JANUARY 13, 2009
7:00 P.M.


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Chairman Tony Butrum.


Members Present: Richard Bauer, Tony Butrum, David Okum, Carolyn Ghantous, Lawrence Hawkins III, Steve Galster and Tom Vanover

Others Present: Don Shvegzda, City Engineer; Anne McBride, City Planner and Bill McErlane, Building Official, Mr. Jeff Tulloch, Economic Development Director for The City of Springdale


Steve Galster moved to adopt the Minutes from the December 9, 2008 meeting and Tom Vanover seconded the motion; the December Planning Commission Minutes were adopted with seven affirmative votes.


Mr. Galster: At the last Council meeting Council approved their yearly budget.


By affirmation and a unanimous vote Mr. Butrum was accepted as the Planning Commission Chairman for 2009.

By affirmation and a unanimous vote Mr. Okum was accepted as the Planning Commission Vice-Chairman for 2009.

By affirmation and a unanimous vote Mr. Lawrence Hawkins was accepted as the Planning Commission Secretary for 2009.


a. Zoning Bulletin – December 25, 2008


A. Thompson Thrift Development Plan – 11580 Princeton Pike

Mr. Jeff Kanable: I am here representing Thompson Thrift Development, joined tonight by Chris Hake who is a development associate also with Thompson Thrift.
I brought with me a few boards; an elevation board and a perspective board.
We are still under contract to acquire the leasehold interest that includes the BP (corner) lease parcel, the Huntington Bank or what is know as the Tiffany Glass parcel, the Skyline Chili leasehold parcel as well as the Ponderosa.
The project includes 9,732 square feet of retail space. Tenants so far are Vitamin Shop which would be on the northwest corner of Princeton Pike and East Kemper Road and then on the opposite end-cap of the building would be Qdoba. Qdoba is approximately 2200 square feet; Vitamin Shop is 3500 square feet, that leaves approximately 4000 square feet of speculative retail space in between those tenants. Access to the parcel as you can see is gained on Kemper Road and Princeton Pike.
This scenario utilizes the existing access which exists with Skyline Chili.
We are in receipt of a letter from Mr. Cecil Osborn dated January 6th that confirms the City’s position to continue with that access place. We appreciate Staff’s help and Jeff’s help with that.
We have a couple of monument signs; one is located at each entrance, 7’ signs and of course the tenants will have each of their building signs for their space, it is up to each individual tenant to get their sign approved.
Along with landscaping, one thing that increased was the impervious surface ratio. This site is a very tight site we tried to maximize the best we could. One of the recommendations that we are asking for tonight is the increase in that impervious surface ratio; and it is my understanding that would go to Board of Zoning Appeals. If I could talk about parking; it is a very small site; right now our site plan show 53 spaces and zoning currently require 75 spaces. We have received a letter from Qdoba where they have stated from a practical standpoint that they would require 30 spaces; Vitamin Shop has indicated they would require 11 spaces, that is a total of 41 spaces that leaves 12 spaces available for the roughly 4000 s.f. Our local retail leasing partner, Brant, is helping us to identify low parking intensive users for that space; one example of a low parking intensive user would be Game Stop and they are an interested tenant. They would occupy approximately half of that 4000 square feet.
One thing I would like to mention is the existing cross-access easement that is in place between the Huntington Bank / Tiffany Glass parcel and the Ponderosa. So we recognize that agreement is in place and it is likely that the customers, when the spaces are full they will probably fill the other spaces and that is allowed per that agreement.
(At this point Mr. Kanable pointed out aspects of the elevation for the center with a large drawing and material board he presented for the Planning Commission.)

Mr. McErlane, Ms. McBride and Mr. Shvegzda read their Staff reports.

Chairman Butrum: We will open the floor for discussion.

Mr. Galster: I assume that you have got some leasing agreement with the Vitamin Shop that keeps them up on the corner as opposed to farther back in the site?

Mr. Kanable: Yes.

Mr. Galster: I am concerned about the parking. I am a little concerned about how the patio is going to be in the middle of the parking field, no landscaping or anything it is just going to be tables on a concrete pad that is going to be surrounded by a fence.

Mr. Kanable: There will be a black metal railing around it.

Mr. Galster: It seems quite under-parked, based on the way it is laid out. I like the design features that you have added to the building, I think it is much more attractive.

Mr. Hake: Qdoba has indicated that would be the maximum amount of spaces that they would need during their busy time. But, all day long we do not anticipate the need for 30 spaces for them.

