis.She said smallpox is the agent they are working with.She said part of the health departmentís job is to set up a mass prophylaxis center and possibly set up a treatment center.She said the prophylaxis sites have been set and one is in Princeton High School and one is in Forest Park.Mayor Webster said he would like to know who in the school knows about this.


Mrs. Mitrione reported that there are no mercury thermometers for sale in the local pharmacies.



Childrenís Health Fair

Ms. Messer said there were pictures from the Health Fair in the Enquirer.She said the fair was a success.


Flu Vaccine

Ms. Messer stated it is time to order the flu vaccine.She said she needs to know if we are going to charge for the vaccine and are we giving it to children.


Mayor Webster said he did not want to charge the residents for the vaccine.The board agreed that they would not charge for the vaccine and that she would give the vaccine to children.


Respectfully submitted,




Cammie Mitrione, RS

Health Commissioner