13 MARCH 2007
7:00 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman William G. Syfert.


Members Present:        Tony Butrum, Steve Galster, Bob Diehl, David
                Okum, Lawrence Hawkins III, Tom Vanover
                and Chairman Syfert.

Others Present:        Jeff Tulloch, Economic Development Director
                Bill McErlane, Building Official
                Don Shvegzda, City Engineer
                Anne McBride, City Planner


Mr. Butrum moved for adoption and Mr. Vanover seconded the motion. By voice vote, all voted aye, and the Minutes were adopted unanimously.


A. Report on Council

Mr. Galster reported that we saw a presentation on the I-275 construction phasing. They will try to keep three lanes open in each direction, but it will be a mess for about three years. There will be times when secondary artery roads will be closed down completely for 30 to 45 minutes. Also the electronic sign change in the zoning code will have its public hearing at the second meeting in April.

Mr. Syfert asked when the walls would go up and Mr. Galster said we anticipate at the end of the project, 2009 or 2010, but that is always subject to change. Mr. Okum asked about city monograms on the walls. Mr. Galster said our presentation was on the phasing. Originally we had addressed the look of the stone, but I don’t know. Mr. Shvegzda added I don’t recall; I know Derrick has been working with ODOT on that. Mr. Okum said Tipp City, Troy, and Findlay have that, and I think Springdale should as well. Also the bridge going over Chesterdale, why not do something like what Union Centre is getting? While this is in process, I’d like you to get the word in that you would like this to be there.
B. Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Minutes 16 January 2007
C. Zoning Bulletin – February 1, 2007
D. Zoning Bulletin – February 15, 2007


A. Approval of the Exterior Fašade Revisions, Angelic Whispers, 11465 Springfield Pike – tabled 2/22/07

Kimberly Soria said unfortunately I was not here at the lest meeting, but s I understand it parking was the major concern, so we have changed the plan to create one handicapped parking spot in the front with a u-shaped driveway. This way no one would have to back out onto Springfield Pike.

13 MARCH 2007


Mr. Galster asked if the handicapped spot is designed so it is in the middle of the u-shaped drive and it blocks it while it is in use. . Ms. Soria responded there is a one-way entrance and exit. Mr. Galster said so if the handicapped car is parked there, it is not usable by other traffic. It is not wide enough to allow traffic to pass that car. Mr. Soria said this is specifically designed to create a handicapped parking spot.

Mr. Galster commented if we are taking out all those parking spots, it would be nice to landscape that u as much as possible. Mr. Soria responded as much space as I can fill with landscaping I will. Mr. Galster wondered if that was something she can work out with the staff. Ms. McBride answered if the commission wanted to act on this subject to staff approval, we can work with her on that.

Mr. Butrum asked what the 12 feet marked on the drawing would consist of. Ms. Soria responded this is the width of the drive. Mr. Butrum commented it does look like you could still pull around. It seems like the landscaping could be pumped out so it is not pavement, at least throughout that entire 12 feet. That way we are not encouraging cars to go in there and create their own spots.

Ms. Soria said the plan is that there will be a one-way drive. It is not going to be wide enough for another car to pass that handicap car. The landscaping will take up all the space that is in the center of the u.

Mr. Galster went over the plan with Ms. Soria and, addressing the commission, said there will be a 12-foot wide access drive that comes pretty close to the existing sidewalk to make a semi-circle. There will be curbs on both sides and landscaping from the curb toward the building and from the curb toward the sidewalk. That whole semi-circle is in fact the handicapped spot, and you pretty much shut down that u turn around for anybody else to come in and use it.

Mr. Vanover said you only have 20 feet from the front edge of the sidewalk in front of the building to the street, and the landscape beds that are pictured are in the sidewalk, and you can’t plant in the sidewalk. From the audience, Mr. Sora said you are right; it is a mistake by the architect. We will not be landscaping the sidewalk.

Mr. Syfert commented I trust the applicant knows that we are looking at something that we probably shouldn’t be looking at without staff’s input. If you want to proceed we will, but I am a little disappointed in the whole situation.