Mr. Galster: Those other businesses will need parking at that same time.

Mr. Okum: I feel the same way you do, Mr. Galster. The volume of the parking that is provided on the site is half way down the center from the primary user. I too am very complimentary to you in regards to the building elevations and how it sits and its presence. One thing I wanted to mention, the back of the building and you did treat that with those EFIS panels, but I’m sort of thinking that if I were a business on the corner like the Vitamin Shop, I would want signage on that elevation. We haven’t identified any signage on that elevation but we haven’t identified signage on the site at all. To get signage on those elevations it will definitely add to the signage requirement or a variance request for additional signage. I think that we should definitely have enough vision to anticipate that those building elevations although they carry a front door appearance to them, those tenants are going to want to have that signage opportunity. I think the patio, like Mr. Galster indicated is going to sort of sit our there in the middle. The wall that connects those two properties is going to be a little more visible now, I would encourage that it be the same as the main building colors. I am please that they were able to put the mechanical units internal, I am not sure how that is going to fall on Qdobe because they have exhaust; you did indicate that those would be hid by the building, so I will assume that. I guess the biggest concern that I have is how you can make this site work with that use; there is going to be quite a bit of interaction between the traffic area and that volume especially during 11:00a.m. to 1:30p.m. I would say that is the biggest time that the center is going to have business. The traffic coming off of 747 is going to be turning right going around the building, they are going to want to park in that parking field and the entrance into Skyline is also coming in off of Kemper. There are going to be cars coming around the building and cars backing out directly into that flow of traffic.

Chairman Butrum: Do you know from Qdoba or Vitamin Shop how many of those spots that they require would be employee parking?

Mr. Hake: Qdoba would be four or five spots and Vitamin Shop is two.

Chairman Butrum: So six or seven total?

Mr. Hake: Yes.

Mr. Galster: You are going to have existing tenants that are going to fight for this space because it is a cross-access parking. They are going to want to park in the very spots that are limited for your restaurant space. It is just unfortunate that the majority of your parking happens to be at the other end of the building, on top of the fact that we are short.

Chairman Butrum: Ms. McBride, are you aware of any location that are under-parked in a similar manner?

Ms. McBride: My experiences with Qdoba is most of them have been located in strip centers and there has always been more than an abundance of parking, I am thinking particularly of the one in Blue Ash which is on Kenwood Road; it is the end-cap as it is in this situation, not only is there the parking directly in front of the center but there is a parking field adjacent to the end-cap where the Qdoba is actually located. I visited another one in Nashville that is free standing near Vanderbilt so it gets a lot of pedestrian traffic. But there are other circumstances in the City where you have got other retail centers that are closely, if not under parked. Thompson Thrift has done other retail developments and it is certainly not in their best interest to under park the center, but that is something the Commission has to feel comfortable with. We did look at some of the APA parking requirements and so forth to see if our code was way off base now, and that isn’t the case. So it is really up to the applicant to sell the Commission that they can make this work.

Mr. Galster: Just another additional comment, as far as the peak hours for the restaurant, but we also have three restaurants right there that are all going to have the same peak hours. I know Skyline does a lot of the drive-thru business.

Mr. Kanable: It is my understanding that Ponderosa doesn’t have a heavy lunch time crowd. Also, my thought was if we were to commit these spaces to Qdoba in some form or fashion and would look to enforce that with local property management, if you think that is something that would help the situation that is something we would certainly want to look at. Currently existing out here Ponderosa has 46 spaces, Skyline has 36 spaces for a total of 82 spaces; code requires 105. I think everyone would agree that this works pretty well. We certainly wouldn’t put together a plan that we didn’t think would work and that we thought would cause a hazard to the tenants or the patrons. It is not feasible for us to move forward with this project if this square footage building can’t be accommodated; that is just the position we are in. The tenant Vitamin Shop requires the hard corner, Qdoba requires the other end. The tenants are very, very excited.

Mr. Vanover: This question goes to staff, would that patio not be an application that might ease some of that ISR?

Ms. McBride: Right now, the way that the City zoning code is written, pervious pavers would not be considered anything other than impervious surface area. The way that it is written today is that it is supposed to be green, open space, landscape place. Whether the pavers are pervious or impervious they still would go toward ISR.

Mr. Okum: The area up front that they are going to commit to the City for green space was that calculated into their impervious surface ratio?

Ms. McBride: Yes.

Mr. Okum: So they got the benefit of that space.

Ms. McBride: Well, they are going to maintain the ownership of it, they are granting us an easement to construct some type of decorative feature.

