February 8, 2011
7:00 P.M.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman, Don Darby.


Members Present: Carolyn Ghantous, David Okum, Richard Bauer, Tom Vanover, Steve Galster, Marge Boice, Don Darby

Others Present: Greg Dale, Assistant City Planner; William McErlane, Building Official; Don Shvegzda, City Engineer


Mr. Galster moved to adopt the January 11, 2010 Planning Commission Meeting minutes, Mr. Vanover seconded the motion and the minutes were adopted with six “aye” votes, (Mr. Okum abstaining).


Mr. Galster gave a report from the previous Council meeting summarizing the recent retirement of Chief Mike Laage and Captain Butch Hafer from the Police Department; the new Chief will be Mike Mathis and Thomas Wells is the new Assistant Chief.


Chairman Darby: There are two items included in your packet; a letter of recommendation; proposal for the updated Zoning Code and also the roster of current Planning Commission Members.


Mr. McErlane: Mr. Chairman, the applicant was unable to get proper documentation from the owner of the property. The Trustee of the property at the time the applicant started this process passed away in December and they are in the process of transferring the Officers of the Trust which won’t occur until the end of this week. What my recommendation would be, so that we don’t have to notice this meeting again in the newspaper and to the property owners within 200’, I would recommend that we open the Public Heating and have one of the Members to motion to continue the Public Hearing in process until the March 8th meeting.

Chairman Darby: With that being said, I will accept a motion to open the Public Hearing.

Mr. Vanover: So moved.
Mrs. Boice seconded the motion and with a unanimous affirmative vote from the Planning Commission Members the Public Hearing was opened.

Mr. Vanover: Mr. Chairman, I make a motion that we continue the Public Hearing until the March 8th Planning Commission Meeting.
Mr. Okum seconded the motion and with a unanimous affirmative vote from the Planning Commission Members the Public Hearing was continued until the next meeting.

A. Chairman Darby: We have one item; Exterior Paint at Perkins Restaurant, 370 Glensprings Drive.

Mr. John Lennon: I am the regional manager for the Route 4 Perkins. I understand that we painted the building and we were unaware that a permit was required, consequently we did get notice that we need to have a permit.

(At this time Mr. McErlane read his Staff comments.)

Mr. Galster: Was the last time it was painted in 1995? It seems to me that it wasn’t that long ago.

Mr. McErlane: Fifteen years ago.

Mr. Lennon: We acquired the property in May of 2005; it was formerly owned by Bill Theis and he may have painted it in 2000, but I am not sure.

Mr. Galster: My recollection is that is was painted more recent than 1995 because I thought that they had done so without getting approval at that time.

Mr. McErlane: We have photos and they actually did obtain approval before they painted it. The example they gave for the color was the location in Sharonville.

Mr. Dale: Anne McBride looked at this and she concurs that it is consistent with the intent of the regulations.

Mrs. Boice: I like the way it looks, and if a motion is necessary or if we are still going to have more discussion; if not I will come forth with a motion.

Chairman Darby: The Chairman will accept the motion.

Mrs. Boice: I will make a motion that we approve the exterior painting as it presently stands.
Mr. Galster seconded the motion and with a unanimous affirmative vote from the Planning Commission Members, approval was granted for the exterior paint at 370 Glensprings Drive.


Chairman Darby: Are there any items for discussion?

Mr. Galster: I wanted to let everybody know that I did get a phone call from someone from the “New China” restaurant. One of the Springdale Building Inspectors must have come by the restaurant and had an issue with some of the signage. The man from “New China” called me at home because apparently the inspector had said something to him about his signage. I did have a hard time understanding what he was talking about, even though I was able to understand there were two “open” signs on his building and I assume that was what he was getting sited for, or told that he couldn’t have two “open” signs. I think he used to have one on each side of the building and now he has two on the one side of the building. I know that they used to have a corrugated yellow plastic sign attached to the brick and that has been removed but there is still a question with the “open” sign. I would ask that Mr. McErlane follow up to check with this issue.

Mr. McErlane: It is possible when Mr. Winkle was over there to talk to him about the sign that he had attached to the base of his ground sign that he might have talked to him about the “open” signs, as well; I do not know that for certain.


(No Chairman’s report to present at this meeting.)


Mr. Okum moved to adjourn; Mr. Vanover seconded and with a unanimous “aye”
vote from the Planning Commission Members, the meeting adjourned at
7:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

________________________, 2011 ___________________________________
            Don Darby, Chairman

________________________, 2011 ___________________________________
                Richard Bauer, Secretary