Mr. Syfert asked the staff if they had any off the cuff comments. Ms. McBride said I did speak with the applicant, and I told her that one of the City’s big concerns was the safety issue tied to the five parking spaces backing out onto Springfield Pike. I think this was the applicant’s attempt to address the concern that there be one handicapped parking space with access in the front and the other four parking spaces would go away and some green space would be added in the area.

13 MARCH 2007


Mr. Shvegzda added it is a mater of seeing if that fits within the parameters that we have for the sidewalk and the building and whether the turning radius is there so the vehicles can turn into that narrow drive width and be able to come back out. More details will be required to give a final yay or nay on this.

Mr. Okum said I think with the narrowness of the width of the property it will be pretty hard to cal it a u and make it a u, maybe a quarter moon or a cup shape. I do think the intent is to have an elliptical drive lane across the front which would allow cars to enter in from the north and out the south side. There should be striping and markings to delineate those directions. Additionally because of that elliptical shape, it may mean that the angle coming out may be in more in a southbound direction. I think it should be a right turn out only to eliminate that issue. That way the applicant can move forward with this project. My feeling is that except for a walkway for them to walk into the building, the rest of the asphalt needs to be removed and changed to a landscape material. If I made a motion I think it would be, “An elliptical shaped entry design for one van-accessible handicapped spot shall be in the front. The remaining area except for the walkway in shall be landscaped and a right turn out only.”

Mr. Okum said there was a question at the last meeting on the lighting for the parking area in the back. Ms. Soria reported Duke can install a light in the back that will not create a glare issue but enough to illuminate the rear of the building. There are some lights off the rear of the building and Wendy’s does a pretty good job of illuminating half of my parking spots anyway. Mr. Okum asked Ms. McBride if she thought they would have .5 foot candles in the rear parking area. Ms. McBride answered yes.

Mr. Syfert commented I for one am not real happy with only a front entrance. For as many rooms as you have, you will have more than one person there at a time. and I am not very comfortable with that. That was brought up quite specifically last month. Did you look at the possibility of changing to a rear entrance, other than for your handicapped?

Ms. Soria answered the patrons would have the option of coming through the rear door but it is a storefront so I would consider the storefront to be the main entrance. Mr. Syfert said that wasn’t expressed last month at all; it makes me feel a little more comfortable.

Mr. Okum asked if she were planning on changing any of the mechanical units. Ms. Soria answered some of the systems are being replaced. Mr. Okum continued I would add that any new or mechanical units are required to be screened from view.

Mr. McErlane reported that the mechanical equipment in the building are forced air handlers, furnaces like you have at home so the only outside equipment would be compressor units.

13 MARCH 2007


Mr. Butrum commented the available rear entry for the customers should be added, since it is pretty important. Also, staff is to approve the landscaping at the front.

Mr. Galster asked how the trash would be handled. Ms. Soria answered we will have a couple of cans. We will not generate enough trash to require a dumpster.

Mr.Okum moved to grant approval for Angelic Whispers with the following conditions:

1. All lighting shall be down lit and non glare.
2. Wall mounted light packs shall be shielded and down lit only to not affect the adjoining property owners and public right of way.
3. All light fixtures shall be submitted to staff for review and approval.
4. The landscaping shall be reviewed and approved by staff.
5. The landscaping shall be maintained at all times.
6. The parking area and site plan conditions are as follows:

* An elliptical shaped entry design for the front of the property shall be provided by the owner for one van accessible handicapped spot that shall be in front of the building.
* The remaining area except for the walkway in and out of the building to the van accessible spot shall be landscaped and a right turn out only shall be posted and maintained by the applicant. There shall be striping and arrows to delineate the driveway.

7. The exterior building elevations shall be as presented by the applicant on the elevation detail.
8. Signage shall be approved by staff with a landscape bed around the sign.
9. A rear entry shall be provided by the applicant to be available to patrons and staff at all times.
10. There shall be no dumpster on site.

Mr. Butrum seconded the motion.

All voted aye, and the approval was granted unanimously.


A. Approval of Development Plan, Vineyard Church Student Ministries/Healing Center Building – 11345 Century Circle West

Jim Cochran of Vineyard Community Church introduced Garry Shirk, Executive Pastor, Mark Davis, Architect, Karen Adams, Landscape Architect and Justin Beadle, Architect.