Mr. Okum: But we are assuming it will be grass?

Ms. McBride: That is correct.

Mr. Okum: Even though we would construct something on there that would be other than grass.

Ms. McBride: Correct.

Mr. Okum: Sometimes when you look at plans you have to sit back and say “How is this going to impact the drivers, the people that visit businesses and how is it going to impact the businesses that are adjacent to that business?” Skyline is going to be impacted by this development, positively or negatively. Skyline’s parking area is going to be impacted unless they start putting up signs that this parking is for Skyline. I don’t recall that type of situation in very few developments in the City of Springdale where businesses had to put up control signs of parking fields.

Mr. Vanover: In Wimbledon Center.

Mr. Okum: That is the only one I can think of. I think that sometimes best laid plans are not the best plans and you can make it as pretty as you want, it just isn’t going to work with the significant number of parking spaces and the impervious surface ratio issues on this particular site. I think it is too dense, it is too concentrated; I think it is under parked and I am going to have to be voting against it. I can’t support it. I would love to see it happen, I would love to see a positive development go there; there are too many reasons to not support it and there are not enough reasons to support it. I know it is a challenge for you and I know it has been a challenge for your staff.
I just have one question, this is retail zoning district; it is not PUD and there is no regulation that I can think of that you can say that they can’t have another restaurant in that site?

Ms. McBride: Parking wise, if the Commission approved this reduction of 22 spaces, a restaurant would require more parking than a retail user, they would have to come back to you for another modification on the parking.

Mr. Okum: If we approve the plan with the condition that we are going to allow the shortfall in parking, Board of Zoning Appeals still needs to deal with the ISR issue, but not the parking issue?

Ms. McBride: Correct. And the same thing would apply to the balance of that space for an office use, if you will recall initially the applicant was hoping to attract a dental office, if that were to come back for that middle space that also has a higher parking requirement; any type of office use would have to come back to you as well.

Mr. Okum: I don’t see the Vitamin Shop using the volume of the parking, I really don’t.

Chairman Butrum: Have you made any type of agreement with Qdoba as far as what other businesses they would not want to have in the spaces?

Mr. Kanable: I don’t believe so, they have restricted some use as far as Mexican restaurants and those types of uses but beyond that, no. However, I will say that as the developer we certainly are not targeting any type of high parking user especially not a restaurant. We are perfectly willing maybe to put something binding together that restricts our ability to lease space to those users.

Mr. Bauer: Has there ever been a study on the existing parking in Ponderosa or Skyline as far as the usage there to know whether they use the current amount of parking.

Ms. McBride: No. The City hasn’t undertaken any type of study and I don’t think the applicant has. Just the experience of being in the City and obviously Commission goes by there far more than I do; it would appear that Ponderosa does not utilize all of their spaces the majority of the time, but the reverse of that is I believe there are times when Skyline utilizes if not all a significant portion of their parking.

Mr. Kanable: Chris and I drove by Ponderosa, this evening on the way to the Planning Commission Meeting and we were surprised to see 12 cars in the Ponderosa parking stalls. This was at 6 p.m. which we would probably consider the peak time for dinner at Ponderosa. If that is an indication of what is generally there throughout the week in the high peak time of the evening, we would say that it is underutilized.

Mr. Galster: I would say that to the South of your parking, that back parking lot, which would be the most likely overflow for you, is where all the employees park even though you see 12 cars in their parking lot.

Mr. Hake: We counted a total to the south and to the east.

Mr. Galster: I wouldn’t be surprised out of that twelve, six of them or more are in that back field that you are hoping to use for your overflow, and unfortunately the parking that is being filled is the closest to your fields.

Mr. Kanable: We have had a conversation with Skyline and they are really excited about this development. They know that activity leads to more activity and that their business could only increase and improve from this development.

Mr. Vanover: A good example that would fit this problem is to the east along Kemper Road; we have Family Christian and Panera Bread, and at lunch if you want to go in Family Christian people will park in that lot even though there is parking a shorter distance just to the east.

Mr. Galster: Where you are showing the patio, does that go across the sidewalk? Because then those five parking spots have to walk around the patio to get into the door.

Mr. Kanable: My guess is yes. That picture is not our site; it is a prototypical site that is similar to ours.

Mr. Vanover: It is ironic that we are talking about the patio right now, because that would also require conditional use permit because that is not part of our zoning, so that is something else that has to be thrown into the mix.