13 MARCH 2007


Tonight we are going to talk about two parts of the three-part vision we have been working on. We are reaching out to our City, our Future and our World, and two of those we will focus in on tonight.

Our City represents a healing center which will occupy a portion of this proposed building. The idea would be to create a safe and welcoming place for anyone to find compassion, hope, encouragement and hopefully healing. The idea is to bring together a couple of different ministries that already function in our church, but bring them together in a much more integrated way.

The Healing Center would serve a wide range of socio-economic people. Someone more economically challenged might be there for food or clothing and job counseling and referrals to other help agencies. We also would have applications to a middle class father who has recently lost his wife to cancer and is a single parent to a teen daughter. We would be able to provide guidance and counseling and prayer to both father and daughter.

The Healing Center would provide all these services and more but do them in a much more integrated way than we have been able to do in the past.

We are interested in meeting short-term needs and we think we can significantly impact long-term needs with job placements and interview skill training and life skill training in general.

Reaching out to our Future encompasses our students, specifically junior high and high school. We think we have a great opportunity to reach out to that age group and have a significant long term impact. We have built a great staff team in the student ministries area and we are about to launch and develop an intern program which allows us to put many more folks out in the community reaching out to students where they are in the schools and other places where they are located.

One of the keys that relates to this building that we have found really significant to successful student ministries is being able in a church environment like ours to offer student services at all the same times as our adult services occur. This facility would allow us to have simultaneous junior high and senior high services going on Saturday evenings and throughout Sunday mornings. These spaces would be unique to our history in that they would be specifically designed for students and would have that exciting factor that would cause them to want to come and invite their friends.

We also would have the intern program based there, with offices for the interns and we would be able to host small groups, mostly students during the week.

13 MARCH 2007


Mr. Cochran added the third component, our World involves reaching out to the community of Jos, Nigeria. There is a severe lack of water there so the infant mortality rate is extremely high. We have been able to build relationships with the tribal leaders in that area and will partner with them to bring clean water wells, providing equipment for drilling them, and setting up self-sustaining business enterprises to maintain the wells. This project will save many lives in Nigeria. We have had wide participation from the church and we are very excited about it.

We have this warehouse building under a contingency contract, and the primary period of due diligence runs through the end of this month, so we wanted to get this before you tonight.

Mr. Galster asked how long ago the trees in the front were cut down and Mr. Cochran said I believe it was in the last eight to 12 months.

Mark Davis, Architect said I want to thank Planning and especially Bill McErlane for all his availability and assistance. Also, Jim Cochran is a fairly modest man, but most people know that he is a big part of the Vineyard Church’s reputation. This church is a destination in the City of Springdale, and the City and the Church can be proud.

We have tried to address most of the architectural comments relative to the building; I’ll give you the highlights. Indicating the plan. he said this is the last warehouse on the west side. To make sure we are complying with the impervious surface requirements, we will have to restripe the property so that both the properties will be contiguous.

As you head south on Century Circle West, the existing building will be changed. The first thing you will come to is the healing center and then the student ministry center. You will note that the architecture of the healing center is a good bit different from the architecture of the student ministries area. For the healing center, we wanted something more comfortable to not scare people away.

Behind the building there is not much of a change, and on the side it is the same. There will be work in the berms and the parking arrangement up front. We will need handicap parking in the health center, so we will eat into the berms a little bit, but by the time you have the drop off area for the students, the landscaping will be fantastic.

The large amount of paving in the front is a waiting area for kids. It will be under constant adult supervision.

13 MARCH 2007


Mr. David added there is a typical big Sunday School space, a number of counseling places which generally surround the play areas, auditorium and mezzanine space.

There were a lot of comments on the lighting fixtures and we are happy to comply with them. The only thing we will ask of Planning is for an extension of the same agreement we had previously on the tree replacement ordinance.

We were looking at a 1100 to 1200 caliper inch replacement requirement. We have done some redesign and counted a sampling area, an area where the previous owner had already counted and labeled and used it to extrapolate to the other areas.

We were looking at approximately 1100 caliper inches, and with a relatively minor redesign, we lowered that number. Based on the redesign and the extrapolation I mentioned, and pulling back the detention basins and getting rid of the driveway around the back, we think we can get the caliper inch replacement down to 840, based on 100% compliance.