Mr. Kanable: I started at Thompson Thrift in June and I have worked on this project since June and we have had a lot of challenges on this site. I am really disappointed, I understand what you are saying and I understand your concerns. I don’t know if there is any other way to configure it to make it work. This was the plan that we thought worked the best that accommodated the tenant’s needs. It is a shame if I can’t get the parking approved on the site then I am unfortunately forced to drop the project and move on. I don’t want to see this site sit vacant; at some point I am sure it will be developed. To me to have 12 spots, 15 spots and all this vacant parking is just a drastic underutilization of this corner.

Mr. Hake: Thompson Thrift is an extremely conservative company; our owners and Vice-President have all gone over this plan and we have spent tons of hours on it, they would not move forward on this project unless they had support of tenants and had believed in the project.

Ms. Ramona Masse, the trust administrator on the trust: When we first hired Thompson Thrift it was with the thought that their whole goal was to bring about the whole corner including Ponderosa and Skyline; they have the whole lease. If they already have an agreement with CKE which is leasing the balance of the parcel it is my thought that they could work with the tenants with everybody to make sure that there is enough parking there. I’m not in the development but I know that they have really worked hard on this.

Pete Cassinelli: My family has owned that property for quite a few years and I just wanted to make a few comments about the parcels; when I became involved with this, my grandfather who owned the property passed away thirty years ago so my father and his sister are benefactors from the rent that is collected at this property.
I have taken upon myself to try to facilitate everything by finding an excellent developer. Of the four or five that we looked at they were the most professional, but really interested; the President of the company was there and the Vice-President of the company was there. I feel that because there is some legal descriptions of the different properties and the different leases that were made over the years, some of which are going to expire – the BP obviously expired almost two years ago now, the remaining part of the property is not going to expire for a few years, but they have taken upon themselves with our approval to present their ideas to those people and try to get them onboard or explain to them that we want to take over their part of the lease and finish developing the property. We expect there will be plenty of parking when the site is finished and personally I am tired of looking at it the way it is. There were a couple interested parties before they were in but it was going to be a check cashing place and a couple other things that we didn’t want. We wanted more of a presentable corner for our benefit and for the City of Springdale. As companies, cities, counties and states in the country work through the mess that we have gotten ourselves into I see a very dependable and creative company trying to upgrade a very visible corner in Springdale. Thompson Thrift has worked very diligently to complete this process. I appreciate the help Springdale has given to them and ask that continued support will be given to Thompson Thrift. The southwest corner of Tri-County shopping center, the old Pogues and the old Pennys Store, that has been successfully transitioned into what I feel is a very successful corner which hopefully mirror-image what we see happening on our corner. The sooner we can get working on this site the better it will be for all involved. Like the President Elect Obama said if things can be expedited he has an open ear, and I hope you have an open ear and would be able to work through the parking situation. There is other parking where the old theater was, that is going to be eventually developed but we have nothing to do with that property.

Mr. Galster: Thank you for your comments. Let there be no mistake that I think Thompson Thrift has done an outstanding job trying to work with what they have to work with. I admire the responsiveness they have given to our concerns. If we were looking at the complete site I think we could probably figure out a way with more room to manipulate the parking to work with the different tenants that you’d have in mind; but the reality is that we are not working with the complete site at this point. This is what we have to vote on today, not the complete project unfortunately.

Mr. Kanable: Even if I had that plan though, we recognize there is long-term leases in place and there would be no guarantee at all. So if I put a plan together and say this is how we are going to accommodate parking, there is no guarantee of that, because these ten year leases are in place; it would just be conceptual in nature.

Mr. Galster: I just wanted you to know that you have presented yourself well and you have put together a good project. I believe that all effort has been made, whether or not it goes forward or doesn’t has no reflection on whether or not we believe that Thompson Thrift could actually pull it off.

Mr. Hawkins: I want to echo the sentiments that have been given already with regard to appreciating the effort you guys have put forward. It does behoove the City to improve the site. It is not in the City’s interest to have a vacant BP site remain there for an extended period of time. With regard to that whole corner and that site, the future is unpredictable, we don’t know if a busy restaurant is going to end up over there by Ponderosa. We appreciate the vision that you have presented with regard to some of the ideas that you would like to have for the site. Taking that aside right now there is a concern with regard to the congestion and the parking as it stands. I would agree that it could be done right now, you could use parking from behind Skyline, the side and the front of Ponderosa to accommodate this site if need be; it wouldn’t be ideal but it could work. It would not be an ideal situation to have folks walking from behind Skyline and Ponderosa to get over in front of this site. It looks like there is the potential for a lot of congestion there.

Mr. Butrum: I do think that some of this parking will be self-governed; it is not infrequent for me to go to a restaurant and leave because I can’t find a spot or I don’t find one close enough. There is clearly a challenge here with this spot.

Mr. Jeff Tulloch: I feel pretty strongly about this project from a standpoint of what it is going to do to eliminate some blight; it is an attractive project. I will speak to what Tony said, things will be self-governing. I have developed shopping centers before and you have governments on the part of the developer from the standpoint of what they can finance the retailer as to what they will accept and governments from the standpoint of the patrons that go to the shopping center. It is not ideal but there are a lot of very attractive features to this project that I would encourage the Planning Commission to approve.

Mr. Cassinelli: We have a good developer; we have good tenants that want to move into this site. The self-governing part of it, I think will take care of itself through the process. The rest of this project is eventually going to be developed by these people and I think this start is going to get the ball rolling.

Mr. Okum: I have spoken in opposition to this. It is extremely hard because of the worthiness of this applicant. You have been more than adaptive to staff comments and following up on our comments from the initial presentations. There are certain things that you have to go with, and I agree with Chairman Butrum in regards to the traffic will find its nest. It makes it really difficult for me because I see an economic situation where businesses are empty in some communities but you can’t make your decisions based upon what’s happening today because we have got to look at ten to twenty years from now. The City invested an enormous amount of money in the revitalization plan to the Tri-County area. If there had not been the economic down turn that we saw I think there would have been a lot more interest in that. This is an ideal location; it is probably the keystone location in that area – it sits right there on that corner. The practical reality is that people are not going to park in Ponderosa’s lot and walk over there to that center; the employees sure better because it is going to be dictated by the owners. The other item that makes this site not work is to have an ISR rating of .863, that is pretty dense and means that we basically have asphalt and asphalt and concrete and steel on this site; not very green.

Mr. Kanable: I have to stress that the issue is parking on this site; it is not impervious surface ratio. Your code does not allow permeable pavers to count towards impervious surface ratio; that is crazy. Water percolates through these pavers. We have offered that up to alleviate some additional impervious ratio. Please don’t make ISR an issue here because of what I consider a glitch in the system.

Ms. Masse: September of 2006 BP closed their doors, they pulled their tanks out without giving us any notice and it took us until probably March of 2007 to go through and interview developers. I have been here three times and I am not sure how many times Thompson Thrift has been here; they are at the point that they are about ready to cave. They have invested a lot of money in it but they are at the point where they are doing their best. I suggest that if it doesn’t get approved today it might have to go back and it might take another two years because we might have to go back and do the same process. We started out with the BP station and when we first started out it was supposed to be almost an acre and because of all of the road expansion it is not down to a 0.6.

Mr. McErlane: I just wanted to expand on the impervious surface ratio; at the time that we had implemented that term in our zoning code we never envisioned that there would be pervious pavement and pervious pavers, the intent was to get a percentage of green space on the property and obviously the pervious surfaces are not green space so we use that as terminology to get a certain amount of green space or landscape space on a property. It was never a runoff issue, which is what the applicant is referring to.

Chairman Butrum: Just for clarification, you would see that in all likelihood our zoning would change such that .75 would refer to “green space” in some language, independent of whether it would handle runoff.

Mr. McErlane: We may be looking at some other things from the standpoint of storm water runoff relative to pervious pavement to accomplish some incentive to use those types of features.

Mr. Galster: Based on the percentage of parking that we are short here, this has got to be on the edge of reasonability even in other projects that you have worked on? We are talking about being 30% short as far as parking.

Ms. McBride: It is significantly short, but the Commission has to weigh all the factors, the cross-parking easement, but in this day and age there is no development happening and again we have to look at this long term, we do have to take that into consideration as well. Mr. Galster, to answer your question it is way at the extreme of variances that I would have gotten.

Mr. Galster: Part of me says let’s go ahead and build it and if it doesn’t work and the restaurant has to close because there isn’t enough parking that doesn’t hurt us, I might have an empty space, but I have a much more attractive empty space than I have now. I understand that the corner is the most important part and that is what the Vitamin Shop wants but I am not opposed to over signing for them if in fact they flip and balance the parking out a little bit more to where I could see some kind of balance happening in the whole center over the long run.