Ten years ago when we did the original building, we operated under an agreement that allows us to reduce the amount to 65% of the total requirement over a five-year period. We are asking you to extend that to this project.

We have the most recent GIS aerial photography that we could (two years old) and we are running out of space to even add more trees. The light green area is where we have put trees, and the teal blue are areas available where we can plant trees.

Our proposal would indicate 530 plus or minus total caliper inches to be replaced over a five year period.

Mr. McErlane said the zoning is General Industrial and the property where the church sets is also General Industrial. The code allows for religious places of worship in those districts. There are sections in the codes concerning churches in other districts, and they indicate that regarding setbacks and densities, they can use the more restrictive of either the OB district or the district in which they are located.

We didn’t receive an actual material and color pallet. There are some colors indicated on the drawings, but we didn’t receive a material pallet.

There are some signs shown on the drawings, but the details are not indicated, so we would recommend that no sign approvals be granted tonight with this approval.

On the tree replacement, those things are changed, but I would like to clarify. I think I understood the applicant as proposing to plant 65% of the required replanting over a five year period. How much would the first year be?

13 MARCH 2007


Mr. Davis responded it would be 50% in the first year and the remaining in equal amounts for the next four years.

Mr. McErlane stated the applicant did not present anything on the building elevations. I had asked them to show the use of the steel in the front of the building.

Ms. McBride reported if you look at the 11,500 square feet of auditorium space, 230 parking spaces would be required, with an additional 164 spaces required for the community center activities and offices. However since they will not be used simultaneously, they are proposing 241 paces, and staff feels this is adequate. They also are proposing to enclose a dumpster to the rear, which meets the zoning requirements.

On the building elevations, I had difficulty knowing which colors were going where. They show gro8und mounted signs, and we are not approving any of this now.

On the lighting, religious uses are considered low intensity by the code, but because of the different types of uses we would propose this be considered medium to high intensity.

We have some minor comments on landscaping, mostly additional screening, mulch beds and we have suggested a greater variety of trees.

Mr. Okum said on the steel in the front of the building, are there areas where this material would drop to the ground. Mr. Davis responded you have to be careful with it. We had a relatively short time and we have not worked out all the architectural details. I will promise you that it will be the best looking building on Century Circle. My guess is that it would not touch the ground.

Mr. Shvegzda reported that there are several different pedestrian walkways on the drawing, but none will be constructed at this time. On the detention basin, no calculations were submitted, and we will have to take into account the additional area with the parking.

On the storm water quality, it is recommended that a vegetated bio-swale be utilized. It appears that this can be accomplished along the south edge of the proposed parking area nearest to the proposed detention basin.

On the generation of traffic, there is no data determining the projected peak hour. The applicant has given us an estimate, and based on that it looks like there would not be any major impact on the traffic, particularly considering that during the weekend services, the signal is still operated by the police department.

Mr. Syfert asked if there were any problem areas. Mr. Davis answered we have complied with all of the comments as much as we could. The only thing we will ask for is on the tree replacement. Other than that, we are willing to work with staff to get everything done just right.

13 MARCH 2007


Mr. Galster said one of my original concerns, and part of the reason to allow that tree replacement was the amount of green spaces left. This is different; now we are cutting into it and this is not what I had imagined originally.

Mr. Davis said we talked about that. The logic is that we are adding eight acres to that original 48, so we are not taking as much away. It is an issue of proportionality.

Bio-swale is a great idea, but we would be tearing down more trees to build it. This is an alternative in which we would cut down fewer trees.

Mr. Galster said I appreciative the revision to the plan because it shows me that you are trying to keep those numbers down. What will happen to the extra 56,000 s.f. of space?

Mr. Cochran answered we do not know. Mr. Galster said there are snow plows and vans, and some of the neighbors to the south have commented on that. Can you bring them inside the building?

Mr. Cochran answered it is not intended to be built at this time. An expansion would be more to the healing center.

Mr. Galster commented looking at the aerial photo, if you are running out of spaces to put the trees we can find a good home for them.

Mr. Cochran reported we can fill in additional trees in the one side of the property where there are residences to continue to develop that buffer.

Mr. Vanover said I think the bulk of the traffic is already on the site.
        You are spreading it out.

Our dealings with the church have been great. We have never had problems, and I welcome that. I see this moving forward in a positive manner, and a plus for us.

Mr. Okum asked if the police controlling the traffic signal would continue and Mr. Cochran indicated that it would.

Mr. Okum added I am very positive about this conversion of the property. It is a good use. Have you considered any of the green technologies to be an icon in that area?

Mr. Davis responded I am a huge fan of the green buildings, but it is a tough sell because of the cost. I have seen people doing green buildings when there is no real reason to do it. What we also do is insulate buildings. We have considered the new impervious pavement that is available so we would not have to use rock salt.

13 MARCH 2007


Addressing the applicant, Mr. Okum said so you had no items in the staff comments that you disagreed with, with the exception of the tree issue.

Mr. Davis answered I think the tree ordinance is a good one. It is one of the most rigorous and it is tough t o comply with. We are trying to cut down as few trees as possible.

Mr. Okum commented I would be in favor of the 65%, but I would add that if you need to expand into that unused space, you will have to come up with some creative solutions.

Ms. McBride stated they are showing a number of the mature trees to remain in that drop-off circle, and we would want to make sure that they are protected in the construction phase.

Mr. McErlane commented my recommendation would be that if relief is given, it should be based on the actual tree count. Although an extrapolation was made, it may help the applicant . It looks like there are more treeless areas in the back corner. Since it is an accurate counting of trees in the immediate south part of the building, there are only two smaller areas where they can get an accurate count.

Mr. Shvegzda added on the south perimeter, we have an area adequate for the detention basin that is an embankment, and we would recommend that no trees be planted in that area.

Mr. Galster said I do not remember how it was done the first time, but there was a clause that if it was sold off and the property potentially changed, there was a requirement to make good on the plantings or donate to the tree fund.

Mr. Okum said if that ever converted that tree preservation area, they would have to donate to the tree fund.

Mr. Galster asked if planning wanted to do that now as well. Mr. Cochran commented I do not recall the specifics of that. We are very agreeable to the concept that the remaining portion of that would not need any development. Mr. Vanover added we should research what the original agreement was and use the same wording. Mr. Syfert commented I do not remember the specifics, but I know it was there, and I think it should be now.

Mr. Galster said how do we handle this unused space? Is there any control? What if it is sublet to general business? Would Planning would have any recourse for the future use of that space?

Ms. McBride reported that right now they do not have any parking for that space. If they wanted to put a use in there, they would have to come back to Planning for your approval.

13 MARCH 2007


Mr. Cochran said our main parking lot, 1300 spaces, was designed per the code requirements, and we believe we have sufficient capacity.

Mr. Okum moved to approve the development plan of the Vineyard Church Student Ministries/Healing Center Building located at 11345 Century Circle West with the following conditions:

1. This includes all staff city engineer and city planner recommendations with the exception of the 214 parking spaces instead of 394 spaces based on the revised plan for the area.
2. The tree preservation conditions include an actual tree count to be provided by the applicant to the staff.
3. The building improvement areas must be as presented.
4. All four building elevations shall be of the general material as submitted and balanced across the exposed facades.
5. Signage shall not be considered at this time.
6. No trees shall be planted in the embankment area as identified by the City Engineer.
7. Tree replacement shall be based on the original approval plan for the Vineyard development.
8. Impervious surface ratio shall be 66.3%.

Mr. McErlane said you stated that the tree replacement would be based on the original approval of 10 years ago. I would rather it be spelled out.

Mr. Okum said I will state that it will be at 65% of the required replanting to be done per the schedule provided. Mr. Galster added so the penalty would revert to the same penalty as the original.

Mr. Vanover seconded the motion.

All voted aye, and the approval was granted unanimously.


Mr. Okum announced that the Board of Zoning Appeals received no applications, so they will not be meeting next Tuesday evening.


A. Tandy Leather - 304 Northland Blvd. – Wall Sign
B. Cord Camera – 113 West Kemper Road – Wall Sign


13 MARCH 2007


A. Mr. Vanover moved to adjourn and Mr. Galster seconded the motion. All voted aye, and Planning Commission adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

___________________,2007    __________________________
                    William G. Syfert, Chairman

___________________,2007    __________________________
                    Lawrence Hawkins III Secretary