Mr. Hake: I am handling the leasing process and we do have a signed lease with Vitamin Shop and I am sure if we said to Qdoba, “Hey, do you guys want to go on the corner?” they wouldn’t question it. Qdoba has seen this plan and they have signed off on the parking, there is not an issue for them on parking, they have done these all around the country and they are ready to go.
Currently we have control of the entire site, with this approval it is our intention to become the sublease for the entire site, so we will have that control, so if the issue is waiting for the entire site to be scraped and redeveloped that could be ten years with the ten year leases that are in place, but we will be the landlord for Skyline and for Ponderosa, so we do have the control when this site is redeveloped to configure better parking and more efficient parking; we have to honor those leases that are currently in place. We are just trying to get the part that we can redevelop right now going, to kick this project off.

Mr. Galster: This is not something that you can get them to take a little more space and get down to three tenants so we are only looking for one tenant to take 12 remaining spots?

Mr. Kanable: No.

Mr. Galster: Four thousand square feet of retain requires how much parking?

Ms. McBride: One per 200 s.f., or 20.

Mr. Galster: What parking requirement is less than retail?

Ms. McBride: A furniture store, mattress store; anything that is a large volume.

Mr. Galster: We can’t stipulate that, can we?

Ms. McBride: No, you cannot.

Mr. Galster: In order for this under-parked parking to work we have got to make sure that the parking is used closest to the entrance of where it is intended. If the back of the Vitamin Shop got shorter and wider and the other retail space had access off of Princeton Pike to the side, this may work. I think that the Kemper Road parking will get used too much and it will not alleviate the problem with the over parking in the front field. I am just trying to come up with ways to help. If in fact the main entrance was up there I think that does help because that at least opens up the front parking fields of the three retail spaces in the front. Then I am more comfortable with the fact that those other retail spaces will be able to find 12 spots, since that is all we are giving them, up in the front field.

Mr. Vanover: If we could get an entrance or a door on that side or a corner – essentially that store has two fronts.

Mr. Okum: I do appreciate everybody trying to help, but I don’t think we should be here designing it for these folks; they have leases to deal with. I think that one way that we as a Commission can handle it is make it conditional upon the approval that the restaurant be on the west side of the building. It would blow his lease, possibly for the other tenant. I would rather see it approved with conditions than denied and the project not have any opportunity. If you come back here next month with an alternate plan with the restaurant on the west side of the building I think I would put aside the ISR with conditions.

Mr. Galster: Can we place a condition that the corner spot to only have west facing entrances?

Ms. McBride: If it was related to the parking field.

Mr. Galster: I think that there needs to be a major force to move that parking to that part of the field and I don’t know any other way to do it.

Mr. Kanable: And we can do that with a second entrance.

Mr. Okum: I think Mr. Galster said it would be a west entrance only.

Mr. Galster: Or a double entrance there and a single entrance on the side.

Mr. Okum: What about a corner entrance?

Mr. Hake: It is something that we can take a look at.

Mr. Galster: I think that we have to address the west elevation; I think that instead of having the EFIS filler in there that has to go all brick, we have to bring the glass down further and we have to create the feel of a front entrance. And I think that is pretty inexpensive to do. Rather than redesign this whole site, should we table this once again to get some of these modifications based on the concerns that you have heard tonight. From this meeting I think you could see a true concern about the level of parking but I think you would also see a commitment to see the project work; so you have to decide if you can resubmit than in time for a special meeting that meets your time frame or if you want to wait another month until the next meeting.

Mr. Kanable: I want to make sure I understand what is next in the process.

Mr. Galster: The motion tonight will be to table it to our next meeting. Our next meeting is usually one month from today, if in fact you are able to get information back to give us time to review it, I don’t think this Board, staff or the City has any problem whatsoever trying to convene a meeting earlier.

Mr. Okum: I move that we table this to the next appointed Planning Commission Meeting.
Mr. Galster seconded the motion.
With seven affirmative votes the Thompson Thrift Development Plan request was tabled.


Mr. Galster: What are we going to do about all these blacked out signs? The Cassinelli Square looks like someone ran a semi-truck through it; it is falling apart.

Mr. Okum: If the sign is channel letters it should be removed, but if it is a box sign I think it should be blanked out with white panels.


Chairman Butrum: I approved a sign for Jimmy John’s restaurant at 11495 Princeton Pike.


Mr. Dave Okum moved to adjourn and Mr. Tom Vanover seconded the motion and the Planning Commission adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

________________________,2008 ___________________________________
            Chairman Tony Butrum

________________________,2008 ___________________________________
            Lawrence Hawkins III, Secretary